Planning to go back to school one day

A lot of stay at home mom now a days work online, and at the same time study. I know a few friends who does this and does home schooling too with their kids. It makes me wonder how they manage their time especially with little ones in the house that needs attention all the time? As for me, I am planning to go back to school one day or attend a special program that I want, and get a real job in the field. It’s been a long time since I had a real job, and its getting boring everyday in the house. I could probably just attend a program, or finished a small course like the  massage therapy training which is popular now a days due to people’s demand of body therapy. Something like that is what I need in order to exercise my field of expertise. Well, I dont think its too late to go back to school right? So, how about you? Do you have plans to go back to school too? Well, there’s  a lot of courses that you can pick from, but you got to be sure that it is something that you really like and wanted to do in the future, so you will learn to love your job, and wont be wasting time and money in studying.

Multicolor Kid Book by FlattenMe

Last week, I told my son that I have a surprised for him and it will come in a package. After hearing this, he was so excited that he always look outside if the mail lady left him a package. And when it arrived last Friday, he was so ecstatic that he opened the box right away! His eyes lit up when he saw whats inside.
What’s inside the package? Check out below.

 photo Untitled-1_zps8ff22bda.jpg

It’s the personalized Multicolor Kid book from FlattenMe. He was so happy when he saw the book, especially when he saw his name on the title and to all the pages as he flip it. He can’t read words yet, but he sure knows how to read his name. As you can see on the photos above, it shows how much he love the book. He said that it’s gonna be his new fave bedtime stories. Hearing these words from the little guy makes me so happy.

 photo book_zpse7751aaa.jpg

I sure am glad that he like it. I am so thankful to FlattenMe for letting me review this new book. The illustration is just so beautiful! Each pages are unique and contains colorful pictures with pretty bold letters that makes it more fun and interesting to read. Not only that, the story is fun to read as well. Photo below is one of the pages of the book. Is’nt it wonderful?

 photo IMG_9322_zps13dc0641.jpg

If you want to know more about this new book from FlattenMe, check out their website online. They also have other personalized products that are perfect gifts for this coming Holidays. So if you are looking for Holiday gifts, look no further cause FlattenMe might have the one you are looking for.

For reviews, giveaways, and great deals, check out their social media networks such  Facebook Page , Twitter, Pinterest, and Blog!

You can join their Giveaway Here.

Disclosure Policy : All opinions are 100% mine base on the item that I’ve received from FlattenMe. No compensations has been made.

Three Types of Evening Dresses Every Lady Should Have

 photo ThreeTypesofEveningDressesEveryLadyShouldHave2_zps93502917.png
With all the different types of evening dresses 2013, it can be quite hard to determine which one would suit you best. We all know that evening dresses are must-haves for every woman. If you do not have excess money to buy lots of evening dresses, you should at least equip your closet with these three essential evening dress types.

Formal evening dress

Formal dresses are the dresses that a woman wears to the most extravagant events and occasions. These occasions include banquets, galas, operas and many more. For these parties, the most usual attire would be long ball gowns as well as evening gowns. However, any garment that looks elegant will do as well. Generally, such dresses are made up of silk, chiffon or velvet.

The Little Black Dress

Of course, all women are aware as to how important a little black dress is. Regardless of what version of the dress you have, you can easily glam it up so that you can wear it to different events. This is very versatile and will provide you with lots of options.

Long-sleeve evening dress

These days, women no longer consider this as an option. If you wish to feel comfortable the whole night and you don’t want to bother yourself with looking for jackets and shawls, this is your best option.

These types of evening dresses can be seen on online fashion sites such as DressFirst. Not only do such sites offer a wide array of styles, colors and fabrics, these also offer great and amazing discounts that you should take advantage of. Have fun shopping and at the same time, save money!
 photo ThreeTypesofEveningDressesEveryLadyShouldHave_zps15ee4bd0.png

Have you been eating right?

Have you been eating right? Do you exercise daily? These are just the few questions that should be answered by a Yes especially in today’s society that we live in where illness and diseases are common due to improper diet. I know a lot of people now a days are health conscious and are cautious with the food they are eating, and what they serve to their family. Before this was never been an issue, but due to the genetically modified organisms, we need to look at the labels, and make sure that the food that we are feeding to our family are healthy. Of course eating good food is not enough, we need to take vitamins as well to help strengthen our immune system in fighting some of the communicable diseases that are spreading right now. If you browse online, there are a lot of websites that sells food supplements with complete nutrients such as the nutrition stores in San Antonio that has a wide range of selection of products that will surely help you with your health journey. Of course every person has different needs that depends on what they want to attain, like if you are looking for weight loss, if you are into sports and wants to have more protein, or just in general. There are different kinds of health products that varies ones needs. If you are not sure what to get and what you really need, you can always asked the experts to help you choose the right product for you that will help boost your immune system and gives you complete nutrients.

Lauren dress by eShakti

 photo lauren_zps4399f20c.jpgHappy to get the chance to do a review again of one of eShakti fabulous dresses. I chose the Lauren Dress this time because of it’s pretty decorative pleating V-neck style that is full coverage.  I also love it’s flowing ruched pleated skirt and the design on the waistline making a 50’s look modernish and stylish. This dress sure is perfect for any occasions, you can even wear it to church. Wearing this dress will surely gives you confidence and will make you feel sexy at the same time because of it’s pretty design on the waistline that will emphasize your body figure.

* This dress is made out of soft Cotton material that makes it comfortable to wear.
* It’s pre-shrunk, so after washing it will shrunk a bit.
* It got a zipper at the side for easy on and off.
*You can customize it with pockets on both side if you want.
*Actually you can customized the size of the whole dress so that it will fit you perfectly.

As for this dress, I didnt do much customization, I just click the standard size, and for the dress length and sleeve type I selected the  as shown. I was surprised that it fits me just right even though it shrunk a bit(photo shown below). The waistline is a bit high though but it’s no biggie because it look just fine to me. All in all I was very happy with this dress and hubby approves it.

So if you are looking for a nice dress to wear to a party, this dress would be perfect. You can check it out here.
As for the shipping, this item arrived within 2 weeks from request.

 photo IMG_7564_zps0ec3d7cb.jpg
 photo IMG_7579_zps54374070.jpg
 photo IMG_7571_zpsb49a3ca4.jpg