Planning for my little one’s 5th Birthday Party

My little boy’s birthday is fast approaching. He will be 5 this coming April! And soon, he will be in Kindergarten this coming school year of 2014-2015. I am so excited for my little guy, at the same time sad because I will gonna miss him. Thinking about this made me feel a bit emotional, I am not ready yet to expose him to the World! Well, I can’t keep him forever, but he will always be my baby. Therefore, I am planning to give him a  big birthday party this year. I am not sure where to held it yet, either here in the house or in a fun place. I am thinking here in the house, because it’s more comfortable, cheaper, and there’s no time limit. Unlike those fun places that last for 2 hours only.

Anyway, I asked him what kind of party he wants. He said he want a Dinosaur theme party on his birthday. This kido sure knows what he wants and he surely loves Dinosaurs! He even said one time that he want to be a Paleontologist when he grows up, cause he wants to study about Dinosaurs that once roamed here. LOL! He probably got that from the TV. Anyway, I got an opportunity to do a review about party kits which is just perfect, and when the little one saw the products that I am going to review, he was so ecstatic! I surprised him with this Dinosaur Party kit below. This is supposed to be a giveaway gifts that is good for 1 guest. It includes, a Dinosaur Figure, a Dinosaur Party Lunch Box, 1 Dinosaur Party Pencil, 1 Dinosaur Party Sticker,1 Dinosaur Tattoo Book, and a Solid Colored Notepads. Isn’t this so cool? It sure is a perfect party souvenir gifts. I was surprised that they sent us two lunch box instead which is just perfect, cause one each for my boys. I sure love this set. My boys love it most! The design is so beautiful and colorful that any boy would surely love it!  photo 1450249_10151871042688382_800991078_n_zps1ee4c271.jpg
If your child is fond of dinosaurs and planning to have a Dinosaur Party in the future, well, you better check this Dinosaur Party Kit from They have everything that you need from fork to paper cups! You don’t have to browse some other website for the gifts and other party materials because it’s All-In-One Party kit! I sure am very happy when I found this website, I don’t have to worry about my littlest birthday party. He will definitely get a Dinosaur Theme party this year. Thinking about it makes me feel so excited. I sure can’t wait!

personalized gifts

For me, the best way to look for gifts for back to school is online.  You can see a lot of cool stuff online, that you cant find in the store. The best gifts are personalized stuff like the stuffs in They sure have a lots of cool stuff, that kids will surely love! My favorite design is the Kid’s Backpacks with the First Truck design on it. Looking at it makes me feel so excited for my son’s first day of school. I also like the lunch box with my son’s name on it. This way, he will not lost his lunch pack.