Martin Hanaka

A lot of people now a days are searching for ways to succeed in life. And inspire themselves of stories of real people who started small and now a successful businessman, just like the Mr martin hanaka who is very successful in retail merchandising.  He is the type of person that people should look up to in order to succeed on their endeavor, and learn about how they succeed in their field of work. If you dont know about Mr Hanaka, you should read about his profile, and his achievements.


My Personalized Tote Bag from

Check out my new purple  canvas tote bag from

It has a dimension of 18 ½”W x 13 ½”H x 5 ½”D that is Perfect for going to the beach, to the market, for traveling, or for shopping! With this large tote bag, it will fit all my accessories, groceries, and shopping goodies that I will gonna buy. I don’t have to worry about my stuff spilling out, because it got a zipper to keep it all secured in the bag. Inside, there is also a zip pocket that will keep my money, makeup, and other tiny doodads neat. By the way its 100% cotton, so it feels very nice, very strong, and its thick to hold all my stuff in it. It also has an outer pocket that is just right below the embroidered letters. If you notice the embroidered design is my name EMZ. I got it personalized in website. I choose the design Embroidery  from Monogram, then the Font on this one is Arabesque, and the thread color is deep purple. If you check their website, you will see a lot of choices of fonts and thread colors that will suit your taste of style. I choose purple because its my favorite color, it look very classy and bright.

I sure am glad to own a tote like this. I will definitely used this for traveling. I will fill this with kids stuff like extra clothes, diapers, bottles, sanitizers, and other necessities in traveling. Isnt this cool? You should get one too. Its pretty affordable, durable, and fashionable.

By the way, Posylane doesnt only sell personalized Canvas Tote Bags. In fact, they have all kinds of stuff that you will surely love! They have tons of stuff for kids and babies, and some personal stuff like shower wraps, water bottles, bath robes, and a lot more. Check their website now to see what I am talking about.

Perfect Valentine’s Present for Men

Valentine’s Day is just a around the corner. When you go to the mall, all you will see are heart shapes decors in red color, flowers, red balloons, love notes, stuff animals, chocolates, and other Valentine gifts ideas.  Love is surely in the air.  Right now, everybody are probably thinking on what to give to their special love one for this Valentine’s Day. To be honest, I am doing the same thing too! 🙂

Anyway, women are very easy to be gifted. There are so many choices out there, which are not so hard to find and not so expensive either. A chocolate and flowers is already enough to make a woman  feel happy and love. Even just a simple special note that comes from the heart is enough to melt a woman’s heart. Unlike men, its very tough to find a Valentine’s presents for them, because most of men stuff are pretty much expensive, and I’m sure you don’t want to get your man something junky right? Well, I got a few ideas in my mind that I would like to share to all women out there who are looking for a cool present for their special guy, that I am pretty sure he will love because it comes from the bottom of your heart.

photo grabbed from

Okay, here it is. A handmade Loofah Soap with a special sexy note hanging on it. So what do you think about that idea? Isn’t this an exciting present? I am pretty sure your man will get really excited when he sees the Loofah Soap that you made, especially if its in a heart shape or your body shape perhaps? Yes, he will surely get excited thinking of what he will gonna do with it with you. To make a Loofah soap is pretty much easy. You can check it in this link This link will show you step by step on how to make one for your partner. I tell you, this is a great present for men. After your Valentines dinner, you can give this to him with a naughty smile, and offer him to demonstrate it to you on how it works.  😀


Choosing the Right Musical Instruments

Searching for the right instrument like Cellos, guitar, violin or any other musical instruments to play is not quite easy. I’ve heard from other people who loves to play a musical instrument that before buying the instrument, you need to feel it first if it is the right thing for you. Playing music doesnt just come from the instrument but also from the heart who is playing it. Some musicians express their feelings thru music in order to inspire others who listens it. Music really affects people lives. It gives us hope to live life to the fullest.

