a Vacation and a Wedding

In a week from now, my kids and I will be in Philippines for a 6 weeks vacation. I am so excited, and so are my kids. I’d been shopping for goodies to take with us to Phil for my family as presents. I’ve also bought a wedding present for my little brother who is going to get married this end of May. My kids and I will be attending his wedding which will be held in the Catholic Church, then the reception will be in our family home. Due to the wedding, this vacation will be so exciting and fun for us.

By the way, I will be the one who will take photos of their wedding. I am not a professional photographer, but I believe that I can take good photos of the couple. I wish I can do photo booth as well, but I don’t have the resources for that, so I will just do the usual stuff.

Anyhow, if my husband and I will renew our vows someday, I will surely hire a professional photographer that covers everything, and we will rent a photo booth for the guest who wants to take their photos. I know there is one company in Miami, Los Angeles, and New York that does all these and has a good package deal. They do Palm Beach Wedding Rentals that are professional, photo booth rentals, and many others. I always dream of a beach wedding in Miami, and said I do’s when the sun is about to set. It would be so romantic.

Anyway, hope nothing everything will be fine in the next few days before we leave for Philippines. I will be bringing all my gears with me, and hope the kids won’t whine so much, cause it’s gonna be a very long trip back home.

Retirement Communities

Becoming old is inevitable. But that shouldn’t hinder any old folks from enjoying life, and experienced the things that they haven’t experienced when they were still young. Even though they have reach that certain age of retirement, they should still enjoy what life brings- may it be with the family or friends.

There are a lot of certain ways to experience life to the fullest in spite the old age. All you have to do is think what you wanted to do. Some retired people want to experience riding a Harley, some folks would like to go places like Paris, and fall again with their partners. Some old folks just want to be with their family, and spend time with their grand children. And some would want to be in a Luxury Retirement Communities , and enjoy all the facilities that it has to offer.

Before, I don’t understand why old folks decided to stay in a retirement community, rather than being with their family. But when I saw some of the facilities that these places has to offer, made me think of considering it when I grow old. Some of these places are really luxurious, and old folks really love it there. It’s not only quite, but they can do stuff that are appropriate in their age, and also get acquainted with people in the same age bracket. I wouldn’t be surprised if my old folks would want to stay in this kind of place. I bet it would be more peaceful, relaxing, and stress free for them.

Sassy Disney Aristocats Marie Costume : For Review

One of our favorite event of the year is Halloween, not because of the treats that we get from trick-o-treating, but because my kids and I get the chance to dress up and pretend to be someone or something. Some of you probably think that Halloween is just for kids, well you’re wrong because Adults party at Halloween too. Although I haven’t been to any Halloween Party yet, but I sure dressed up for my kids when we go trick-or-treating in the park. The Community here host a Family Fun Trick-or-Treat Night at the park, and it’s like a big party for all ages, because everyone will be wearing their best Halloween Costume even adults, and everybody is having a good time. But I sure wish thought that I would get the chance to go out in Halloween night with hubby, and party all night long without the little guys. Maybe this year, we might do that. 🙂

Anyhow, I have a costume already. Thanks to  Wholesale Halloween Costumes for sending me this cute Sassy Aristocat Marie Costume. I know it’s kinda early for that, but I sure am glad that I got this costume for Review. I was given the chance to choose a Disney Costume, and Marie was a good choice for a Mommy like me. It’s not so sexy, not Scary looking, and makes me look purrty with it’s big ribbon and all. I just need to put extra undergarments like a white leggings or bloomers to keep the dress from hugging my legs. As you can see, the material of the dress is 100% Polyester, also the tail and the choker. And the lace is 100% cotton. This is size Small and fits me fine, except for the top part area which is a little bit loose, but it can be mend easily.  photo cat_zpsd840188c.jpgThis costume includes the Dress of course, Neck Bow, Headband, Detachable Tail, and Handheld Mask which I find so cute.
The tail got a ribbon on the end and a rubber where you can put it on your wrist or simply hold it. I tell you, this costume is pretty cute! If you are planning to go to Disney World this Spring Season, you will see Marie there as one of the Disney Characters. And she is the cutest kitties of all. She sure is my favorite.

I sure am happy that I got this costume. I dont need to worry anymore on what to wear for the next Halloween.

Handy Needs for Spring Cleaning

Doing some Spring cleaning? I bet some of you are repairing your house by now from the damage that cause by the Snow Storm. I know ours need some repairs on the sidings, because it was blown away by the strong wind. But we got no time to fix it yet, maybe one of these days if we get the chance. Anyhow, if you are looking for a website online that sells tools, equipments, and other materials such as  hand retractable plungers, that you can used in repairing your home. Well, you can get them at Reid Supply Company that sell all kinds of stuff for repairs and other handy materials. They seems like they have everything you need. So if you are fixing your home, check out Reid Supply Company for your handy needs.

Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron from Flat Iron Experts

A couple of days ago, I was so ecstatic when FlatIronExperts gave me the chance to review one of their products. I was so excited when they said Yes to my email. And when my item arrived, I was freaking out, because it’s the Curling Iron that I always wanted. The truth is, I already have a curling iron that I bought at our local store, but I was not satisfied with it, because it made my hair look so limpy and unnatural looking after I used it. But this Curling Iron that I got from FlatIronExperts is just what I need. It makes very pretty curls and it look more natural than my old one. Now I know that it’s worth every penny it cost.

