Quercetti Marble Run Vortis Building Toy from Educational Toys Planet

As a mommy of 2 little boys, it is important for me to know what my kids likes and wants, in order to keep them from getting bored. As you all know, boys get bored easily, so I need to be equip at all time to entertain, especially during Winter Season where they stay indoor most of the time.

But last week, my kids caught a virus and was sick for a couple of days. My 2nd grader missed school for 2 days, so he was home resting. On the second day of being sick, he started to complain a little bit for nothing much to do in the house. Good thing, Mister Mail-Man knocked on our door early morning, and left a package for my 2 boys. They were so eager to open it especially when I told them that it’s a surprised for them for being good all the time. Both boys were so happy when they saw their surprised. It’s a Quercetti Marble Run Vortis Building Toy from Educational Toys Planet.com. Photo below shows how excited they were when they opened it.  These boys knows the drill, that they need to pose for Mama for a photo.

PhotobucketPhoto above shows what is inside the box.

It came with 80 beautiful colorful made of plastic pieces, that your kids will surely love to build together. It’s not hard to build, because it came with an instruction booklet with pretty graphics that show how to build it which I find so easy to follow. I help my kids put it together, by telling them which piece should go on this piece. Basically, they did all the work.

It also came with blue, red, yellow and white marbles that you will used to roll down from the top. Regular marbles wont fit in some of the passages in this toy, only the marbles that came with it which is a bit smaller than the regular ones.

Photo below shows the toy all together. Isn’t this cool? Oh, I sure love the idea of kids having fun playing, at the same time learning! I find this toy educational, because it helps enhance their motor skills, construction skills, coordination, problem solving, and even experience an introduction to science principles like gravity and speed. Isn’t that great!Photobucket

I thank Educational Toys Planet for giving my kids the opportunity to try one of their toys. As you can see on the photos, they really enjoyed playing it. Putting it away was easy, and putting it together again was much more fun! This toy is just a beginner, but if you look at the Educational Toys Planet website, you will find more Marble Run Sets that will fit for your little ones age. Go check them out now!

In 2 months from now..

In 2 months from now, I will be flying back to my hometown. I am so excited, and so are my kids. Its been over 5years now since I left my hometown to marry the guy that’s in my dreams. And now coming home is like another dream come true. Oh, I sure cant wait!

Anyhow, we are going home not just to see my hometown, but also to witness my brother’s wedding. My family had been talking about it, and planning about what to do. Because of this event, it excites me more to go home and to meet my soon-to-be sister-in-law. I am so happy to both of them. I bet my brother gave her a beautiful diamond engagement ring, which I am excited to see. I sure hope that things would go so well for both of them. Because you know, life is pretty tough this days, but with their love and blessings from the family, they would make it just fine.

Flat Screen Stands and Mounts

Did you snagged a great deal on the President Day Sale? I bet some of you did. I’ve heard there were lots of sales in the electronics and entertainment aisle. I wish I had the resources to grabbed one of those great deals, too bad business was so slow that we have to tighten our belt. Oh well, there is always next time right?

Anyhow, if you have snagged a flat screen TV, check out the  flat screen stand at standsandmounts. They have the widest selection of stands and mounts online, that will surely fit your style and fashion. If I have a flat screen TV, I will definitely get a stand from here that would match our interior design.

Internet and Business

Have you every wonder what life would be like right now without the internet? It would really sucks right? Internet makes our life so easy this days that we don’t need to leave our home to do some transactions. We can pay our bills online, shop online, make money online, do business online, find people online, and a lot more that the internet can do. There are so many opportunities out there in the internet, that you don’t need to leave your home just to make money. All you have to do is start typing on the Search box on what you would like to do, then in a few seconds, you have the answer to your query.

You can even do a researched of who is the most successful business man in the world, then find out whats behind all his success, and what is his secret. And if you are into business and looking for investors such as the  Magna Group Capital Management, and wants to know about this company’s profile and who owns it – well, you can find this all online. I sure thank the internet for that, because now I can do a researched about Joshua Sason, who is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Magna Group.

As a business owner to a small company, I always find time to look at the internet and learned about other companies strategies and experiences, so I can apply it in our business. Upon reading Joshua Sason bio, it inspires me to exert more to our business and find ways to succeed. People like him is a good example of hard work and perseverance. Even though he is the CEO of Magna Group Capital Management, he still closely monitors and advises each stage of the investment process, from the beginning and all the way through to closing. So he is really hands on to his business, making sure that everything is in the right track. He does this not only to big deals, but also to smaller deals. He believes that in order to have a successful business relationship, you need to build trust, so he approached his clients personally, which is really good for the business.

