coach factory private invitation sale

Yesterday I got an email from the Coach Factory, an invitation to their private sale. My email is in their system, thats why I got the chance to avail this huge sale. Its up to 70% off and additional 30% off on all products. Isnt that a very good deal! I was drooling when I was looking at their catalog online. I wish I got a lot of money to buy all the purses that I want. I was hesitating to purchased one because Hubby just bought me a new camera and we got lots of bills to pay. I was gonna forget about it but I told him later on. And he told me that I can get whatever I want, and I dont have to tell him. I told him that I want to tell him everything I wanna purchased or if I wanna go shopping cz its his money, he works so hard everyday to earn it. And also I feel ashamed of spending his money, specially if its more than 50$. I just told him that I will make it up, and give him a good massage every night. hehe. lol.
so anyhow, this invitation is until tomorrow. If you wanna get special big sale emails like this one from coach factory.. just click the picture above, it will direct you to their sign up page.
Happy SHopping!!

The enough misery stamps before a star bankrupt.

Sweet Mangoes at Walmart

I went shopping for goodies today at Walmart and was so surprised to find these ripe mangoes in the fruit area for only 68cents each. I only grabbed 6pcs, just in case if I dont like it, then I dont have to throw a bunch. When I tasted it, I was so surprised that its very sweet! Of course the mangoes in Phil taste way much better, but these ones from Mexico are quite good enough. I was so happy that I dont have to drive an hour and a half just to get ’em at the Asian Market where I usually get my Asian goodies. I will go back for more tomorrow. 😉 . You better check your Walmart store near you, if they got this delicious mangoes.
This made me think of mango float later, or maybe a mango shake. yummy! 🙂

Maruchan Lime Flavor with Shrimps


One of our favorites. I bought this yesterday at Walmart Superstore, I was so surprised they have it! I thought they stop selling this flavor, because we’ve never seen one for a long time. I was so glad that they got it. I took a whole box coz I know hubby will gonna be eating it everyday for his lunch. Its his favorite flavor with the Lime in it. I like it too coz it’s easy to make, just put it in a bowl with water and pop it in the oven, and wha la! lunch is serve. lol. thats how easy to make hubby his lunch.Smiley

Anyway.. if you havent tried this flavor yet, i tell ya its really good. Mmmmm… its good to eat noodle soup in a rainy season.

ClosetMaid Cubeicals® 9 Cube Organizer


I purchased this one at the Target store for only 49.99$. i was having second thoughts of buying it coz its the cheapest cubby online. I did a few researched about it and read some good reviews, so anyhow.. I go ahead and bought it in their store. To my surprised it is very sturdy and look so nice! Also easy to assemble! the instructions is not very hard to follow and everything that you need is in the package. It comes with different colors.. white, alder, espresso, and black ash, mine is Cherry color. I so love our new cubby, it sure minimize the clutter in our living room. I am so glad I purchased it.

cons… i dont see any… =)

their ride : Power Wheels Jeep Huricane

Finally, they got their wish!
Hubby bought this a couple of weeks ago, after Claytons Bday. We’ve been meaning to buy them this last year, we waited for the weather to get nicer so they can enjoy it, and also read some reviews on which is the best one to get. This Jeep Hurricane Power Wheels from Fisher Price got the best reviews. =)

THey were so excited to ride it, specially JJ. THe little guy fell asleep after a few rounds around the yard. He must have felt like he was riding in a real car. lol, so funny. hehe. GOod thing he just let his kuya drive it, surprisingly he didnt fuss. =) .
Hubby bought this Jeep at TOys are Us. Its original price was 430 but we got it for 300 something(cant remember).It was On Sale, so we were able to save a few dollars, but I dont know if its a good deal, I still find it quite expensive. Hubby really love this little rugrats to buy them this toy car. I woudnt. lol (cory! hehehe)

Anyhow this Jeep is really cool, cause it can hold up to 130 lbs., that means I can ride on it. hehehe.. its just that my legs wont fit =(, I tried though. lol.

Here are the things that it can do:
* Can drive on ruts, grassy terrain, wet grass, gravel, mud, mulch and will never get stuck like other powered riding toys
* It got FM radio powered by 4 C batteries. really!
* got a cup holder for your child’s drink
* got a glove box to store stuff
* power lock brake system and
* high-speed lock out for beginners.
* 12volts battery and a charger is included in the package
pretty cool ha! i wish the headlights are real(not stickers), it would be fun if it got a horn to honk, and it needs a better seat belt that really locks. THe seat belt of this one are just a strappy velcro, that doesn’t work very much. We are kinda worried that Clayton might fell off from the Jeep, so we watch them closely if they are riding it. Instead of sticking the strap, we just tie it together tight, so he will be snug on his seat. =)

If you are thinking of getting your kid this kind of toy, heres some helpful tips to keep it forever:
* Never push or pull it cause this will damage the motor, will never run again.
* Never charge the battery more than 24 hours, maximum charging is 14hours
* Never run out the battery, if its starting to slow down, charge the battery right away. This will help the battery to last forever.

