New Hershey’s Spreads

Are you fond of Nutella? If you do, you better check this newest Hershey’s Spreads! It’s the newest and yummiest spread ever that my family tasted. Trust me, it’s really good! If you love Nutella, you will surely love this more.

It came with 3 different flavor : The plain Chocolate, The Chocolate with Almond, and with the Hazelnut. We havent tried the plain chocolate and the hazelnut yet, but I am pretty sure that it’s all good. So if you wanna try this out, better check your local store for it.



Chobani Greek Yogurt : Personal Review

Hello everyone! How is everybody? Its been awhile since I updated this blog, I apologized for the hiatus. Life on my end was quite hectic for this past few weeks, that I am having a hard time doing some online task. I got a lot of products here to review, and its quite piling up in the corner. I better get myself together, or I might gonna lose it. I hope the advertisers will forgive me for the delay in reviewing their products.

Anyhow, what I would really like to talk about right now is Chobani Greek Yogurt. Last October, I was lucky to get the chance to taste some of their products. They send me a box that consist of 12 different flavors of Greek Yogurt! I was so ecstatic when I opened it. I was like, ‘Oh my, I can’t decide which one to try first.’ PhotobucketMy little one was so eager to try their yogurt, and he loved it! We tried the Strawberry first, and oh boy, it was so yummy. But it need to be stirred first before eating, because the fruit is at the bottom. The yogurts that we got are Low-Fat and Non-Fat, so it didn’t matter how many we ate that day, also it’s made out of ingredients that are good for your body. If you checked out their website, you will know what I am talking about.

Anyhow, below are my food tasters. My eldest fave is the Peach flavor and the Pineapple flavor. The little one fave is the Strawberry, Blueberry, Peaches, Raspberry, Blood Orange, Pomegranate, and Strawberry Banana. The little one likes everything! LoL. I saved the Mango for myself of course. 🙂


You can see on my little ones faces that they loved it! Since we tried the Chobani products, we’ve been including it in our groceries. If you haven’t tried Chobani Greek Yogurt yet, well, you better try them now. I tell ya, its really good. You can check out their Facebook Page, and  Twitter.  for more information about their products, special offers, events, and a lot more.

I thank Chobani for giving me the opportunity to try their products. They didn’t only give us samples, but also a new toy for my little boy. Check photo below. 😀


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Pirate’s Booty Snacks – personal review and giveaway

PhotobucketAhoy fellow mateys! How ye all doing today? Yer probably staying indoor to keep warm from this cold weather, aye! I don’t think it is a good idea to set sail in this cold weather though. Arrr!

Anyway, ye fellow me hearty’s are probably getting ready for Thanksgiving. Well, here is a snack that is perfect for your Thanksgiving Party, and that is  Pirate’s Booty Snacks.

  Isn’t this exciting? Avast! Check out this Treasure Box below full of Pirate yummy goodies. YoHoHo! 😀


These snacks are really healthy and so Yummy! My  Hearties cant get enough of this delicious snacks. This box of treasures came just in time on Halloween, I was planning to share it to all the pirate ghouls trick or treaters, too bad we were affected by the Perfect Storm Sandy, that our Halloween Trick or Treating and Halloween Party was cancelled here in our Area. But Ahoy! My eldest son birthday was coming up that week, so we just included this treats in his party, and it was gone right away! All the mateys loves it! Who wouldn’t?  Yo Ho Ho!

These snacks are not only delicious, but healthy too, because its made from Natural Ingredients such as corn and rice, and blended with real aged cheddar cheese. It is also TransFat, Gluten, and Cholesterol Free. In fact, this is much better than greasy fried potato chips or sugar-laden sweets for baked. It has lesser calories than any other snacks, and if you have allergies on nuts, this snacks is just right for you because its peanut and tree-nut Free! Isn’t that awesome?

Check out my matey below, munching right away after we opened the treasures.


Check out my eldest below, enjoying his Birthday party, knowing that he is eating healthy!


Ahoy! Guess what? Pirate’s Booty are generous that they are sponsoring a Giveaway that I am hosting.

If you want to try this snacks for free, ye can join this Giveaway below by following the instructions in the Rafflecopter. This Giveaway will run for 2 weeks and open for US Residents only. Hurry Join now before it will end.

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Super Food Snacks Review

Check out this Super Food Snacks that I got a couple of weeks ago. Super Food Snacks was generous enough to send me 4 flavors of their yummy tasty healthy snacks to try. Photobucket

The flavors I got are..

