Assorted Christmas Cards

Here’s another entry for Wednesday Whites, Assorted Christmas Cards Collection. 😉
I so love this collections of Christmas greetings cards. Its my favorite! I got ’em at Walgreens when I pick up the photo cards that I ordered online. Its only 3.99 which I find so cheap for this beautiful cards. I bought this for my son’s school, to give to his friends on their last day, before they will take a break for the Holidays.

Below are the cards. There are 4pcs in every design, and there are 8 designs! The messages inside are as beautiful as these cards. I wanted to keep one card in every design, but JJs class total is 21, and he also wants to give cards to his teachers and van driver. So this count is just enough. THank God I dont have to add up. I was worried that it might not be enough.
ANyhow, I really really love these cards. I am hoping that I can still find them next Christmas to add up in my collections of cards. 🙂

75% off Father’s Day Card only at TinyPrints

THanks to My Frugal Adventure for this great deal! I was browsing the net when I found her website that is all about good deals. What caught my attention is this 75% off on all Father’s Day Cards at Tiny Prints. I checked it out right away and was so glad that it is extended until next week. I grabbed this deal, ordered a personalized card, paid $1.05 only! and its Free shipping if shipped to you. But if you want it to be shipped to the reciepient just add $0.44 for postage. Isnt that a great deal! Better than buying at Walmart, or in other stores.
In order to get this deal.. you need to Use this Code: DOD0526 at the checkout. Here is the LINK for the fantastic deal.

Dont have a card yet? better act now fast! this will end on Tuesday May 31, 2011 8am (PT) 🙂