Maruchan Lime Flavor with Shrimps


One of our favorites. I bought this yesterday at Walmart Superstore, I was so surprised they have it! I thought they stop selling this flavor, because we’ve never seen one for a long time. I was so glad that they got it. I took a whole box coz I know hubby will gonna be eating it everyday for his lunch. Its his favorite flavor with the Lime in it. I like it too coz it’s easy to make, just put it in a bowl with water and pop it in the oven, and wha la! lunch is serve. lol. thats how easy to make hubby his lunch.Smiley

Anyway.. if you havent tried this flavor yet, i tell ya its really good. Mmmmm… its good to eat noodle soup in a rainy season.

Love this shoes!

The most comfortable 4inches wedge ever. I was out all day with it at my sister in laws wedding at Fort Meade, almost 2hours drive from here, and I was standing most of the time in the reception, because of the little guy who keeps on wiggling out of my grasp and I was chasing him all over the place, make sure that he will not cause any trouble. I was so tired of restraining him, and I thought I’m gonna have sore feet when we get home. But to my surprised.. my feet didnt feel any sore at all. I was so glad that I wore this shoes at the party, its so comfortable I almost forgot I was wearing a 4inches wedge.

What makes it comfortable? its the soft padding, great balance, very light, and fits perfect on my cute footsies. I purchased this Dolce Vita Cork Wedge Sandal online at Target for only 29$, they dont have it in their store, you can get it in their website only. But before I bought it, I read its reviews first, and was so glad that I did, cause it helps a lot specially with the sizing. This is half inch bigger to your regular size, so if you wanna purchase it, get it in less than a half inch from your usual shoe size. I usually go with 6.5, but I ordered size 6. Trust me.. this shoes is a keeper, makes your legs look sexy and longer Smiley