Toshiba Satellite P870-BT2G22 Laptop

PhotobucketThis is my new baby Toshiba Satellite P870. I’ve mentioned in my other Blog, how my old Toshiba died on me. I used hubby’s Laptop for a while until the new one arrived on our doorstep. I ordered my laptop online at . Hubby and I had been Toshiba users for 4 years now, and was very satisfied with their customer service. But this laptop arrived with an assembly issues. The bottom was not properly screwed, it was a little bit open on where the hard drives is. I was a bit disappointed when I saw it, and complained at Toshiba about it. I shoud’nt be surprised since it was shipped from China. What surprised me is that it was  shipped from China. I thought Toshiba is a Japan brand, the customer service told me that they assembled it in China. Hmm… Good thing it was packed nicely and hubby was able to fix the issue. I was planning to return it cause it might have some defects for not assembled properly, but I decided to wait for a few months if it crashes on me. Anyway, its 1 year warranty so I got a few months to test it, and I have already reported the issues at Toshiba, so if I return it in a few months, they can just look up their records about it.

Well, so far, its not acting up. It’s doing what its suppose to do. The loading is very fast, and surfing in the internet has never been an issue unless if its the ISP issues. I believe this is a pretty good laptop. I really like its design, and color, so sleek and pretty looking. The outports are pretty accessible for somebody who uses USB, and SD slot all the time. Its DVD drive is located at the left side which is very convenient for me. The only thing that you need to get used to is the volume control which is on the keyboard. My previous Toshiba laptop volume control is a round roller on the right side along with the headset input and output slot. So far this new laptop works great for me.Photobucket

What I like best in ordering a laptop online is that you can customized its specs, unlike in a local store, you cant customized it. I customized mine to the level that I wanted, base on my usage and need. So here are the specs of this Laptop.

  • 17.3 inch Display (for larger viewing)
  • Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM Processor 2.30GHz (3.30GHz with Turbo Boost Technology 2.0)(faster multitasking and better performance)
  • Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • 8GB DDR3 1600MHz (4GB + 4GB) (perfect for AH 😀)
  • 1TB (5400rpm, Serial ATA) (bigger storage for my photos)
  • 2GB GDDR3 NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 630M with NVIDIA® Optimus™ Technology (better graphics for gaming and watching movies)
  • Glossy Black LED Backlit Tile keyboard,(for working late at night)
  • DVD SuperMulti drive
  • 1600×900 TruBrite® display
  • harman/kardon® Quad speakers
  • WiFi® Wireless networking (802.11b/g/n) with Bluetooth® version 4.0
  • HDMI output
  • Integrated 2MP (1080P) webcam

Glossy Black LED Backlit Tile keyboard

Tom and Jerry online games

When I was a kid, I used to love to watch Warner Bros cartoons on TV. My favorite was Tom and Jerry. I thought it was very funny. It never failed to amused me when I was little. And now that I have 2 little boys in the house, this show is still the favorite. I so cant believe that they are still airing this show. It was like 28 years ago when I started watching it. Until now its still on in Warner Bros Channel. I so love the classic shows, I want my kids to watch them also, so they have an idea what I was watching when I was little. But as the years passed by, this show somehow evolve with the advancement today, the graphics have changed, its more colorful and the story have changed as well. In spite all that, I still love the show and my kids are giggling while watching it, seeing them so happy makes me happy. 🙂

Anyhow, as I was saying how this classic show has evolve, now it has online games that you can play for free. I just found out about it and all the games are so fun to play with. If you are interested to know about it, you can check out this website It has lots of different games to choose from with different categories like Action, Puzzle and Strategy games. Trust me its pretty cool. I loved it! I tried playing it and its so much fun. Im sure your kids will love to play the games here. My favorite is the Jerry Steal Cheese, its not only fun to play but its so funny as well, just like the one in the TV show.  What I like about this website is its free! You can play all these games for free! Dont you just love that? Yes! I like it a lot. So if you are a fan of Tom and Jerry, you better check out this website.

Want to have a Coat Rack

The best time to go shopping for coats, jackets, and other winter clothes is when Winter is almost over. There’s a lot of sales going on at the Mall right now, and I am so tempted to shop some more Coats. But I think I have enough for this year, I don’t want hubby to get furious at me with all my spending habit. I had been shopping so much lately, and I have enough coats and shoes for now. What I really eyeing right now are some decorative coat racks from for my coats to hang on, and for my visitors. I like the one that I saw at, they are having site wide sale right now 20 to 50% off, isn’t that cool?! So if you are looking for coat racks like me, well, better check, they might have something you like.

learning online

I thank so much the person who invented the internet, because of it, it made my life easy, and also to a lot of people. Specially those who can’t go to school physically, and just want to study online.

There’s a lot of websites that offers online education now a days. You can also learn other languages like English, and Speech, in a very easy way. The newest thing is to learn to play musical instruments. I see some websites that teaches you how to play guitar, and I thought its really cool.  You can learn anything at the comfort of your home, with no peer pressure at all. And as a mommy of a 2 little boys, it would be a great thing, since I cant drag my kids to school and I dont have anybody to watch them. Through the internet, now I can learn anything I want.

Doing some shopping online

I had been doing my shopping online lately. I kinda feel lazy to go out and walk around the mall to find the one that I want. I find it more convenient to browse in the internet and delivered my items on my front door step. I don’t have to worry about tagging my kids along and listen to their

Hubby had been doing the same thing. He had been searching for equipments and tools, that he needs for his business. He got no time to look around the store cause he is a very busy man. And the store that he used to get his stuff are experiencing shortage of items, that’s why he decided to looked in the internet, and that way he don’t have to go anywhere cause it will be delivered on our door step.

I know a lot of people are doing the same thing. It sure is very convenient. This makes me love internet even more. It makes life easy, specially to those who owns a business online. You don’t need to have a physical store, all you need is the right marketing online, so that your website is searchable in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other popular search engines. You need to search marketing agency that can do all these things, that will drive traffics for you, attract costumers, and other things that make your business visible online. It sounds so easy huh? All you have to do is relax and let them do everything for you. I wanna have a business of my own one day and then go international online, then life would be so easy 😉

coach factory private invitation sale

Yesterday I got an email from the Coach Factory, an invitation to their private sale. My email is in their system, thats why I got the chance to avail this huge sale. Its up to 70% off and additional 30% off on all products. Isnt that a very good deal! I was drooling when I was looking at their catalog online. I wish I got a lot of money to buy all the purses that I want. I was hesitating to purchased one because Hubby just bought me a new camera and we got lots of bills to pay. I was gonna forget about it but I told him later on. And he told me that I can get whatever I want, and I dont have to tell him. I told him that I want to tell him everything I wanna purchased or if I wanna go shopping cz its his money, he works so hard everyday to earn it. And also I feel ashamed of spending his money, specially if its more than 50$. I just told him that I will make it up, and give him a good massage every night. hehe. lol.
so anyhow, this invitation is until tomorrow. If you wanna get special big sale emails like this one from coach factory.. just click the picture above, it will direct you to their sign up page.
Happy SHopping!!

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