The Gator G Mix Ata Mixer

The gator g-mix ata mixer or equipment case at guitar center is a top seller, not just it’s low price but due to it’s great features and made out of great quality materials like the polyethylene which make it nearly indestructible. Isn’t that great? If you are a musician, this equipment is a good choice for you cause it will last for a long time. The interior is pretty tough as well to make it more secure in place. So good bye bumps and humps! This equipment will surely serve you well.

Coffee or Tea?

Are you a coffee lover or a tea lover? Well, I am a coffe lover. I love to drink Coffee during the day because it keeps me awake all day and gives me energy to what I’m doing. My day won’t be complete if I can’t drink coffee in the morning. I wound be like dragging myself until I am done for the day. How about you? Do you like Coffee too? I know some people doesn’t like it’s taste and some are like health conscious. As for me, it really doesnt bother me as long as I keep it in the minimum.

Anyway, I like to drink tea too from time to time, and tried a couple of flavors. What I dont like is the green tea which I find so nasty, but I sure want to try the bigelow tea. They said that it’s really good for your body. If you want to try one you can find some bigelow tea here .

Excited for Halloween?

I know that Halloween is still far yet, but I know some people who are excited and are planning already on what to wear and what to do on the coming event. I for one have a costume already. How about you? Do you have a costume already? Picking the right Halloween costume could be tricky sometimes. You need to consider a lot of things such as the weather. If you are going trick or treating with your kids and you live in the East Coast here in US, you need to look for something that will keep you warm cause we all know Halloween Happens in Fall Season so night time could be really chilly. If you will just gonna spend your Halloween indoor then you dont need to worry about freezing to death. You need to get something comfortable and easy for you to move around in the party. And of course, your costume varies on what kind of party you are attending like if it’s an adult Halloween Party or a Family Halloween Party where kids are present. You don’t want to wear something vulgar where kids can see you right? So these are the points that you need to consider. If you want something new where nobody has worn yet in the party, you can check out for original and amazing Halloween costume ideas at They have some awesome collections! My fave so far are these two below.

Aren’t these two costumes so cute? I picked the Pac-Man Pinky Deluxe Adult Costume because this is perfect for outdoor Halloween. The second costume is Flirty Flamenco Adult Womens Costume which I find so sexy and flirty that is not so bare which is perfect for any indoor Halloween parties.

There you go, I hope I was able to help you decide what to wear on the coming Halloween. Just checked out the link that I gave you, I am pretty sure they have something you want.


Parties here, Parties there, Parties Everywhere!

Parties here, parties there, parties everywhere! I know right? Summer is full of parties. It is one of the reason why I love summer because there are so many parties going on in town and I love to attend each one. How about you? Do you like to attend parties too? Or you are among those who wants to start a party? If you do you need to  shop for custom printed tablecloths that will show to people what kind of party they are attending. Now that the 4th of July is coming, better check online for it.

Workout with Ellie

Some of you are probably still trying to burn those extra fats that you gained from last Holiday Season. I for one have tried to burn my belly fat in order to achieved that Beach Body that I am aiming for the coming Summer Season. It is pretty tough but with determination, and self-motivation, I say can do it, and I am pretty sure you can do it too!

One of the things that help me feel motivated is proper workout apparel. I have a couple of it already but I still need more for my daily workout. I was thinking of purchasing one, good thing Ellie answered my email and granted my request to do a review of one of their products. Not only that, I became an Ambassador of their special affiliate program that will give me a lot of opportunity in the future. Isn’t that awesome? It sure does!

Anyway, Ellie let me chose 2 of their amazing products, the Peek-A-Boo Tank and the Love Struck Legging . Their shipping was very fast, it arrived 5 days after I ordered it. I was amaze by its material cause it is super comfy, stretchable, breathable, and top quality! Checking on the tags, I was happy to see that it is Made in US. Good to know that there are still products made in US, as we all know most of the items here has tags that shows made in China. Anyhow, the size Small for the leggings fits me perfectly, but the size S of the tank is a bit loose. It was indicated in the website  that the fit is loose but I wish that I ordered the XS though, but in spite that, I am still going to use it for my workout.

Check out my photos below when I first tried it on. It felt very nice, and made me looked very nice as well.

 photo 919729_10151443337768382_2147041126_o_zps49506788.jpg   photo 902932_10151443340098382_2055331659_o_zpsc3839c3a.jpg

If you want this pair of workout clothes, check it out at, and if you want a 20% off of your orders, click the Ellie Banner on the right and Sign Up to become a Club Member and received specials offers from them.

 photo 919214_10151443334703382_1802159027_o_zps1fd84ff8.jpg