Adorable Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are a very special event and, if you are like me, you have a lot of friends who are having children. That means you need to think about what kinds of gifts you want to give your girlfriends. You might be tempted to give a sensible and useful gift, but you can do a little better than that.

PhotobucketIf you are a baking whiz, you can offer to make the cake for the big day. You can make some adorable cupcakes so you can make sure that everyone gets a taste and reduce the cleanup at the end of the day. There is also a cute trend that has become very popular where the gender of the baby is revealed through the color of the baby shower cake under the frosting. Adapt this to cupcakes by adding a dollop of pink or blue frosting to the top of each cupcake and letting it dry before frosting over it with pure white buttercream. This is cute and exciting while taking some work off the hands of the expectant mother, which is a gift that’s always appreciated.

It may seem like an impersonal and impractical gift, but a few sets of cute scrubs will come in very handy with the new baby. Having clothes that you can get messy and not worry about is astoundingly useful for new parents. You can also get patterns and prints that will help the new mother feel cute while dodging strained peas. Who wouldn’t want a set of Hello Kitty Scrubs?

If you want to go big, a crib is a gift that can be both classy and cute. It is also a gift that you know will definitely be needed. Ask if your friend has a gift registry so you can make sure that nobody else is getting them a crib. A second crib is great if they are having kids, but it’s a hassle otherwise.

My Pink Hello Kitty purse

I was looking for something Pink in my closet for the Pink Friday Meme.. then I saw Clayton dragging this. Photobucket

How can I forget about this purse? It was one of my priceless possessions. Hubby gave it to me when I was still working in Taiwan. He was still courting me that time, and he knows that Im such a sucker of Hello Kitty stuff. He got this for me, when he went dining at Cracker Barrel Family Restaurant. At Cracker Barrel, the first thing that you will see when you enter the restaurant, is their little store that is full of cute things that’s some of it is hand crafted. When Hubby saw this Hello Kitty Purse, along with Hello Kitty Hat-which is small cz its for little girls, he grabbed it right away, and sent it to Taiwan. He made me feel like a little girl when I got this. But of course I sooooooo Love it!!! Its my favorite purse, its just too tiny for diapers, wipes, cellphone, huge wallet, makeup kits… and etch. lol. So it end up mostly in the closet.

My New Hello Kitty iPhone Case


My youngest brother who is in Singapore, send me this very cute Hello Kitty case. Its super cute!! I so love it! It fits perfectly on my iPhone 4s. The ear where the ribbon is.. is the switch button. I like to press it a lot because its so cute! hehehehe. It came with a screen protector, but I didnt put it on. I know! I should have, cause it will protect the screen from scratches, but I dont feel like putting it on there, because of the bubbly effect. Anyhow, I like it better this way. =) Its so cute isnt it!

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Hello Kitty : All-In-One Scrapbook


This scrapbook kit is just awesome!

I bought it at Ross Dress for Less for only  $5.99, compare to ToysRus its $16.99, and in Amazon its 19.99. That is such a big difference in the price huh! I sure save a lot of money here in Ross, thats why I love shopping there. 🙂

I bought this kit for my friends daughter, who celebrated her bday last Sunday. She turned 4, and this kit is for 6+. I hope she like it, because I really like it. If she doesnt.. she can always give it back. hehehe.

Anyhow, this kit includes more than 350 scrapbook essentians such as…

15 Page Scrapbook
6 Color Printed Pages
2 Keepsake Envelopes
7  Foil Stickers
79  Alphabet and Number Stickers
11  Dimensional Glitter Stickers
1  Sheet Punch-Out Photo Frames and Journaling Cards (12 Total)
1  Sheet of Punch-Out Borders and Corners (91 total)
1  Wavy Edge Scissor
3  Ribbon Strips (2ft each)
1  Glitter Gel Pen
1  Glue Stick
1  Glitter Glue Tube
150  Sequins
and an Easy-to-follow instructions.

Hello Kitty Fluffy socks!

Got ’em at Ross dress for Less for $2.99, I think. Ain’t they so cute!!! I love it! and I’m so excited to wear it this winter season. I was thinking of getting one of those fuzzy toe socks, but when I saw this pair, I told myself that I got to have this. I so love the color and the ribbon with Hello Kitty’s head hanging on it. Obviously, I am so into Hello Kitty stuff. I love its collections, because its very cute, super duper cute, I sure cant resist it. I Love Hello Kitty! 🙂


Glass Ball Hello Kitty from Walmart


If you dont know yet.. im such a sucker of Hello Kitty Stuff since in my high school years. but its not my first love, my first love is Mickey Mouse… hehe.. But Hey! I saw this at walmart a couple of days ago, it was in a box. I grabbed a box, and paid for it right away. I was so excited when I saw it, I even forgot to check it out, if its in good piece. I wish I opened the box, and checked it out, cause whenever I shake it, or turn it upside down, I could hear something is loose in its base. 🙁 . I hope it will not break, coz I really really like it.

Lesson learned! Always check your item no matter how cute it is! lol.
I can still return it, but I didnt bother, cause I feel so lazy to return it. its not really that bad, just not to shake it too much so it will not break. I sure love this kitty! its so cute! It is now sitting on top of my jewelry box, and before I go to bed, I shake it first. Looking at it is making me so happy and relieve me from stress.

By the way… bought it for 9bucks;. 🙂