Peter Glenn Winter Apparels and Accessories

Do you know what is the best time to do right now? Shopping! Yes! This time of the year it is the best time to go shopping online for Winter clothes and accessories because most of the stores are having amazing sale like Peter Glenn – Outdoor Clothing, Ski Jackets, Snow Board Gear from Spyder and more. If you check their website, they have all sorts of gears for winter outdoor activities, and here you will find the perfect apparel for such activities. And what is good about it? All their prices are like down to 50% off. Woot! If you look at their website, don’t forget to check the Deal of the Day.

Finding the Right Musical Intrument

Finding the right type of musical instrument to learn is pretty tough. Some people would go through a lot of instruments and will take them a lot of times to finally decide what they really want and love to do. If you are in this dilemma, what you need to do is feel first the instrument. If you have that feeling of connection then you will know what is for you.

Some musical instruments are hard to learn, like the  saxophones and other air instruments. But with love of music and dedication, I bet it would be easy.

LiceMD : Lice and Egg Treatment.

 photo IMG_3142_zps27c0929d.jpgDo you have Lice infestation problem? And can’t find a treatment that can get rid of it? Well, you should check out LiceMD-Lice and Egg Treatment, cause this will surely get rid of your Lice problem. I recommend this product to all Mom’s out there who has a schooler, cause I know for the fact that Lice is a problem for students.

I tell ya, this treatment really works. My family and I tried this already, and in just one application, it got rid of all the bugs in our heads. We had an infestation last month and we didn’t even know it until the itching was really unbearable. And when I examine my hair, that’s when I saw some eggs. Then discovered that my kids had lots! So I searched online for a treatment, and found this with 5 star reviews. I went to Walgreens right away which is just a couple of blocks away and bought this treatment. Then applied  it on our hair.

This treatment came with a Lice Comb, which I used and just work fine. Other people who have used this product recommended to used a metal comb to get rid of the eggs as well, cause sometimes the eggs cant be comb using the regular comb that came with it. But for me, it was okay, maybe it depends on your hair. Our hair is not thick and can be comb easily. So the next day, all the itchiness disappeared. And I didn’t see any eggs on my hair and my kids hair.

And due to the lice infestation, I trimmed my boys hair really short, to keep the bugs from clinging on their head.
We’ve been lice free for a month now. yay!

Industrial Business

In order to be successful in industrial business, you need to have all the tools, gadgets, equipments, and machines that you need in order to make the job faster, less manpower, and faster growth and income, such as the jib crane. My family is in this business, and we don’t have all the equipments that we need. But we are working hard in order to buy the equipment that will make the process faster. Then we can just relax and watch out business grow.

Venturing To Online Business

It’s the first day of Spring yesterday, and we were blessed with a pretty nice day. Mister Sun was out all day. I usually go outside and enjoy it, but I decided to stay indoor and search online for a probable business that is ideal for a Stay At Home Mom like me, that will bring more income to our family business.

Business had been really really slow due to the commodities went down so low. Some of you might think that this would be a great time buying right? But we are just small business, we don’t have that much buying power since we can’t sell some of our stuff right now, otherwise we will lose a lot of money if we gamble. So instead of spending my time outside, I am here in front of my computer venturing the online business, which is very popular now a days.

I believe there are so many opportunities online, all I have to do is read and learn what is it all about and how does it do for me in order to achieve my goal. I was also reading about other people’s achievements, on how they succeed and what is their secret of staying on top. One of the people that I admire is Mister Joshua Sason who is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Magna Group LLC. I’ve read his bio before, and I was really impressed on what kind of businessman he is and how he run his business. He preferred personal approach to his business clients in order to build a successful business relationship to them. He work his way up and continue what he believes and became a well-respected person, and achieved his goal in life. Pretty impressive right? By the way, he created Magna Group, because he saw that small businesses like ours are having difficulties in achieving the same expansion rate as their larger counterparts. By this group, it will help small business owners on how to achieve their goal through good strategies, stay current, and help improved their sales. A lot of business are struggling this days, with Magna Group Capital Management, there is nothing to worry about. This sure is great, so if you are into business also, you should consider checking Magna Group website to learn more about this Company on how can it do to your business.

