Whats Up? – Magna Group New Division

Hello my dear readers! I know it’s been a while, I apologize for such long hiatus for I had been on vacation somewhere tropical last summer and my mental state was left wandering in the tropical, especially now that it’s Fall season, I dreaded the coming cold season.

Anyhow, what’s up for today? I bet some of you are enjoying this fine weather aye? Im sure you do.¬† I’ve noticed that there’s more people out in the street right now here in our neighborhood doing some of their daily walks and run. As for me, I’d rather stay home and catch up with what is happening around the world right now through the internet so I wont be so behind with the latest trend, technology, and news about business. I just happen to read about the Magna Group in Yahoo Finance News. I used to blog about Magna Group Capital and its CEO Joshua Sason a couple of times before, and reading them in Yahoo was a surprised.

According to the news, Joshua Sason CEO of Magna Group launched a new division that focused on the financing and creative production of entertainment projects(source YahooFinance). I was like Wow! I believed this is a great moved by the Magna Group because this is truly a big help to the Entertainment industries especially to all aspiring singers and actresses who has talents and want to achieved their dreams and become a popular international entertainers. Through Magna Group Entertainment creativity and good strategies, one will surely succeed.

Sarai Givaty. Photo grabbed from Yahoo Finance

Right now they are in partner with the top Israeli actress, model and singer Sarai Givaty¬† who is currently working on her second EP with acclaimed Israeli producer, Tamir Muskat. Magna Group Entertainment will finance her EP including her two music videos and promotions. I bet her EP would be a big hit around the world. With Magna Group as her partner it would be a total success. I haven’t heard of her voice though but I am pretty excited to hear her songs played in the radio one day. I’ve read that she has a unique and melancholy voice that attracted the attention of music video legend Anthony Mandler who helped develop her talent since she was young. I’ve also read that, she is not only a singer, an actress, and a model, but an artist as well. Sarai Givaty sure is a very talented person, it us just right that Magna Group Entertainment partnered with her.

For the full story, you can read it here.