Virginia Aquarium

Its one of the places we visited, when we had our 3 days vacation at Virginia Beach. This place was just 2 miles away from the Hotel we stayed in, we could have walked, but we just choose to ride over there, since we were not familiar with the place.
Its a pretty cool aquarium, totally different from the Baltimore Aquarium that we went to at Baltimore, Maryland. They dont have much fish but it was fun looking around the place.
Below are are some of their water animals…

They also have Komodo dragons which I find them so cool, because you can see them upclose, by going under the tunnel and in the middle there’s a glass window where you can take a peek at the komodo dragons. These animals are consider endangered species, because there’s only few of them in the world today. And by the way.. they are carnivorous. 🙂

Anyhow.. My kids had so much fun exploring the aquarium. They were more interested in the exhibits of the different kinds of minerals, rocks, soil, artifacts, on how things become like that, and other scientific discoveries, that were explained by some cool presentations like the photos below.
These aquarium is not as big as the one in Baltimore, but its definitely a cool place to visit, specially for the kids, cause they will learn a lot of things, not just about fishy but about the Earth we live in. 🙂

No More Algae in my Tank

This tank was full of of algae a couple of weeks ago, you cant even see the fish because it was so green! I had been trying to clean it everyday, followed the advice that Ive read online, by taking 1/4 of the water out everyday and fill it with clean water. It was a pain in the bun! lol. Still it didnt do much, it seems like it will take me forever to get rid of the algae. I got tired of it and went to PetCo to find a solution to my problem. I know I should have done it a long time ago…I thought I could clean it by my own, but I guess not. hehehe..

So.. Here is what I got from Petco.
A No More Algae Tablets.
Before I put this in my tank, I took some water out(make sure not to include the fishes), filled the tank up, washed the filter and the caltridge(i know I need to change the filter, maybe next month). When it was a bit visible, thats when I put 2 tables of No More Algae. 1 Tablet is good for 10 gallons of water, I used 2 tablets because our tank is 26 gallons. Anyhow… it works really good! Our tank stays clean for a week now. Hope it will last for a month, and of course I dont have to worry about it now cause I know how to get rid of those algaes in an easy way. 🙂