Summer Hat by Chinese Laundry


Isnt this a cutie? Got it from Ross Dress For Less, one of my fave store to shop because everything there is so cheap. I went there searching for a summer hat that I can wear on our vacation. They had some really pretty hats that are very cheap, like 50% less from other shopping stores. And the hats are from signature brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Roxy, Juicy Couture, Echo , and a lot more. I had a hard time choosing the right one, so I let my kids choose for me. They picked this Chinese Laundry Summer Hat, and I agree with their choice. It’s a paper straw hat that fits snuggly on my head due to the elastic band inside, and I like the colors of the stripes around it too, which matches the dress that I am going to wear on our vacation. I sure am happy that I found the perfect hat to wear, that is not so big, that doesnt sloppy, and very fashionable. Check the photo below, does it suit me? 🙂

By the way I’m wearing my Firmoo Sunglasses that I got for review, a pair of feather earrings from Charlotte Russe, and an Aeropostale $5 Boytank top.


My entry for #246 Blog Photo Challenge, and Yellow Monday

Pumpspaholic – Artsy-Animal Satin Bow Pump from CR

Yes I am! :-D. Just recently, I was going crazy shopping for pumps online. I soooo cant help myself to check out,, for their latest collections of Fab. My hubby said that I am shoes crazy. Well, can you blame me? I am just a girl who loves shoes! Who doesnt? If you dont, then you are not a girl. Haha.. just kiddng. =

Anyway.. Here is one of my Pumps Collection that I purchased at I got it for only 15 bucks! They were having a blowout sale that time, that all pumps are $15 only. Actually I bought 2 pumps, the other one is the Zigzag-Back Suede Pump that I featured here a couple of weeks ago. Now I want to share this pretty sexy pair of pumps, that I bought at CR. Pretty cute huh? Love it!

Its 5inches heel with 1inc platform, very comfortable because of the soft padded inside, and its true to size.

I so cant wait to wear it in a party or dinner date with hubby. 🙂



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$15 Shoes from Charlotte Russe

A couple of weeks ago Charlotte Russe was having a Happy Hour Sale online for all Pumps. All pumps were $15, regardless of its original price. I was like wow! I cant let this opportunity pass by, so I grabbed 2 pairs right away to pay off the shipping. I know there will be more sales in the future, but I was so excited, and was hypnotized to get a pair. Photo below is one of the Pumps that I purchased. I will feature the other one later, but right now I want to show you this grab.
Its a Zigzag-Back Sueded Pump, that comes in faux-suede with a round toe and 1.5″ covered platform. At the back comes in sparkling glitter with a WHITE zigzag crochet overlay. It fits with a lightly cushioned insole and 5.25″ heel.

Yes it is 5.25 inches! Imagine how tall I am! LoL! I was having second thoughts about this shoes, because it was not made very good and its so tall for me. But its really cute, and it makes my legs look longer and masculine looking. I thought that it would be so uncomfortable wearing them, but I was wrong, this pair are very comfortable, and my wide feet fits perfect. This shoes would be perfect for going out with hubby and partying with friends. Right now I cant wear it due to the weather condition. I am saving it for the coming Spring Season which I am so excited about, cause cant wait to flaunt it! 😀
I guess Im keeping it.

I link this post to Wednesday Whites for its cute zigzag crochet design on the back.

Pump it up! :D

PhotobucketPumps with 4.5inches of heels has been quite popular these days. A lot of women has been wearing them, I even saw a few wearing them in the mall, while they were shopping. I was wondering how can they wear such shoes, specially if they are walking around the mall. I dont think I could stand it, it seems so painful. I guess they are used to it, or yet they are just trying to resist the pain, sounds crazy huh? Anyhow, before I will judge them, I decided to buy one since I needed one for the upcoming Filipino Party. I bought this pair of shoes at CHarlotte Russe. Actually this is the 3rd shoes, the first one that I bought online was kinda big, and the 2nd one was a bit small, it made my feet ache after an hour of wearing them in the house, so I returned them. But this pair above is just so fine and perfect. Its the my 3rd try and decided that its perfect for the coming occasion. I was surprised how comfy it was. I was able to stand walking around the house for a couple of hours with it. I guess you have to do a lot of trying to get that perfect shoes that will make you feel tall, sexy, confident, and powerful. I say powerful because it seems like you can kill somebody with its heels. lol. Hey! thats why they call it killer shoes right! lol. now thats funny.

Well.. if you fancy this shoes, you should check out CHarlotte Russe website. They got so many cute shoes online!! i wish all their shoes got my 6.5 size. But only few got that. Anyhow, their shoes are in good quality, although made in china, and its not that expensive. Actually they are having great sales now! this pair of shoes I got is now only $30 from its original price of 42.50. You will definitely love their collection of shoes.

oh by the way.. this is also my entry for wednesday white. You might be wondering why? Well, the chair is White! hehe.. have a good one folks!

New Loot from Charlotte Russe

As I was saying yesterday, that this time of the year is perfect to go shopping for summer clothes, summer shoes, summer accessories and etch. I dont wanna miss it, so I went to the mall right away, and was able to grabbed these goodies from Charlotte Russe shoes collection. They were having a huge sale! And I just cant help myself to grabbed everything that I like and that fits my budget. Oh I so love my new shoes and I cant wait to wear them. Its so comfortable and goes with any of my clothes.
Its not that cold yet, so I can wear them until end of Fall. If you think these are cute, better check Charlotte Russe store near you, before they put them away to make way for Fall Season Fashion. 🙂