Southridge Capital : The Big Three Restaurant

Do you love to eat? Well, I do! You are probably thinking where I put all the food that I ate since I stayed skinny. Its because  I eat healthy foods, I just don’t eat anything that is on the menu, I picked what is best to eat. I am a pretty much a picky eater when it comes to Western Foods, and I don’t indulge myself in too much sweets. I like organic foods, that don’t have much calories and fats in it. That’s why I stay skinny and healthy looking. But I sure love Pizza. Maybe ones a month, my family and call for a Pizza delivery. This will give me a break from cooking, and my kids just loves Pizza, its one of their fave food.

Anyhow, my family and I love to try different kinds of food, we like to try other places, and check out their specialty. Whenever we travel, we dine out to places that are popular by consumers to insure good food and good service which is very important in a dining place. Our family is planning to take a vacation in Tampa, Bay Florida and in Atlanta, Giorgia in the future. Before heading in that direction, it is advisable to plan the trip first by checking out Hotels and Restaurants around the area. I know there are lots of good restaurants in Tampa Bay, but it is much better to check them out first online on which has the good food and good service. I have heard about the Westshore Pizza, people say they have some really good pizza. Westshore currently has 33 franchise stores in Tampa Bay and there is also in Ohio, and soon they will open in Atlanta, Giorgia. This company has been bought by the Big Three Restaurants, Inc last year, and they are planning to expand this pizza place and change its name to Pizza and Sports Bar, sounds like a perfect place to hangout by sports fanatics. I wish hubby would be a little bit into sports, so it would be more fun, but he is more like a camper guy.

Anyhow, with Big Three Restaurants managing the Westshore Pizza in Tampa and Ohio, it would be an extra hit for consumers, especially with their new concept of Pizza and Sports Bar. This will surely increase revenues and profits in all companies. Especially now that  Southridge  has entered into a $5 million equity purchase agreement with Big Three Restaurants Inc., this will surely add up to the success of Big Three Restaurants, Inc. This news was announced just a couple of days ago by Stephen Hicks, Chairman and CEO of Southridge


Southridge Capital on Charitable Organizations


Life is getting tougher each day. Statistics of unemployment are getting higher,  lots of companies are facing bankruptcy and have no choice but to shut down, Prices of food and gas are moving up little by little,  Medical expenses are getting higher and higher, and more houses are up for sale everyday because they cant pay the mortgage anymore. An average family have a hard time budgeting their expenses, due to this economic problem. I’ve noticed too that there are more homeless people in the street begging for a little bit of money in order to get by each day. Seeing this people makes me feel very lucky that my family and I still have a house to come home, food to eat every day, and can still cope up with our daily expenses. I sure feel sorry for these people who lose their home and have to live in the street. Good thing there are Charitable Organizations that helps them in getting their life back little by little, and Communities who are willing to help them without expecting anything in return. I know big companies such as Southridge are extending their help to these organizations in order to achieve their goal in helping people.

I’ve read that Stephen Hicks, CEO of Southridge (formerly Southridge Capital Management) are advising some of this charities to maximize the positive effect as much as they can to whom they serve. He also share his expertise and how he help his community in Ridgefield, CT through his Daystar Foundation. I sure was impressed learning all these. Southridge doesn’t only help small businesses to grow, but they also contribute to the community and charities. I think we should all do the same,  as what Mr. Stephen Hicks said, “It’s what makes each of us a little better,  we should help our community even the simplest way,  like donating old clothes and stuff that we don’t need, things like this will go along way. Other way of helping our community is educating our Youth and make them aware of the importance of life and business in order to succeed in the future and the country’s future, so they will not make the same mistakes that we adults did. Stephen Hicks thinks the same way too in educating our Youth. He was even thinking of sponsoring an essay contest for several schools here in US to help the kids get motivated in learning more about business, small business, and being a good corporate citizen. This sounds like a very good idea right? This will surely make the kids think of what to do in their life in the future and will be more business minded. This will help improve our country and overcome this economic crises that everybody is facing right now.

Southridge Capital : Good Strategic Planning is what a Company need to succeed.

