My Halloween Costume

Why would you spend so much money on a costume that you will just gonna wear one time, where as you can find one in your closet? I know right! With the global crisis going on, we mommies should be more money wise, and more practical with everything we do. Its not easy, because we love to dress our kids up, and of course we want to dress up with the occasion as well.
For yesterday Halloween, I got my kids costume from the consignment store total of $5, I say its a pretty good deal. And as for myself, I bought this bat mask for $3. It was on sale, for half price, which I still find expensive. Lol. I was looking for a tiger mask but I find none, so I settled with this. =) And the rest of my attire are from my closet.
What I really want to feature here is my red coat, that I bought a couple of weeks ago at Ross Dress Barn for $30. I so love it! It feel so nice, warm and comfortable. Even though it was quite chilly here in the east coast, this coat kept me warm all throughout trick or treating. I thought its a great deal, since most of the coats cost more than $50 if you are looking for something really warm, and cozy for the winter season. I believe this coat is a good steal. I know I can still find coats that are cheaper than this, but I settled for this because of the bright color of red, the heart shape front hooks, and the cut is just sexy. And oh! I love the fur along the hoodie. 🙂 .

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For my Red Coat