Sassy Disney Aristocats Marie Costume : For Review

One of our favorite event of the year is Halloween, not because of the treats that we get from trick-o-treating, but because my kids and I get the chance to dress up and pretend to be someone or something. Some of you probably think that Halloween is just for kids, well you’re wrong because Adults party at Halloween too. Although I haven’t been to any Halloween Party yet, but I sure dressed up for my kids when we go trick-or-treating in the park. The Community here host a Family Fun Trick-or-Treat Night at the park, and it’s like a big party for all ages, because everyone will be wearing their best Halloween Costume even adults, and everybody is having a good time. But I sure wish thought that I would get the chance to go out in Halloween night with hubby, and party all night long without the little guys. Maybe this year, we might do that. 🙂

Anyhow, I have a costume already. Thanks to  Wholesale Halloween Costumes for sending me this cute Sassy Aristocat Marie Costume. I know it’s kinda early for that, but I sure am glad that I got this costume for Review. I was given the chance to choose a Disney Costume, and Marie was a good choice for a Mommy like me. It’s not so sexy, not Scary looking, and makes me look purrty with it’s big ribbon and all. I just need to put extra undergarments like a white leggings or bloomers to keep the dress from hugging my legs. As you can see, the material of the dress is 100% Polyester, also the tail and the choker. And the lace is 100% cotton. This is size Small and fits me fine, except for the top part area which is a little bit loose, but it can be mend easily.  photo cat_zpsd840188c.jpgThis costume includes the Dress of course, Neck Bow, Headband, Detachable Tail, and Handheld Mask which I find so cute.
The tail got a ribbon on the end and a rubber where you can put it on your wrist or simply hold it. I tell you, this costume is pretty cute! If you are planning to go to Disney World this Spring Season, you will see Marie there as one of the Disney Characters. And she is the cutest kitties of all. She sure is my favorite.

I sure am happy that I got this costume. I dont need to worry anymore on what to wear for the next Halloween.

Halloween Pirate Costume

Ever since my family and I experienced of being on-board the ‘The Lost Pearl’ of Capt Jack Pirate Ship  in Virginia Beach; and heard about the story of the Fearsome Pirate called Black Beard, my kids became so curious and fascinated about Pirates, and started reading some cool pirate books adventures. My eldest was so into it that he even loves to watch the movie “The Pirates of Caribbean”. He actually watched all the 4 series twice!  He never got tired of it, even though some part of the movie were a bit scary for his age. Because of this interest, I decided to get him a Pirate Costume for this year Halloween. Yes I know its a bit early for that, but its better to be early right? So you can choose the best one out there and will not ran out of sizes or out of stock.

The costume that I got for my eldest is this Shipwrecked Costume from This costume includes,
– a red vest,
– gray shirt,
– black bandana,
– vinyl mask,
– black and gray waist sash,
– gauze shoulder drape,
– chest strap with buckle,
– and boot covers.

Sword, earing, and pants are not included. Isn’t it cool? My little boy wants to look a bit scary, so I chose this costume for him. And guess what? He likes it, and so excited to wear it on Halloween.

Check out my little buccaneer  below, so ready to trick or treat. Isn’t his costume the coolest? Although the Mask is a bit big for him, he can still see and breath fine. The size of this costume is size 8 and my boy is 7 years old. It’s just perfect until next year Halloween, if he still wants to wear this one. Photobucket

How about you? Does your kid have a costume already? If he/she don’t have one yet, check out They have the coolest costumes online, from infants to adults. They even have plus size costumes, and accessories that goes with it.

My Halloween Costume

Why would you spend so much money on a costume that you will just gonna wear one time, where as you can find one in your closet? I know right! With the global crisis going on, we mommies should be more money wise, and more practical with everything we do. Its not easy, because we love to dress our kids up, and of course we want to dress up with the occasion as well.
For yesterday Halloween, I got my kids costume from the consignment store total of $5, I say its a pretty good deal. And as for myself, I bought this bat mask for $3. It was on sale, for half price, which I still find expensive. Lol. I was looking for a tiger mask but I find none, so I settled with this. =) And the rest of my attire are from my closet.
What I really want to feature here is my red coat, that I bought a couple of weeks ago at Ross Dress Barn for $30. I so love it! It feel so nice, warm and comfortable. Even though it was quite chilly here in the east coast, this coat kept me warm all throughout trick or treating. I thought its a great deal, since most of the coats cost more than $50 if you are looking for something really warm, and cozy for the winter season. I believe this coat is a good steal. I know I can still find coats that are cheaper than this, but I settled for this because of the bright color of red, the heart shape front hooks, and the cut is just sexy. And oh! I love the fur along the hoodie. 🙂 .

Anyhow, I link this post to
For my Red Coat