Anyway, he graduated as a Magna Cum Laude from Hofstra University in a  Bachelor Degree of Business Administration, which explains his knowledge in the business. With this achievement in life, he is an asset to any company. Through his hard work and perseverance, he was able to achieved his goal in such a short time in a young age. He created Magna Group that goes along with the changes to the current time. So he keep his strategies and market trends current in order to keep up with this changing world, and having a website really helps in promoting his business and showing to the world what is Magna Group.

What was great about him is that, he also share his success to people who are in need, such as the American Heart Association, Breast Cancer Research (Susan G. Komen), disaster relief (Hurricane Sandy), local Jewish organizations, and more. I sure salute him for doing so. Maybe that’s why he was so blessed because of his good personality in helping the less fortunate.

In spite his busy schedule, he still have time to unwind and do the other things that he love to do and that is music. You must be surprised that a person like him like music, regularly writes his own music, does recording, and producing a variety of music genres? Wow, I wonder what else can he do? He seems like the type of person that enjoys life, and appreciate it.

I hope that our business will be as successful as the Magna Group one day. Information like this sure is worth sharing.


Educational Toys Planet : Perfect Toys for your little one

Are you searching for the perfect toy for your little one? Check out Educational Toys Planet, they have the best toys for kids ages 0-10 years old.

I am so happy that I will be reviewing one of their products soon. I have 2 little boys here in the house who are so into puzzles, legos, building blocks, and educational games. When they will gonna found out that they will get new educational toys, they will surely get so ecstatic. And I sure cant wait to see their happy faces!

Anyway,Educational Toys Planet.com have the widest selection of educational toys ever that your little one will surely love. They will not only have fun playing, but they will also have fun learning at the same time. As parents, it is important to choose the best toys for our kids, that is worth every penny we earned. The toys from Educational Toys Planet.com are worth it, and the prices of their toys are pretty affordable. You should check it now, pretty sure you will love it.

Fashion with Clozette.co

It’s a fact that all women loves fashion. Even grandma’s have some fashion sense. Fashion is not just something that we wear, but it’s how we express ourselves on how we dress. Through our style, it defines what type of person we are, shows what we do for a living, and also express our moods and behaviors.

Women can talk about fashion for hours and hours, about whats the latest  trend, style and what is in Vogues today. But as for men, they just show it.

As for me, I have my own fashion. I don’t go with what is trendy or popular this days. I prefer to wear something that is comfortable, not sore to others eyes, and that goes with the season. Like today, its Winter season. I cant just go out with just a pair of short skirt and blouse, right? But I can wear leggings or fashionable warmers under it and a sweater as my top. Some people dont like this cold weather, because they cant show off their sexy dress. But as for me, Winter Fashion is my favorite thing.

Anyway, as a fashionista wanna be, I would like to share to you Clozette.co, its a website where you can Create Store for FREE. So if you are tired of your old clothes, you can sell them here. You need to register first in order to do all this stuff. I am already a member here, and I sure love what I am seeing. This website is very easy to browse, and you can find right away the stuff that you are looking for. Not only that they also have an application for smartphone users, its called Clozette Fashion Finds App. I have downloaded it my smartphone and it look like this below.Photobucket

Pretty aweome aye? This application made shopping so much fun. You should try it, so you will know what I am talking about. You can share your items here in a very easy steps. Simply click the camera button, to take a snapshot of your item, filter the photo, select the category where it belong, and so on and so forth. All you have to do is follow the steps then your done.

I was also browsing the bazaar section of their website and found some really great stuff like this shoes below. Isn’t this so cute? I so love the colors of the shoes, I find it so adorable. It will suit on to any of my party dresses.

If you like this shoes too, check out this site, you might find what you are looking for.

10DollarMall Giveaway!


Shopaholic much? Why dont you join this giveaway that I am hosting, courtesy of 10dollarmall.com.

10dollarmall will be giving away $60 gift card to the lucky winner. In order to join, just follow the steps below stated in this Rafflecopter.

This Giveaway is open to US and Canada Residents. Thank you and Goodluck Everyone!

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Business is Slow: Need Investors like Magna Group, LLC to help us grow

Time fly so fast, the first month of 2013 is already a history. Business has been really slow this year since the clock strikes 12 for 2013. I’ve read the news online that a lot of businesses are hurting due to the economic crises. Some of it are my favorite stores that I like to go, sad that there is not much profit, and have no choice but to go bankrupt. I hope our business wont experience bankruptcy. My husband is working so hard day and night in order to provide us everything we need and for our future. We had been struggling for every minute of everyday just to survive in this cold waking ours. Good thing we have saved enough money to support our needs and for more coming drought.

Its been 7months now, since we moved to this house, and we haven’t started building our new business location yet. We are hoping that we could get a construction loan to finance it, and buy some new equipments that will help our business grow and more productive.

