Sweet Pea : Scented Candle Set from Mainstays


I bought this Set of Scented Candles at Walmart when my kids and I were stock there for more than half an hour, because it was raining so heavily outside. We waited for the rain to stop before we head home, while waiting, I decided to look around at the Home Improvement Section to see if I can find something nice to hang on our bare walls. The scented candles got my attention because of its beautiful colors which I find so yummy to look at. Then I saw this Set of ‘Sweet Pea’ candles, which reminds me of hubby. The name Sweet Pea made me smile because that is his sweet endearment to me. To my surprised, it smelled so sweet and fresh. Without any second thoughts, I grabbed a box right away,  and head home when the rain was starting to subside. I lit one small jar in the kitchen and in the bedroom. I sure love it! I am gonna buy some more of this next time. 🙂 If you are looking for affordable scented candles, Mainstays are the best buys. You can find them at Walmart.Photobucket

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that scent of a Fresh Baked Cookies

I so love the smell of a Fresh Baked Cookies in our house. It makes me hungry all the time! lol.This scented candle that I got from walmart is just heaven. The scent is not so strong for my sinus, and its not giving me a headache. It is very mild, and it makes your house smells like Baked cookies all the time. Hmmm.. I bet you can smell it from here. lol

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