Planning a Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Thanksgiving Holiday is just a week away and people are going shopping crazy already. I better do my shopping too or I might ran out of turkey in the market. I remember a couple of years ago I didn’t find any whole turkey in the store that I end up buying the breast instead which is the only thing available. Oh well, there is still time left to do all that before Thanksgiving.

Anyhow, if you are planning to host a Thanksgiving dinner for your family and friends better prepare early and plan ahead on what to do to make it memorable for everybody. A personalized glassware from Glass With a Twist – bar shot glasses would be a perfect addition to your planning. It can serve as a giveaway after the party as well with the event’s name on it. And of course you can used it as a centerpiece as well with a wine of your choice, that would be great right? So check it out now before its too late.

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