Our Buddy this Winter Season

Cant get warm enough this Winter? Check out this electric radiator heater from DeLonghi.

 photo IMG_6445_zps0f541e7a.jpg

DeLonghi EW7507EB Oil Filled Radiator Heater Black 1500W

We’ve been using this since November and so far it works as it suppose to. It warmed up our living room fast and keep us toasty during the coldest days when the temperature dropped down to below 0. Even though our house got so many vents for the cold air to get in, still this heater did its job very well. We usually set it to the highest like 95F which gets really hot some times. So be careful and make sure not to put anything on it or touch it or move it around while its On cause it can really burn your skin. Also it makes a clicking sound which is probably annoying to your part. As for us, the sound doesnt bother us because we only uses this heater in the living room and when the kids are at home from school.

 photo IMG_6452_zps0d6769f2.jpg So if you are planning to buy a radiator heater, check out DeLonghi. I am sure this beauty will keep you warm during Winter Season. As for the specs, you can find them here.

Trouble Finding the Right Insurance?

Having trouble finding the right Insurance for you? Well, I have found a quote that you might wanna consider looking at. All Red Insurance might just be the answer to your needs. They offer Auto, Home, Life, Health, and more! They have everything in just one click of your mouse. You can even compare Insurance if you are not sure what to get. Their website is pretty much customer friendly, so I am pretty sure you will find what you are looking for here.

Holidays are Coming – Need Dance Lessons?

The holidays are coming! I know everybody is excited and I bet you have parties planned already on every weekend this December. Parties can never be fun without good food, cocktail drinks, and cool music. You better be ready for the all night dancing! If you dont know how to dance, you can always call the dance doctor for special classes before holiday weekends are here, right? Parties wont be so fun if you are sitting down because you dont know how to dance. Well, the the dance doctor worry all that because in just a few classes you will be like John Cassese. =)