The beautiful Beach of Virginia

Its the first beach that Ive been to since I arrive here in US 4years ago. I was so happy and excited that hubby agreed to spend our Anniversary in Virginia Beach. Its 6 to 7 hours drive from home, pretty far but it was worth going. Its a very pretty beach, very clean, not so crowded, people are so friendly, safe, secured, and the best part is you can view the beach from your hotel. Its really pretty amazing at night and in the morning. You can see the moon so bright shining and reflecting on the water, and the Sunrise is so spectacular that you cant stop your camera from capturing every moment as it rises up from the water. pretty amazing. I sure thank God for this beauty. =)

Virginia Beach at Night

Sunrise of Virginia Beach. view from the Ocean front

ANyhow.. here are some photos of the kids, by the beach, building their sand castle and enjoying the sound of the waves crushing in.

Jefferson Carnival, PA

My kids and I went to Jefferson Carnival last Monday, after my appointments at Westminster, MD. It was on the way home, so I decided to drop by for a couple of minutes and let the kids have some fun and ride some rides. Tickets cost like $1 each, but if you buy 14 tickets, you will only pay $10 for it. It was not bad, but the thing is.. the rides cost 3 tickets per ride. I was like whoah?! lol. I find it so dang expensive. So they were able to ride a couple of rides only. The game booths are like expensive too, $3 per shot! My boys were begging to play, so I let them play a couple of games. There are also games worth $1 per shot, but the prices are crappy. Well… the cost is nothing if you see them so happy and excited with the prices theyve won. I know nothing can beat that for a mom like me. To see my kids so happy is priceless. This Carnival is open until this Saturday. If you are close by.. there is still time to go there. One thing for sure… they got very good french fries! Yum!
Below are our photos.

as you can see.. the sky was still blue.. but too humid. I got the feeling that its gonna rain any minute.

Later on its starting to get cloudy

My boys were sweating due to the humidity… After eating their french fries, we packed up and started heading to the car. We didnt stayed long, cz rain might pour on us.

When we left.. the clouds were enveloping the place. You can see from the photo below how the clouds thicken. soon the sun was nowhere in sight.

Glad we left just in time before it pours. =)

Colored Bubbles by Crayola

Buying this Colored bubbles was such a big mistake. It is pretty cool but it makes so much mess! It is washable but it still leaves stains. The color is too thick and the spill resistant doesnt work very good. If you let your kids play with this, you should make them wear old clothes that its okay to be stained, coz it will pop in their clothes, trickle down their arms, down to the pants and to their shoes. Make sure dont let your kids play this inside the house, coz it will definitely coz a LOT of MESS!!! i mean HUGE Mess! lol. not just that.. destroy your furnitures too.
Hubby was a bit furious about this because our door knob was all blue, and his hand was all blue! hahaha.. Our outside kitty too was blue, its because he was rolling on the grass where the bubbles pop. And when hubby pet him.. his palm turned into blue! lol. It was dark and he didnt see the kittys fur was blue. hehehe..
Im not gonna throw this bubble tube if you ask me..I pay 2$ for it. i will let the kids play with it for awhile, with my supervision of course, and make sure their hands are clean before they enter the house. =)
Heres some photos of the kids.. playing bubbles.

you may click the photos to get a closer look.PhotobucketPhotobucket

Clayton bz popping all the bubbles, if u double click the picture, you can see his finger is all blue. lol and he got some on his hair too!