Chocolate Goji Treats
Green Chocolate Dreams
Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy
Chocolate Cherry Qi

All flavors were very tasty to me. My favorite was the Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy(photo below). Actually its the first one that I’ve tried because I was curious of the name, if it really makes me feel ecstasy. lol. It was good. It was very filling as well. And I really like it. I can really taste all the ingredients in it, such as the Raw Cacao, Brazil Nuts, Mango, Bananas, Chia Seeds, Maca Root & Cinnamon.

I tell ya this is a very healthy snacks, very good for the kids who loves sweets. And this is also good for people who are trying to lose some weight too. Its ingredients are made out of organic products and it is gluten free. If you check their website you will see all the ingredients in each packs of this Super Food Snacks. As you can see below my little one like it as well. I was surprised that he likes it, because its not as sweet as the other goodies that he usually eats. He was able to eat a couple of nuggets and insist on trying the other flavors. But I think he likes this Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy the best base on his facial expression. =D

Newman’s Own Organics : Personal Review and Giveaways

A couple of days ago, I was so happy to received a box of goodies for review. I was so excited to open it and so is my little one. We were so overwhelmed at what was inside the box, because it was fully loaded with good stuff! I say good stuff because its made out of Organic Ingredients from Newman’s Own Organics. Photo below is what was in the box.Photobucket

  • 3 kinds of Pretzels namely the Traditional Pretzel Thins, Pretzel Rods, and the Unsalted Pretzel Rounds
  •  Different flavors of Licorice.
  •  Some of Newman’s-O filled cream cookies.
  • Vanilla Alphabet Cookies
  • Family Recipe Cookies (Ginger Snap and Double Chocolate Chip Cookies)
  • Assorted Chocolate Cups
  • Mints Products (Ginger Mints, Peppermints, Cinnamon Mints, and Wintergreen Mints  )
  • 5 Chocolate Bars (Dark Chocolate, Super Dark Chocolate, Orange Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Mocha Milk Chocolate )
  •  Raisins

Aren’t these goodies awesome!  To think these are all Organic products and I was so happy to get them all for free.

The first thing we tried is the Traditional Pretzel Thins, which I love the most. And as you can see the photo below, my little one cant hide his excitement in eating it. Obviously he also loves it! We can taste the difference of this pretzels being organic and all. Hubby and I love to munch regular pretzels from our local store, so I can  tell that this taste much better than the other popular brands that we have. This is more healthier, natural flavor, and not so salty.


The Second tasty goodies that we tried are the Chocolate Bars. Yum! My little has a sweet tooth, so after eating some Pretzels, he grabbed the Milk Chocolate Bar and start munching on it right away. I broke it into half and just gave him half, cause its too big for him to eat in one day. This chocolate bars are pretty yummy. I love the taste of its sweetness. You can really taste that its made out of Organic ingredients. These Chocolate Bars are made out of Organic Cocoa Beans that are grown on Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. If you check on their website you will see this 2 Seals that shows that the ingredients of their products are at least 95% organic, and guarantees that their Cocoas are grown on farms that meet comprehensive standards for sustainable farmings(source NOO)

The Third that I tried was the Licorice. I didn’t give my son some licorice because he had too much chocolates already. It was my first time to try licorice. And guess what? I like it! I don’t know why, but I find myself munching a whole box of Sour Cherry Twisters.Maybe because its sour, that’s why I like it. But this is not my 3rd favorite among the goodies. My 3rd favorite is the Family Recipe Cookies Double Chocolate Flavor. This is really yummy! I love the taste of their cookies, cause its not sugary like the other popular brands in the market. It is a very healthy snack for my kids. I will definitely going to buy some more of these for my little ones afternoon snacks.

The Last but not the Least is the Fig Newmans Fat Free! This tasty goodies are made with  organic figs, organic sugar, organic flour, and without hydrogenated oils was created. Isnt that awesome? I thought my kids and hubby will not love this because of the words Fat Free, but they really do! I was surprised they were able to eat the whole packs, when we were on a trip last weekend. It was really good!

These top four that I mentioned above were my favorites of the products that they send me. I haven’t tried the Mints and the pack of Raisins yet, but I bet its good. I have tried the Cream Filled Cookies which are good as well, but I am not very much fond of cream cookies, and also the other flavors of Licorice. My kids loves everything except for the mints because of its minty icy flavor.

If you wanna try this 4 favorites snacks of mine, feel free to join my Newman’s Own Organic Giveaway. This Giveaway is for US Residents only. Thank you!

