Searching For Your Soul Mate Online? Do a Background Check First!

I’ve just watch a video of a Canadian guy who flew to Philippines to see his girlfriend whom he met online and happens to be a victim of Typhoon Haiyan – considered as one of the strongest typhoon ever recorded in history. It was there first meeting and she was in a hospital with lots of bruises and her face was messed up. In spite all that, he accepted her, took care of her, paid all her hospital bills, and promised to take her to Canada along with her child. I thought that was so sweet! Now a days, it would be hard to find a guy like that online especially if his from other country. I met my husband online too, but I was cautious and did a lot of searching if he is mentally and emotionally able to take care of me for the rest of my life, especially that I have a little one I need to be extra careful. I did a little bit of background check and meet him in person first before I commit to anything. You know, there’s a lot of crazy people in this world we live in, we need to be sure on who we are talking with by doing background check or maybe hire a Private Detective just to be 100% sure.

Online dating is very popular this days, some get lucky to fine true love just like that Canadian guy, and some are unlucky and find themselves in a bad situation. There’s even one story that I’ve read online that a man from Virginia who used the image of a woman he met at a bar in order to solicit money from overseas victims in France, the UK, and even Ireland. He usually targeted man that are in there 50’s who are stable enough, and warm-hearted to pay for his fake surgery. You don’t want this to happen to you right?  So it is really important to know who you are talking to and do not send money no matter what. You have to meet in person first before you commit anything. Also do a background check like I did so you wont get fooled. So many scammers out there, and they are getting desperate everyday to get your bank account.

If you are one of those who are talking to somebody online better hire a Private Investigator to be sure that you are not getting rip.

Virginia Aquarium

Its one of the places we visited, when we had our 3 days vacation at Virginia Beach. This place was just 2 miles away from the Hotel we stayed in, we could have walked, but we just choose to ride over there, since we were not familiar with the place.
Its a pretty cool aquarium, totally different from the Baltimore Aquarium that we went to at Baltimore, Maryland. They dont have much fish but it was fun looking around the place.
Below are are some of their water animals…

They also have Komodo dragons which I find them so cool, because you can see them upclose, by going under the tunnel and in the middle there’s a glass window where you can take a peek at the komodo dragons. These animals are consider endangered species, because there’s only few of them in the world today. And by the way.. they are carnivorous. 🙂

Anyhow.. My kids had so much fun exploring the aquarium. They were more interested in the exhibits of the different kinds of minerals, rocks, soil, artifacts, on how things become like that, and other scientific discoveries, that were explained by some cool presentations like the photos below.
These aquarium is not as big as the one in Baltimore, but its definitely a cool place to visit, specially for the kids, cause they will learn a lot of things, not just about fishy but about the Earth we live in. 🙂

Night at Virginia Beach

This is what its looks like in Virginia Beach at night, so beautiful, so clean, and so peaceful. Its the opposite from what Ive imagine. The crowd is not that bad, it feel safe walking along the boardwalk and along the beach. There’s not much cop around, I only saw one walking around, checking the beach, maybe because there’s not much trouble in this place. You will know if there is because the place would be heavily guarded. I feel so care free when we strolled around. I heard a live band on the next street from our hotel, people laughing and having a party. We didnt went that far, we just stayed in front of our hotel, enjoying the view of the ocean and feeling the sand on our feet. It was wonderful! I never felt so happy, relax and full of excitement at the same time. 😉 pretty cool huh?

Well.. here are some photos I took that night.

the OceanFront Inn at Night where we stayed for 2nights

The beautiful Beach of Virginia

Its the first beach that Ive been to since I arrive here in US 4years ago. I was so happy and excited that hubby agreed to spend our Anniversary in Virginia Beach. Its 6 to 7 hours drive from home, pretty far but it was worth going. Its a very pretty beach, very clean, not so crowded, people are so friendly, safe, secured, and the best part is you can view the beach from your hotel. Its really pretty amazing at night and in the morning. You can see the moon so bright shining and reflecting on the water, and the Sunrise is so spectacular that you cant stop your camera from capturing every moment as it rises up from the water. pretty amazing. I sure thank God for this beauty. =)

Virginia Beach at Night

Sunrise of Virginia Beach. view from the Ocean front

ANyhow.. here are some photos of the kids, by the beach, building their sand castle and enjoying the sound of the waves crushing in.