Summer time means awesome sunglasses

With long Canadian winters, many of us are looking forward to the sunshine filled days of summer time. One of the biggest must have accessories, for any summer time day are sunglasses. They are great all year round, but seem to be worn by everyone in the summer time. There are many reasons as to which you should invest in an awesome pair of sunglasses.

They are very stylish:
 Sunglasses in Canada are as much of a fashion accessory as they are a functional item. Many people wear sunglasses just because they look great. Some of us like the look of a sporty pair of glasses, while for others, the bigger the better. For women, glasses are a great cover up for the days you don’t have time to put on make-up while running errands. Simply put on a pair of glasses and you are good to go.

They fight glare:
With the longer summer days, there is much more light outside. For many of us our morning and evening commute, means that we are fighting the sun’s glare every day. Driving with your hand out, extended in front of you for blocking out the sun is not a good solution for anyone. Sunglasses allow you to see things better on a sunny summer day.

They can be made with prescription lenses: Many people who normally wear glasses, feel that sunglasses are not for them. If you want to wear a traditional pair of sunglasses, and you wear glasses, you would have to put in contacts, which is not something that everyone is comfortable with. As such, many people who need glasses start o improvise, and try to wear sunglasses on top of their traditional glasses, often to comic effect. Thankfully, if you need prescription lenses, you can have them made into sunglasses. That way your do not have to wear contacts, to be able to fight the sun’s glare.

They are versatile:
 You can wear sunglasses for any occasion. When participating in summer time, sports, a sporty sunglasses, allow you to see the action better, without falling off your face. They can be worn with all types of outfits, ranging from a day on the beach to a more formal affair. It is hard to imagine a summer without sunglasses. With so many styles available, be sure to find one a pair that suits not only your face but your lifestyle.

Perfect for Mountain Climbing and Hiking

The weather in the East Coast has been perfect. I thank God for such blessings that we were able to enjoy Spring to the fullest. It would be perfect to go mountain climbing or go hiking with the family to the mountain cause it is not so hot and not so cold. But before we head to the mountain, we have to make sure that we got the right gadgets, outer wear, and the right shoe wear that can take a long hiking that won’t cost us blisters. I know  Treksta evolution hiking boot are perfect for such activity because of it’s nice grip, stability, and comfort. I am sure this is the kind of pair that mountain trekkers used for a long period of walking and climbing. I wish to own one- one day, so climbing the mountain will be easy.

Think Big with Twin XL Sheets

When it comes to home décor, bigger is better – larger homes call for furniture on a grand scale and at the same time, people are getting bigger too. It used to be that a double bed was the norm but now a queen or king size bed is the industry standard – most homes are built with bedrooms designed to accommodate at least a queen and often a king size bed in the master suite. A twin XL bed and sheets are standard issue in most kids’ rooms and many are actually designed to handle a double bed which makes sense as kids grow up and the room becomes a teen haven and finally a guest suite.

Modern homes are also more often designed to feature bedroom suites with attached bathrooms instead of one bathroom designed to be shared with two or three bedrooms. This affords a wider range of décor options because in a suite the bathroom can be decorated to complement the attached bedroom while a stand alone bathroom generally needs to be more neutral to blend in with the overall look of the home.

 photo image-1_zps2a44e98c.jpg

Suites afford you the opportunity to use more interesting details like vessel and vanity sinks in colors instead of basic white porcelain; the bath fixtures can also be more décor-specific and more ornate in a bathroom which will not be as highly trafficked as a family bathroom. A whirlpool tub, bidet and things like towel warmers and lighted magnifying mirrors are ideally sited for a master bathroom or suite but may be too complicated for a kids’ bathroom or shared family bath. One device that works well in almost any bath or shower is a handheld showerhead.