Radio Flyer Wagon w Canopy

this Radio Flyer wagon has been very useful to me for this couple of days, since its been raining almost like everyday, it helps keep the kids dry, while waiting for the school van to pick up my eldest son and I dont have to worry about my little one running around coz he is fasten in his seat. I dont have to use my van to drop my son off, also I like walking even if its raining. =) THis wagon is surprisingly light, I can pull and push the kids easy, and the canopy is so nice, rain or shine its perfect for strolling. but it makes them lazy to walk. lol. i dont mind. haha..

anyhow.. hubby got this last January.. we were out shopping for groceries at walmart that time and all of a sudden he went to the toys area, look around, found this wagon, and put it in our cart. It was out of the budget, he goes crazy buying like that sometimes. so unpredictable. lol. but anyway.. the kids love their wagon.. and we cant wait to use it in one of our trips.

Colored Bubbles by Crayola

Buying this Colored bubbles was such a big mistake. It is pretty cool but it makes so much mess! It is washable but it still leaves stains. The color is too thick and the spill resistant doesnt work very good. If you let your kids play with this, you should make them wear old clothes that its okay to be stained, coz it will pop in their clothes, trickle down their arms, down to the pants and to their shoes. Make sure dont let your kids play this inside the house, coz it will definitely coz a LOT of MESS!!! i mean HUGE Mess! lol. not just that.. destroy your furnitures too.
Hubby was a bit furious about this because our door knob was all blue, and his hand was all blue! hahaha.. Our outside kitty too was blue, its because he was rolling on the grass where the bubbles pop. And when hubby pet him.. his palm turned into blue! lol. It was dark and he didnt see the kittys fur was blue. hehehe..
Im not gonna throw this bubble tube if you ask me..I pay 2$ for it. i will let the kids play with it for awhile, with my supervision of course, and make sure their hands are clean before they enter the house. =)
Heres some photos of the kids.. playing bubbles.

you may click the photos to get a closer look.PhotobucketPhotobucket

Clayton bz popping all the bubbles, if u double click the picture, you can see his finger is all blue. lol and he got some on his hair too!