Cherry and Maple Watch from Sully Series by Jord : Perfect Present for your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is almost here and I bet you all are busy searching for the perfect present for your love of your life. Well, look no more because I have the right thing here that your special someone would surely love! I am excited to share to you this wooden watch that I got from Jord Wood Watches, isn’t it the prettiest?

 photo IMG_6459_zps4b36e028.jpg
It came in a beautiful box that protects it from shipping and  handling (check photo above). The watch itself is made of 100% natural wood which made it unique and so pretty. You can wear it in  anyway you like may it be formal or casual. This kind of watch would surely never grow old, and I tell ya its just the perfect present for this Valentines Day. =)

 photo IMG_6469_zps5c1c9168.jpg

Anyhow, this watch that I got is Cherry and Maple from the Sully Series. If you check Jord Wooden Watches website you will see that this watch came with different colors and design. I chose this color because its the first watch that I noticed. I find it so attractive and I thought it suits my skin color best. It has a big face of 49mm which I thought at first that it might be too big for my wrist. Good thing I went ahead and choose this cause its just the perfect size that I ever wanted! Check photo below, it aint that big right? I have a really tiny wrist but the face fit just right. You can check its dimension in their website and other infos. As for the band, it came in standard size which is big for me so I have to adjust it by removing some of the links.

 photo IMG_6474_zpse377c14d.jpg

Now how to remove the links? If you don’t know how to do it, you can always take it to the watch store and have it adjust for you. But as for me, I did it at home with the help of my husband. We push the pins by using a little hammer because it was quite snug. We tried pushing it by hand but it didnt work so we tap it with a small hammer instead. We were gentle about it, making sure that the wood will not break cause its very delicate. My husband got the right tools so there was no problem in removing the links. To be safe, its better to take it to the watch store. =)

 photo IMG_6470_zps54a334f6.jpg

I sure feel so lucky when I got the chance to review this watch because I had been wanting to buy a watch just like this with to a big face. This watch is just perfect! I love the color, the quality, the size, its uniqueness, its very lightweight, and it is quite! I was listening to it at night and I can barely hear the ticking sound. Oh… I sure love my Cherry and Maple from the Sully Series! I cant wait to sport it to any event that I am going to attend in the future. I will definitely wear it this Saturday on Valentine’s Day dinner date with hubby. I am so excited! I just got the perfect outfit for it.

 photo jord_zpsd9e11584.jpg

If you want to know more about this watch, check out Jord Wooden Watches website. They have other beautiful watches in different sizes and color for Men and Women. You can also check their Instagram for more photos and their other social networks account for special events and giveaways.

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