a Dress Story

To find the right dress for a special occasion such as a wedding is the toughest! It has to be just right, not so casual, and not so fabulous. You have to know about the place on where its gonna be held, and what is the dress code of the party, so you will not look so plain and simple.

My friend and I attended a wedding last weekend, but before that I had a hard time finding the right dress to wear specially when I  found out that the dress code in the reception is cocktail dress, and in the church is Casual. So, I looked for something that I can wear in the church and in the reception at the same time, so I don’t need to change. And below is what I found.

IPhotobucket got it from Boscov for only 14.99. Pretty cheap aye, for such a pretty dress. I dont want to spend so much on a dress that I will just gonna wear ones in a blue moon, so I went bargain haunting at the mall and was feeling lucky when I found it, cause its so perfect for the occasion that I’m attending. It was not easy in choosing this dress, I tried like 5 different dresses in Boscov, which cost the same thing, and I liked all of it. So, I had some difficulty in the dresser. I have to try the dresses twice to decide the right one, maybe trice! Whew! It was tough I tell ya, because I dont want to let go of the 4 dresses. 😀

How I wish I had more money to buy all of them, but I can only afford one. Oh well, I was happy with my choice. I choose this one because of its design. I dont have this kind of dress yet, and I love its color. It fits me well, and doesnt show what dont need to be shown. Its elegant looking and sexy at the same time. I have to say sexy cause thats what I felt when I wore this dress. hehehe…You have to admit its very pretty. I hope to wear it again in some other occasions like maybe a dinner date with hubby?

I like to share this post to Pink Fridays and #191 BPC

My Pink Hello Kitty purse

I was looking for something Pink in my closet for the Pink Friday Meme.. then I saw Clayton dragging this. Photobucket

How can I forget about this purse? It was one of my priceless possessions. Hubby gave it to me when I was still working in Taiwan. He was still courting me that time, and he knows that Im such a sucker of Hello Kitty stuff. He got this for me, when he went dining at Cracker Barrel Family Restaurant. At Cracker Barrel, the first thing that you will see when you enter the restaurant, is their little store that is full of cute things that’s some of it is hand crafted. When Hubby saw this Hello Kitty Purse, along with Hello Kitty Hat-which is small cz its for little girls, he grabbed it right away, and sent it to Taiwan. He made me feel like a little girl when I got this. But of course I sooooooo Love it!!! Its my favorite purse, its just too tiny for diapers, wipes, cellphone, huge wallet, makeup kits… and etch. lol. So it end up mostly in the closet.