Anyway, below is my new curling iron from Flat Iron Experts. If you want this curling iron, you can get them Here.

 photo IMG_2866_zpsd634c7ab.jpg It has a pretty soft handle for nice comfy grip.
It has a Multi Heat Control that heats-up to 430F, so watch out when using it cause you might burn yourself. 😀
Anyway, it has 8ft swivel cord, so you won’t get yourself tangled.
It also has a Pilot Light that will indicate if it’s on or off.
Its barrel is 24k gold plated that heats up right away, so no more waiting on this one.
Isn’t that great? Sure is!  photo curling_zpse26f6c39.jpg

By the way,  they also sent me this stuff below.
A Thermal Shine, for silky smooth and heat protection when you are using this flat iron;
and a Macadamia Natural Oil, which is a rejuvenating shampoo for damaged hair. Aren’t they so generous? I’ve tried using these products and it made my hair feel so nice and relax. 🙂

 photo IMG_2869_zpsa20cc7be.jpg

Check out my curls below. I am no professional when it comes to fixing my hair, but I sure love my curls here.
Thanks Flat Iron Experts for this great opportunity!

 photo IMG_2928_zps194a0a99.jpg

And below is a video of Me when I was doing my hair.

Disclosure: This item was sent to me in an exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated for this review.

Searching for the right time to Invest

I had been reading and researching about when would be the right time to invest, and some tips on finding the right company to invest. As I look online, I found a lot of good reads that teach me what to do first, and how to be successful on first investment.  If you are a first time investor like me, it’s natural to worry about the timing of purchasing of stocks, due to the market’s frequent fluctuation that it might cause you losing money. Well, I’ve read that timing is not really important. You should not waste time on thinking when is the right time to invest, instead think on how long you’re planning to keep money in the market, and establish an investment plan using asset allocation, meaning investing your money to different types of investment so that way when the market falls, it will not hurt you. It is really important to have a plan and management in order to succeed in this kind of business. That is what Magna Group probably are doing. They invest to small businesses and then at the same time help them to succeed. As what they said in their website that ‘Equity liquidity is not required in order to secure an investment’. It’s all about business planning, strategies, and long term business relationship. If you look at their website you will learn a lot on how to succeed in this kind of business. Magna Group Capital Management is well experienced in this matter. They help small business owners to expand and meet their goal, and with Joshua Sason as the CEO of this company, I am pretty sure the business will be a success. His positive views, good strategies, and methods will surely make one business to be on top.


Excited for our Trip to Phil

A couple of months ago, I purchased our round trip ticket to Philippines online. It’s my 3rd time to purchased a ticket online, one was seven years ago when I went home to get my son, and second was when my mom had her first vacation here in US. So far, my experienced was awesome. But before that, I was skeptical at first, because Plane Tickets are very expensive and it’s not refundable. Due to my researched and fellow friends who purchased their tickets online, I felt relieved and relaxed that the website where I planned to purchased our tickets can be trusted and has the best service ever.  So if you have any doubt in purchasing your plane tickets online, well don’t be, because only online you can get the best deal ever.

Anyhow, my kids and I are very excited in our coming trip which will be in a few weeks from now. We will be heading to Phil, for our 1 month vacation. I know it’s gonna be tough because my kids are still little, but due to the entertainments that the airlines offers now a days, 13hours up in the air would be just a breeze. How I wish I include in our itinerary a one way car rental to help me move from Terminal 1 to the Domestic Airport which is the Terminal 1. They said that you will be riding a shuttle bus from there, but if you wanna feel comfortable, there are rental cars that you can rent along the airport. Oh well, maybe next time, I will gonna include that in my ticket, so that our trip won’t be such a hassle and I don’t have to holler for a cab.

Michelle’s Handmade Cloth Liners

A friend of mine in Facebook, who is also a blogger does Do-It-Yourself stuff, namely, Cloth Diapers, Pillowcase Dresss, Cloth Liners, and Fabrics. And she sells them in her shop called Bunnzoo.us. If you check out her website, you will find a lot of cute cloth diapers that are perfect for your little one. I sure love all her collections. I wish I know about her website when my littlest was still below 1year old, then I would have purchased some of her products.

Anyhow, she gave me one of her creations to try in an exchange of my honest review. She gave me this 3 cloth liners, 1 flannel and 2 minky(photo bellow). Ain’t the designs so cute? It’s not only cute but very comfortable too! It was my first time to try a cloth liners and so love the feeling of it. At first I was having a doubt, because I am very sensitive when it comes to fibers and fabrics, but so far, I didn’t get any rash. The design part is the one that touches your skin. It feels very soft and sits properly on my undies no matter how I  move. If you haven’t tried cloth liners yet, you should check out Michelle-Design.com for more designs and colors. If you are into Facebook you can check her Facebook Page.
 photo IMG_3133_zpsf8c56ece.jpg

 Cloth Liners with pretty designs that is specially handmade.

 photo IMG_3141_zpsfd62239b.jpg