Hot Sticks

Wanna be feeling artisticks ? Check this pair of drumsticks in red flame. Isn’t it hot? I’m sure you can’t wait to get your hands of this pair. The flame design is so awesome that every time you used it it will make you feel awesome as well. Talking about inspiration, this hotsticks will surely make you feel inspired even more when you play. So get ’em now!

 photo sticks_zps4dbd7658.jpg

My Fave Coffee

Are you a coffee addict like me? If you do, what is your favorite coffee? Mine is this kind below. I am not really into brewed coffee cause I dont like much the taste. I’d rather have this instant coffee where I can have anytime I want, and it’s tastier.

 photo IMG_9975_zpsb4c1f6b2.jpgMy favorite coffee is this Brown N’ Creamy from Nescafe. It is really yummy as advertised. The content of coffee, creamer, and sugar is just perfect for my taste. To have a cup of this coffee in the morning is like a big treat for me, because a pack like this here in US cost 9.50 bucks! Yah yah.. it is expensive. Good thing a friend of mine from Texas who just had a vacation in Philippines send me some. Oh boy, I sure appreciate it. Looking at this coffee right now makes me want to have one now.

Bedell Guitars

The bedell guitar at Guitar Center are one of the finest acoustic-electric guitars that you can find. A lot of people find their guitars top notch, due to its sound quality which is so pure and so clear. The whole package is so beautiful and so smooth that every musician who holds it fell in love with it right away. To top it off, the price range is awesome. So if you are searching for a good guitar that won’t rip you off, bedell guitars are for you.