It’s weekend once again, there’s nothing much to do in my end, except to snuggle in the living room and watch anything that is on TV. What else would you do on a rainy weekend? I’m pretty sure you would do the same thing too. Anyhow, I love weather like this, makes me want to grab a good book and just read all day. But I don’t wanna do that all day today, because I got some other things to do such as balancing our business book for the month of August that I haven’t done so, due to lack of time. Now that I got so much time in this world, I better get to it before I forget to do it again, as what Mr Stephen Hicks(CEO of Southridge) said “Keep your books up to date and accessible, so when financing does show an interest, there are no surprises.” I sure need some planning or some advice like that to keep our business organize and be more systematic. I’ve noticed lately that our business income are very low for this couple of months. We’ve lost a lot of money due to unstable market that is always fluctuating.  Good thing I’ve read some of the advices that Mr Stephen Hicks -CEO of Southridge(formerly Southridge Capital Management) shared to business companies to help their business succeed. I followed  some of it which help big time in keeping our business afloat.

Anyhow, I’ve read that the Total Apparel Group, Inc. (TLAG), are gonna be working with the  Southridge Capital Advisors Inc., to help them succeed and meet their goal. Lucky for them, to enter such agreement with Southridge, because Southridge has some pretty good advisors that are expert in financing, corporate structuring and valuation, strategic planning, and other stuff that are relating to the general business and operating affairs. I’ve read that Total Apparel Group, Inc, is a company that manufactures, and distributes men’s and women’s apparel, leather goods, accessories, decor, gift items, and cosmetics. In this kind of field, there are so many competitors out there who are willing to take a risk as long as there is an income. Something like this need strategies on how to beat your competitors. A good strategy always works. This is what Southridge Capital Advisors Inc. do, with their expertise, I’m pretty sure, any company that works with them will be successful in their field.

Southridge Capital : Benefits of Technology

Technology has been such a big part of our life for a very long time now. It makes everything so easy and accessible on everything we do. If you look around you, technology is every where, in your household, in the streets, offices, transportation, shopping stores, and other public and private places, even in the restroom. Technology help us in so many ways, specially to business owners, it helps cut cost time and labor, by buying big equipments that does everything faster, more precise, and accurate in processing products. And of course, as a Stay at Home Mom with the technology around me, I can finished all my household chores in a jiffy. It made my job so easy, and I got more time to take care of my kids, and myself. So I am really grateful to the people behind all this techy stuff, and keeps on improving, improvising, finding ways on how to shorten the procedure of such project. But we have to used technology in a good way where everyone can benefit it, and support the ones that really help us a lot in everyday living, and doesn’t destroy our environment and the planet earth. Like for example the Adama Technologies Corp. (OTCBB: ADAC) that provides research for long-term permanent solutions to hazardous heavy metal waste problems to companies that used this in processing their product. With Adama Technologies it helps decontaminates all these hazardous waste. It is just right that Southridge Capital decides to enter a $7Million equity agreement with this company. This was announce last Aug 3, 2012 by the CEO and Chairman of the company Stephen Hicks. This sure is another good move for Southridge, helping companies like the Adama Technologies Corporation for their research in making our environment hazardous free.

Southridge Capital : A Good Read

Its weekend once again! What’s your plan for today folks? Are you planning to hit the Malls for Labor Day sales, before school starts? I’ve heard some of the stores are having early Labor Day sales already. Well, in a few days from now its gonna be Labor Day, and definitely summer is over, but if you don’t have plans to go out this weekend, well thats okay because theres a lot of things to do around the house before the Fall season hits in. As for me, I will just sit back, relax, and read some good stuff in the internet. I had a very busy weekdays, so I want to enjoy my weekend at home with a cup of coffee, and read all day.

You might be wondering what good stuff I am reading at this moment? Well, I am reading about the latest News and Events of It’s been a while since I read some news about this company. I’ve mentioned before that I got hooked up reading about this company. They have some really good stuff that are very interesting to know and learn about business and investing.

My reads for today is all about this guy Anish Aswani who joins Southridge Capital in its Portfolio Management team. I have no idea who is he and why he decided to join Southridge, which got me so curious. As what I’ve read, he earned his degree of B.S. in Business Administration at Western Connecticut State University, one of the prominent school in CT. He used to worked at Rodman & Renshaw LLC as a Series 7 and Series 63 licensed institutional equities broker. Then recently at Aegis Capital Corp., as an institutional equities broker. I was like wow, with his experienced, Southridge definitely made the right decision in hiring him in the position for assisting the investment selection and portfolio management. With him in the team Southridge company will be more stronger and dependable in helping businesses to grow and meet their goals.

If you are interested to learn more about Anish Aswani, you can check out the News and Events of