New Hershey’s Spreads

Are you fond of Nutella? If you do, you better check this newest Hershey’s Spreads! It’s the newest and yummiest spread ever that my family tasted. Trust me, it’s really good! If you love Nutella, you will surely love this more.

It came with 3 different flavor : The plain Chocolate, The Chocolate with Almond, and with the Hazelnut. We havent tried the plain chocolate and the hazelnut yet, but I am pretty sure that it’s all good. So if you wanna try this out, better check your local store for it.



Hershey Coffee Mug


I bought this Hershey Coffee Mug at Hershey’s Chocolate World Souvenirs Store a couple of weeks ago when I took the kids out to have a little bit of fun. I so love this cup because of its cool shape, design, and its color. Every time I make a coffee in this cup, it always taste good, so I’d been using this everyday and careful not to break it. =)

I also bought this fridge magnet from the Gift Shop in Hersheys Gardens to add in my collection. I only buy fridge magnets from places that we’ve been too so it will be more memorable and not just a collection.


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