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My very first Jerky

Have you tried eating a Beef Jerky before? Or do you have an idea what is a Beef Jerky? For those who have no idea, well, its a snack that is made from beef meat that cut into strips and dried, which is quite popular here in US. To tell you honestly, I haven’t tried this snack since I arrived here in US, until now. I had been curious about this snacks, at first I have no idea what it is, until I saw a some packs that sells in the gasoline stations and grocery stores.  This really got me curious, and I wanted to try some, but hubby told me that its not very good to eat. Because of that I lost interest of this snacks.

Until yesterday, when I received this 4 packs of Perky Jerky in the mail, my interest to try it arise again. Photobucket I was so happy that Perky Jerky send me 4 packs to try. It came with 2 different flavors, Turkey and Beef. I thought that this is all Beef, but they also have Turkey which I find so awesome, cause I really love turkey meat because there’s not much fat in it compare to other meats. Finally, I was able to try some Jerky and it was actually taste good. It’s my first jerky though, so I’m not sure what others taste like. All I know is that this Perky Jerky taste really good. Even my kids loves it! Check them out below, munching the Turkey Jerky. 🙂


What I like about this Jerkys is that it is High in Protein, No Preservatives, it hasNno Nitrates, and No MSG! Isn’t that awesome? I thought this kind of product is fully loaded with MSG. I was surprised that it has no MSG, and it contains 50 Calories per serving, which is pretty good. So to those Jerky lovers out there who haven’t tried tried Perky Jerky yet, you better try them now.

To know more about this product check out their Facebook Page Perkey Jerky and follow them on Twitter.

Its the Time!

Its time to bring out the grill and have a cookout with the family. With this pretty nice weather, its just perfect to eat outside and burn some hamburgers. This reminds me, I need a new grill since what we have right now is old and so dirty. I want something like one of those natural gas grills because the smell of the food is nice, and it will cook the inside of the meat really good. I will gonna ask hubby to get me a new one. How about you? Are you ready for a cookout? Me? I am so ready.

Jians 7th Birthday Cake

This is my sons 7th birthday cake. He celebrated his birthday a couple of weeks ago, but I never got the chance to blog about it, because I was so busy with the Thanksgiving and Black Friday event.
Anyhow, it was a yummy chocolate cake. I ordered this cake at the Giants Bakery Food Store, for a very affordable price! It was very creamy and again so yummy. The sweetness is just right. I really love it, and my son loves it too! He likes anything about farm, so he chose this design, a John Deer Cake. =) Last year, we also ordered his birthday cake here in Giant and next year, we will definitely order his cake in Giant again. Believe me they make delicious cake. 🙂

If you want to check out Giant Food Store birthday cakes or for any events cakes… here is the LINK

This post is linked to Food Trip Friday and Yummy Sunday .

Taco Bell ‘Soft Taco Dinner’

In a box! Yep thats right! So we had this for supper a couple of nights ago, it was one of those nights that I feel so lazy to cook and that I just wanted something fast to prepare for my family. I always have something like this, like a TV dinner in our fridge, just in case if I get sick and cant able to cook, so that my family have something to eat. Nobody knows here how to cook except me. So I have to do what a mother needs to do. Be Prepared always! lol

But anyhow..My hubby loves the tacos of Taco Bell, even though it gives him tummy cramps after eating one. lol. In spite that, I still bought it, and make my own taco bell recipe. =)

Below is what Ive prepared.
I just chopped fresh tomatoes, onions, green and red bell peppers. I used Velveeta cheese in my tacos, instead of cheddar cheese. And cooked ground beef thats been sprinkled with salt and peppers while cooking it, to make it tasty. 🙂

Below is our Taco. I didnt used the taco sauce for hubby’s taco, cause it might make him feel sick. But I used it in my taco and it was good! I like it! Too bad for hubby, he cant enjoy it. hehehe.
This taco was so heavy in my tummy, that it filled me up right away.

My $5 Foot Long

Cheese Steak Philly of SubwayPhotobucketPhotobucket
A couple of days ago, I had this foot long Cheese Steak Philly sandwich from Subway with extra Mayo, a few greens, and some tomatoes in it. Yum! Of course I was not able to consume it all, cause its too much for me. I shared it with my little ones. I cut the other half to another half, cause I know they cant finish a half. As for my hubby he likes the Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich. He always wants a foot long so he can munch on it all day, specially if he is busy in the barn. If he gets hungry, he will just grab a bite and proceed to what he is doing.
The sandwiches in Subway are pretty good and healthy too cause they dont cook their meat in oil, they bake it! Also, you will get the chance to choose the vegetables to put in your sandwich, and you can add as many as you like with no extra cost.
Their regular footlong is only 5 bucks, its a pretty good deal for me! They are better than any other food chain.

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