Fashionable Maternity Shrubs

Who says just because you are pregnant you cant be fashionable? Well, they are so wrong. Pregnant women can be so fashionable now a days. All you have to do is wear the right clothes that is comfortable enough, and add a little bit of bling bling to accessorized it. Of course, dont over accessorized it cause it might be too much or you might have a hard time moving around, right?

As for starters, check out this Cherokee maternity scrubs from Isnt it pretty? I love its vibrant color, and the fabric is absolutely comfy for pregnant women. In order to look fashionable, you can add a simple beads necklace, color yellow would look good, and some colorful bangles. What ya think about that? Pregnant women can surely hit it off in fashion inspite the bump in front. 🙂

Medical Stuffs

I envy those who are wearing shrubs uniform, because of the job they have. When I was a kid, I wished to become a medical person who works in the hospital to heal the sick people. But due to financial problem, and lack of memorization capabilities, I pursue another goal, which I thought I would be a great used in advancing the technology. However, I end up being a plain housewife. Ha!.

Anyhow, its no time for sentiments, but if you are a Nurse or working in a medical building and looking for discount medical uniforms, well, is the right place to look at. They got some fashionable shrubs, that would fit any body sizes. They also have shoes to match the shrubs and other accessories too.