Life is really pretty tough this days. I wonder whats the secret of staying successful? I should asked Mr Joshua Sason who is the CEO of Magna Group LLC. I’ve read an article about him in a certain blog pertaining an interview on what other things he does aside from running a huge successful business and how he enjoys life in spite his busy schedule. I was like wow, I wish we could do that in the future.

I’ve heard about Magna Group Capital Management, that is a leading alternative investment firm, that does innovative structured investments, and provide financial partnership to their portfolio companies; public and private, worldwide. Sound very promising right? Companies like this is what we need in our business to grow. But our family business is small, and right now its not stable due to the price in the market that keeps on fluctuating. Due to our business status right now, we sure need investors like Magna Group, LLC, to help it grow and be successful in the future.

Our Ten Dollar Clothes from 10dollarMall.com

Hello fellow shopaholic! How are you today? How’s shopping? I bet you already had your first shoes purchased for 2013.  Well, as for me, I haven’t done much of any self splurging yet. I am trying to save as much as I could for the coming trip to Philippines this Spring Season. As a shopaholic, its a torture to see all those sales invitation from my favorite store that keeps on popping in my email and mobile phone. But I have to resist such temptation in order to achieved my goal.

Anyway, a friend of mine refer me to this website 10dollarmall.com. She said that their clothes, shoes, and accessories are really cheap, some are below 5 bucks. Not only that I can earn 10 bucks if I referred someone and shop to their store. I checked the website right away, and was so overwhelmed with the prices of their items. The shipping is cheap too, that depends on how much you spend. I was like wow! I can shop here without feeling guilty.

I contacted the Company’s PR if I can review some of their items, lucky, they agree to my offer and gave me an electronic gift card to shop in their store.  I was really so ecstatic about this and cant wait for my items to arrived. Their shipping was very fast, it came just in time as what was stated in the delivery. Below photos were some of the items that I chose.


  • The littlest is wearing the Green And Grey Ecko Long Sleeve Tee which cost $9.99, original price was $34. That is a pretty good deal right. and to think that this is a very good brand of clothing, that uses top quality materials. Its very comfortable, and just love its color combination. My little one loves it too. He likes to wear it everyday.
  • My eldest is wearing the Aqua And Black Zoo York Long Sleeve Shirt . He is 8years old, and size 10-11 fits him perfect. I was glad that  the tags were printed on the shirt, because this boy just dont want to wear shirts with tags. He really like this shirt especially the color because it brings out his tan skin. Its very soft and comfortable too, that he wore it right away on the next day to school.
  • As for my husband, he is wearing the Green And Black Collared Button Down Polo. It only cost $9.99 in 10dollarmall.com. I was surprised when I touched the fabric. Its very smooth, feel so nice, very light, and not wrinkly type material. For this price, you could never find something like it in any store. Hubby likes it too. Hubby is very picky when it comes to clothes that he is wearing, and as much as possible, he wants to try it first before buying it. But due to the reviews of this shirt, I go ahead and click the add-to-cart. I tell you I am very satisfied with this purchased.

And below were my purchases.

Photobucket For the above photo, I am wearing a Black Cocktail Dress . I so love this dress. Its very simple, classy, and elegant. I am size 5, and this dress is size Small, which fits me perfectly. The material is stretchy, so you dont have to worry about tearing it when you sit down. You don’t need to iron it too, just hang it after washing, and its ready. It got a nice long zipper at the back for easy in and out, and a hook on the top to keep it in place. The cut of this dress is absolutely perfect, as you can see it shows  every curve of my body. It also got a little slit at the back which is not so visible. So all in all, this dress is simply Gorgeous!

Photobucket As for this dress above, I am wearing the Taupe Tunic With Silver Beads As Straps . This was under the Tops Categories. It made me think if this is a dress or a top? LoL. Anyway, I chose this one because of its unique style. And I thought this dress would be perfect for the coming party that I am going this Saturday. I was hesitant at first in ordering this one, because I was thinking that the material might be thin, or it might sag on me.  But I said, ‘what the heck’, and click the add-to-cart button.  😀  And oh boy, I was glad I hit that button, this dress is very cute and the material is thick. I so love the beads straps that goes to the back, and how the dress falls on the front. It fits me perfectly, and it hides my extra fats. The length is just fine for a 5’2 person. The top has elastic bands around it, that holds everything. And the material is stretchy so it stays in place. I sure love this dress. I cant wait to wear it in the party.

So what do you think of my first purchased of 2013 folks? These are just some of the items that I ordered. All in all I spent only 9bucks. Thanks to 10dollarmall.com for giving me the opportunity to review some of their items. You should check out this website guys, I am pretty sure you will love all the sales here. You can also check out their Facebook Page for great news, and sales events. And if you Liked their pages you will get 3% discount on everything you purchased. So hurry now, before the items that you like will disappear.

And please dont forget to join my Giveaway HERE.