Taco Bell ‘Soft Taco Dinner’

In a box! Yep thats right! So we had this for supper a couple of nights ago, it was one of those nights that I feel so lazy to cook and that I just wanted something fast to prepare for my family. I always have something like this, like a TV dinner in our fridge, just in case if I get sick and cant able to cook, so that my family have something to eat. Nobody knows here how to cook except me. So I have to do what a mother needs to do. Be Prepared always! lol

But anyhow..My hubby loves the tacos of Taco Bell, even though it gives him tummy cramps after eating one. lol. In spite that, I still bought it, and make my own taco bell recipe. =)

Below is what Ive prepared.
I just chopped fresh tomatoes, onions, green and red bell peppers. I used Velveeta cheese in my tacos, instead of cheddar cheese. And cooked ground beef thats been sprinkled with salt and peppers while cooking it, to make it tasty. 🙂

Below is our Taco. I didnt used the taco sauce for hubby’s taco, cause it might make him feel sick. But I used it in my taco and it was good! I like it! Too bad for hubby, he cant enjoy it. hehehe.
This taco was so heavy in my tummy, that it filled me up right away.

My $5 Foot Long

Cheese Steak Philly of SubwayPhotobucketPhotobucket
A couple of days ago, I had this foot long Cheese Steak Philly sandwich from Subway with extra Mayo, a few greens, and some tomatoes in it. Yum! Of course I was not able to consume it all, cause its too much for me. I shared it with my little ones. I cut the other half to another half, cause I know they cant finish a half. As for my hubby he likes the Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich. He always wants a foot long so he can munch on it all day, specially if he is busy in the barn. If he gets hungry, he will just grab a bite and proceed to what he is doing.
The sandwiches in Subway are pretty good and healthy too cause they dont cook their meat in oil, they bake it! Also, you will get the chance to choose the vegetables to put in your sandwich, and you can add as many as you like with no extra cost.
Their regular footlong is only 5 bucks, its a pretty good deal for me! They are better than any other food chain.

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Black Forest Cherry Roll of Giant

I was craving for something sweet a couple of days ago, and I thought a good cake would satisfy my cravings. So my younger son and I went to the grocery store of Giant to look for some goodies. Ive heard they make good cakes and the sweetness is just right. I was gonna picked an ice cream cake, but then it might be too sweet for me, or it might just melt in the car because, we still have an errand to do after the grocery store. Anyhow, this Black Forest Cherry Roll caught my attention. The cherries on top look so yummy, and the chocolate look so creamy, so I bought it right away. And here is a piece on my platter. 🙂

It was so good, my youngest cant get enough of it. lol



Mango Float

I made this yummy desert last month! lol. Sorry for the late post. I was so busy with my new blog and my youngest son for being sick, that I had a hard time updating this blog. Also, I have to admit that I got tired of its template. I find it boring now, Im thinking of renovating this blog, so I feel more motivated to update it.

Anyhow, as I was saying.. I made this yummy desert for my kids as a treat. I had a bunch of yellow mangoes that is just going to rot so I decided to make a mango float.

Here are the ingredients that I used. As you all know, its hard to find the ingredients here in US. I want to used the All purpose cream cause its more thicker, but they dont have it here, so I just make used of what they got here.
The procedure of making it is so plain and simple. All you have to do is just mix the cream and milk, lay the grahams in the pan nice and even, then spread it with the mix cream on top of the graham, then lay the thin slices of mangoes on top. Just repeat the procedure until you make 3 layers or desired. Then refrigerate for an hour or more. Pretty easy huh? My kids loves it! I hope I can make one again. If theres mangoes available in the market. 🙂

Bacon Burger from Stoltfuz Meat, PA

I went to the Amish Country last weekend to meet Ivy Sterling, a fellow blogger who is on vacation here in PA. We went to Stoltfus Meat market that is located at the Intercourse, PA, that is right next to Bird-In-Hand, PA. Aint the towns name so funny? I wonder who named it? lol

ANyhow, I bought this Bacon Burger patties. I was curious what it taste like, so I thought I will give it a try. I only bought the smallest pack which consist of 4 patties, so I dont have to throw a bunch if I dont like it. Below is the label. The ingredients sound so yummy, except for the MSG.

Well, we had this for lunch yesterday, and it was indeed tasty! The tastiest burger that Ive ever tasted. I grilled it in our griller and put cheese on top, and sided it with Spicy Sweet Potato Fries which is yummy as well.
We had a great lunch yesterday. Hope you can try it too! 🙂

Morning Star Flea Market

I sure love to come here every weekend and get fresh fruits for very cheap affordable price. This flea market almost got everything, meat, seafoods, fruits, flowers, plants, antiques, collector items, furnitures, yummy foods, theres also a thai food vendor, toys, thingamajigs, and a lot more treasures from people who doesnt want their old junk no more.

Yep! its like a feast here every Saturday and Sunday. But yesterday was extremely hot, I was not surprised that there are only a few people shopping and selling. Usually this place is like a carnival, but I guess due to the heat wave that hit the east coast, a lot of people decided to stay home. As for me, I was craving for watermelons, some peaches and corns, so I grabbed all these as fast as I can and went home right away to cooked our delicious corn. 🙂

Here is the little guy munching it all the way. Its his favorite! lol. It was still hot, but it didnt bother him that much. Im sitting next to him blowing his corn while he’s eating it. hehe 🙂
thats my Yummy Sunday and Mellow Yellow Monday for this week! a corn on a cob


Strawberry Milkshake from Hardees.


The weather here in Pa has been perfect for the past few weeks. The humidity is not so high, the temperature is just right below 90F and some nice cool breeze gushing by. Still it made me even tanner, and made me crave for a nice cool drink. This Strawberry Milkshake from Hardees is just perfect for quenching ones thirst. I sure love Hardees Milkshakes! its one of our favorite for this season. Chocolate for Hubby and Strawberry for me. 🙂