Movavi Converting MP4 Videos

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Movavi Video Converter is one of the best-known software that is used for converting videos on any format to the MP4 version. Not just MP4, Movavi Video Converter can convert videos of 180 distinct types involving the flv, wma, DVD, avi and many more to list. This software has become one of the favorites for the casual web surfers but also the professional video editors who need a quick supply of software activity to convert videos. The thing that makes this  software an important utility to deal  with is  it’s  easy to use manual for  any normal individual with a computer system. It is user friendly and gives tons of options for the user to choose from and convert  videos.  Converting  videos to  any  format is  pretty  simple  with Movavi and a few clicks can do the job for you.

Steps to convert videos to MP4 using Movavi video converter:

Downloading the converter : – Well, the first job at hand is to download the Movavi video converter software from its website just to be easy with the process.  This shall be followed by running the .exe file generated by the download and following the installation wizards to complete the installation process.

Getting started  with  the converter :  – The next  step  must  involve  the process  of getting use to the software and now about its various features. A help icon on the menu bar can guide you to the features and the way to deal with the things using the software. The program needs to be selected and then, it should be started by adding the video that is meant for conversion by video importing. This will basically add the video onto the program for conversion.

Preset for the videos : – This is pretty simple to deal with as the user just needs to select the drop down menu for the list of presets available for converting videos. This involves the listing of all the formats in the drop down menu and the user needs to select MP4. MP4 then has sub divisions within it as mp4 for mobiles and mp4 for desktop. As found appropriate by the user, the format can be selected and can be listed for conversion.

Browse for destination : – Once the selection has been made of the mp4 format as the converting one, the browse icon can be used to find a folder where the user wants the converted video to be stored. This  can be done with a couple of clicks basically.

Start converting : – once you have gone through the mentioned steps, the only thing that stays left is the conversion process. You need to just click into the convert icon to start the process. The time for conversion depends on the length of the video and the type of format to which the video is  getting formatted. Two stopwatches  are present;  one to show the time elapsed for  conversion and the other  shows how much  time  is  left  for  conversion.  Once  the  process  ends,  you  can  go  into  the destination folder to find you video converted to the mp4 format.

It is pretty easy to handle and not at all sophisticated to deal with.  Movavi makes convertingvideo simpler and time saving