Anyhow, I better get on to my research and reading for more information about Online Business, so I will see you guys later! I hope you enjoy reading my updates today.

It’s that time of the year again

It’s almost the time of the year again for spring cleaning. Here in the East Coast of US, temperature is starting to warm up, and just this morning I heard our neighbor mowing his lawn. Yeah, I know, its quite early right? But I guess we will have an early spring this year which I am so excited about, because I am so tired of staying indoor all the time and wearing so much extra clothes to protect our skin from the cold.

Since it’s gonna be Spring in a couple of weeks, I am starting to write down a list of stuff that I need to do and need throw away. I am sure some of you is doing the same thing too.

The most common thing that people throw during Spring Cleaning is their old carpet, which I am thinking of doing the same thing. If you have kids and pets like we do, carpets can get stained easily and form a mold if not maintained or cleaned. So from time to time, people changed their carpets, or better yet change their floor to tile or vinyl to avoid all this maintenance.

Anyway, if you are searching for a good carpet that matches your home, you will find a lot of website online that offers anywhere in the States. One of the best place to look at is And if you live in North Oklahoma, they have a  north okc discount carpet that are affordable and made of good quality materials. So better check it out! They have a wide range to choose from, so I am pretty sure they have something that fits your home. I am checking their website right now. And I found out that they also have a store here in our area. This really got me so excited and can’t wait to do some renovation this coming Spring Season.

Floral eyelet fit-and-flare dress By eShakti

Hey folks! Spring is just around the corner! I bet you are excited to get some tan under the sun, smell the fresh grass in the morning, and see the flowers blooming. Well, I am too. Thinking about it makes me wanna go shopping for some Spring Fashion right now.

Anyway, if you are searching for a Spring Fashion Collection , you should check out eShakti’s collection of Spring Dresses. They have the prettiest vintage-inspired dresses that any women would love to wear, because its very classy, elegant, beautiful, and the best part is customizable. Yes, you can customize it by your size preferences from top to bottom on any way you like it. Awesome, right? Well, below is one of the dress that is in their Spring Collection. Its Floral eyelet fit-and-flare dress, color Navy/ocher yellow, with pretty floral eyelet embroidery patternsPhotobucketIt’s lightweight, and made out of very soft materials, so it’s very comfortable to wear. Just don’t wear it on a windy day cause you know whats gonna happen especially if you customize it as short dress like what I did. 😀 But it feels nice though, it makes me feel like I’m Marilyn Monroe. hahaha just kidding.

Photobucket Full Circle Skirt that you can flaunt with. And it has side seam pockets for small doodads.

PhotobucketYou can wear it in different ways. One is by putting a belt on the waistline like what I did on these photos above.

PhotobucketElastic smocked back waist to show off your pretty back-shape.

Photobucket Here is a closer look of the embroidered patterns with pretty lining under it.
Love this dress?

You should check it out at eShakti.  For $25 off of your purchase, used this discount code when you checkout:


This coupon is valid until March 31, 2013.

trophies, plaques, medals, and other stuff

In a few months from now, school year 2012-2013 will be over. I bet a lot of kids are excited and are counting the remaining days of school. Well, I do too cause I get the chance to relax and can stay in bed until lunch time. As for the teachers, they are probably getting their records ready, on who are the top students this year that deserved to be given an engraved plaque of recognition for doing a good job in school. School staffs are probably searching for a website on where to buy personalize trophies, and plaques to give to honor students who excel academically. Well, there are lots of websites that does this, but I would surely recommend, because they have a very wide range selections, and are affordable for a school budget. This would be a great place to look for trophies, plaques, medals, and other stuff.