Revlon Scented Perfume Nail Polish “blueberries”

Cleaned my nails and polish it today!! I so love this blueberry color that I just bought from Walmart, it smells nice too! Mmmm… Photobucket Its Revlon Scented Perfume and its only $3, I thought its cheaper than any other good brands of nail polish. I always like Maybelline Nail Polish cause it doesnt wash off easily, but its too dang expensive, like $7 per bottle, cant afford it anymore. I hope this Revlong wont wash off easily. I really like the color and the scent. Its my favorite now. I so love it! Better check out the Revlon aisle if you want this nail polish, they got lots of different colors, from light to dark, Im sure you will love it too. 🙂 Photobucket

ColorSilk No. 47

I was so bored a couple of days ago, so I decided to dye my hair. I used colorsilk from Revlon, color No. 47. Medium Rich Brown. Its not so light once applied on a black hair. Hubby likes my black hair and beg not to color it, but I was so bored with its blackness and I find it so unattractive. I still go for it, even though hubby doesnt agree with it. I really dont have any plans in coloring it so light, just a little touch of brown is fine. =)

Anyhow, this is my second time to color my hair by myself, the first one was not so much a success, but it was okay. I was glad that it didnt ruin my hair, thats why I chose Revlon cause I know it will not destroy my hair and its the cheapest coloring hair in the store, i think its 2$ something…I was thinking if it doesnt work at least its not so much. =)Photobucket Whats inside this box are a bottle of tube where you will mix the color, the instructions with plastic gloves inside, so your hands wont get stained, and hair conditioner, its use after you color your hair. The instructions are pretty simple, just follow then you could never go wrong.
Advice: if you got longer thicker hair.. you might need 2 boxes of hair color. Mine I only used 1, even though my hair is long, Its because I dont have any plans in coloring all my hair, just the outer part. =)

and heres the result!Photobucket o d va vongga! lol. I like how the color blends in my hair, and it still looks darker, it will only show if the sun or light hits it. I sure like the way how it reflect my tan skin, making it glow even more. =)

So thats what I did that day, on my spare time. lol. Have a Nice day y’all!