get the habit of saving files to the external hard drive

Its been a while since I last updated this blog. I had been very busy running around some errands, preparing my sons bday party, shopping here and there… and cleaning the whole house. I got no time to sit still, relax and blog. Also my poor laptop was attacked with a strong virus 3 days ago, just right after my antivirus got expired. I have to wipe everything out and loaded everything back again. This really made me feel so sad, because I lost a lot of files that are very memorable to me. I tried to save it but the virus was really strong that it destroyed my I/O Device that cause it not to load my OS. Because of this incident Im gonna make it a habit of transferring all my files, photos, videos to the external hard drive as often as possible.
Hubby bought this My Book Essential of Western Digital(WD) from Best Buys last year, for a very affordable price. It is just 1 TB which is enough to hold all my photos, videos, movies and mp3s. I know there’s more bigger capacity now a days, tripled to what I got, still this 1TB is pretty huge for all that. The only problem is….hubby put this book upstairs in his office, attached to his computer. I dont like going up and down those stairs.. its very tiring. lol Lazy me. hahaha. Nevertheless I have to do it every week. =)

boscovs junior dresses

are on sale since last Saturday.
I went there last weekend to look for shrubs in the junior section, and everything there was on sale, even the social dresses 40-50% off. I always go to the juniors size because its the only size that fits me fine. The Womens dresses are so big for me, and I dont like the design, makes me look like a matron. lol. Anyhow, I found the shrub that I want, its Juniors Derek Heart Puff Sleeve Smocked Bolero, color whitePhotobucket
Its very cute, it goes on with any of my sleeveless clothes. I really love it, I am so excited to wear it for this coming trip to Philly.

And heres another loot that I so love, the only dress that I found that fits my bust!
as you can see im tiny on the upper part, most of the junior size got a strange fitting on that part, it made me think that most teens here got big boobies? lol. but this dress just hold my size. perfect. It is still a bit pricey for me in spite the discount, but I got to have it. I got to have this dress or else, I will regret it. hehehe
I was only looking for a shrubs, but end up with 2 loots. =)
Well, you better not miss the sale in boscovs today! They really got beautiful Junior dresses, perfect for any occasions, specially this Spring season! =)

Love this shoes!

The most comfortable 4inches wedge ever. I was out all day with it at my sister in laws wedding at Fort Meade, almost 2hours drive from here, and I was standing most of the time in the reception, because of the little guy who keeps on wiggling out of my grasp and I was chasing him all over the place, make sure that he will not cause any trouble. I was so tired of restraining him, and I thought I’m gonna have sore feet when we get home. But to my surprised.. my feet didnt feel any sore at all. I was so glad that I wore this shoes at the party, its so comfortable I almost forgot I was wearing a 4inches wedge.

What makes it comfortable? its the soft padding, great balance, very light, and fits perfect on my cute footsies. I purchased this Dolce Vita Cork Wedge Sandal online at Target for only 29$, they dont have it in their store, you can get it in their website only. But before I bought it, I read its reviews first, and was so glad that I did, cause it helps a lot specially with the sizing. This is half inch bigger to your regular size, so if you wanna purchase it, get it in less than a half inch from your usual shoe size. I usually go with 6.5, but I ordered size 6. Trust me.. this shoes is a keeper, makes your legs look sexy and longer Smiley

Radio Flyer Wagon w Canopy

this Radio Flyer wagon has been very useful to me for this couple of days, since its been raining almost like everyday, it helps keep the kids dry, while waiting for the school van to pick up my eldest son and I dont have to worry about my little one running around coz he is fasten in his seat. I dont have to use my van to drop my son off, also I like walking even if its raining. =) THis wagon is surprisingly light, I can pull and push the kids easy, and the canopy is so nice, rain or shine its perfect for strolling. but it makes them lazy to walk. lol. i dont mind. haha..

anyhow.. hubby got this last January.. we were out shopping for groceries at walmart that time and all of a sudden he went to the toys area, look around, found this wagon, and put it in our cart. It was out of the budget, he goes crazy buying like that sometimes. so unpredictable. lol. but anyway.. the kids love their wagon.. and we cant wait to use it in one of our trips.

Colored Bubbles by Crayola

Buying this Colored bubbles was such a big mistake. It is pretty cool but it makes so much mess! It is washable but it still leaves stains. The color is too thick and the spill resistant doesnt work very good. If you let your kids play with this, you should make them wear old clothes that its okay to be stained, coz it will pop in their clothes, trickle down their arms, down to the pants and to their shoes. Make sure dont let your kids play this inside the house, coz it will definitely coz a LOT of MESS!!! i mean HUGE Mess! lol. not just that.. destroy your furnitures too.
Hubby was a bit furious about this because our door knob was all blue, and his hand was all blue! hahaha.. Our outside kitty too was blue, its because he was rolling on the grass where the bubbles pop. And when hubby pet him.. his palm turned into blue! lol. It was dark and he didnt see the kittys fur was blue. hehehe..
Im not gonna throw this bubble tube if you ask me..I pay 2$ for it. i will let the kids play with it for awhile, with my supervision of course, and make sure their hands are clean before they enter the house. =)
Heres some photos of the kids.. playing bubbles.

you may click the photos to get a closer look.PhotobucketPhotobucket

Clayton bz popping all the bubbles, if u double click the picture, you can see his finger is all blue. lol and he got some on his hair too!