Maruchan Lime Flavor with Shrimps


One of our favorites. I bought this yesterday at Walmart Superstore, I was so surprised they have it! I thought they stop selling this flavor, because we’ve never seen one for a long time. I was so glad that they got it. I took a whole box coz I know hubby will gonna be eating it everyday for his lunch. Its his favorite flavor with the Lime in it. I like it too coz it’s easy to make, just put it in a bowl with water and pop it in the oven, and wha la! lunch is serve. lol. thats how easy to make hubby his lunch.Smiley

Anyway.. if you havent tried this flavor yet, i tell ya its really good. Mmmmm… its good to eat noodle soup in a rainy season.

Bangus bistek

This is my lunch for today and so yummy!! lol. Got the recipe from the pack of Saranggani Bay Boneless Milkfish Belly.
Here is the Recipe
I so like the taste of calamansi and soy sauce together, and the sauteed tomatoes and onions. I put a little bit of salt to make it really extra tasty since I prefer a bit salty and top it on a hot steamed rice, is just perfect!MMM
Caution! eating this might coz you extra rice. lol.
For those who are Health conscious… here are the facts.

My Sloppy Joe

Special request for Dinner.
PhotobucketHere it is..
i used turkey meat instead cause its less fat compare to the beef, and loaf bread since we dont have hamburger buns. The guys love it as always. As for me.. I top it on my hot steamed rice. Its quite good really. Just add more salt and a bit of pepper to make it tastier, then I side it with sweet potato fries that I baked in the oven. yummy! thats easy cooking!!! 🙂

Special CHicharon

thats right!! its chicharon! lol. Hubby was out of town for a couple of days and when he came home the other day.. he told me that he was thinking of me and gave me a bag of goodies from the Family Dollar Store. Yep! He bought this from the family dollar store for only a dollar. I was surprised they have these in their store with different taste, spicy and regular. I like both of course!Smiley I had been getting this since last year and it taste much better than the one in the Filipino Store because it got meat. I sure love to munched this cracklings while watching my favorite shows online and my little guy loves it too, even the spicy one! lol Smiley. . Its so funny because Clayton would be like brushing his tongue with his hand and he would still want some more. I dont want to give him the spicy ones but he would cry if I dont. hmp. Anyhow if you dont know about this cracklings yet… you can find them at the Family Dollar Store. theyre pretty good!Smiley