Bow-Front Slingback Cork Wedge by Charlotte Russe

Photobucket This pair is really cute!!! I was so excited when I put them on. Its very comfortable, true to size, and its so pretty on my feet. I got this Bow-Front Slingback Cork Wedge at Charlotte Russe online store just before Christmas. I gifted myself with this cute pair. At first I was hesitant because it might not be comfortable to wear, and might not look as what is in the picture. In spite the hesitation, I click the Add To Bag button, I figured its only $10.49 anyway, you can never go wrong with that, if I dont like it then just wrap it up and send it home for a gift, right?.

Anyway, this shoes came in with half sizes, which really surprised me because usually Charlotte Russe shoes dont have that sizes, its mostly full like 6,7,8… I was so happy when this shoes got half sizes, so that means it will really gonna fit me. And oh boy, I was right. Its perfect fit! Look at me below with my new pretty shoes on Christmas Eve. Isnt it a cutie? This pair is still available online in Charlotte Russe for $10.49. If you like it, better grab your size, before it disappear.

Blog Photo Challenge #112/365



Malibu Horizon

A family member who is addicted to alcohol and drugs could be very difficult and very stressful for other members  in the household, especially if he or she is not willing to be rehabilitate for the sake of others. The only way to help such person is to take him to the perfect alcohol and drug rehab centers that has the nicest facilities to offer. I would recommend the Malibu Horizon, basing on their website, they have the best facilities in the country that everyone will surely love. Not to mention, their experts staff will accommodate you and make sure that you are comfortable with your living and help you cop up with drug and alcohol addiction.

Personalized Coloring Book and Tin Lunch Box from : Review and Giveaway!

I feel so relieved that the Holidays are finally over, cause now I can go back to my work without any hassle and tussle in trying to accomplish something. I got a lot of awesome products that I would like to share to you my readers, products that my family and I received last Christmas. Right now, I would like to share to you this 2 products from, the Dinosaur Personalized Coloring Book and the Firetruck Personalized Lunch Box.


I got this items for free. Aint that cool? I was so excited when Frecklebox accepted my offer in giving me some samples of any of their products, in exchange for my honest review.  These items were supposed to arrived after Christmas, but FreckleBox was so kind to expedite the shipping, so I can add it as Christmas presents for my kids. Aren’t they the sweetest? They sure are! The items arrived before Christmas alright, then I hid it right away before my little guys saw it. 🙂

And when Christmas day came, my boys were so happy and satisfied with their presents. Check out my photos below. Photobucket


The reaction of their faces were just priceless. I felt like I gave them the most perfect gift ever. My toddler was so happy with his personalized dinosaur coloring book that he colored it right away. And the big brother was so happy with his personalized firetruck lunch box and was so excited to used it today in school. When he came home from school, he told me that his friends were asking about his lunchbox and where he got it. He was very proud to say that it was a present from his Mum Mum, and its his favorite lunchbox ever because his name were on it. Isn’t he so sweet?

And as for my review…

The Dinosaur Coloring Book is made out of good quality paper, and printed so nicely. The words are so clear to read, and the images are well detailed that its easy to color. Its not just a coloring book, but its also a story book! My son’s name is all over the pages in big letters that he identify easy. My toddler cant read yet though, but he sure can identify his name. During bedtime, he wants me to read it, and giggle every time I point at his name.

And about the Firetruck Lunch Box, I thought its the cutest lunch box ever. It reminds me of my elementary days, cause I used to own one, but its not like this one that is personalized. Anyhow, this lunchbox is durable, easy to open, very light, and the design is very pretty. The details are very clear, and my son’s name is all over the lunch box. And inside the lunch box is a chalk board, where I can write notes, and leave a sweet message for my little one. And when he opens it, he will see my sweet note in it. =) If you wanna know what I wrote this morning, well, I just wrote, ” eat all your goodies baby, hope you like it, i love you!” Now who is the sweetest. 😀

Anyhow, if you are looking for personalized gifts for kids, Freckle box sure has  them. All their items were categorized neatly for boys and girls, and for you to browse easy. And If you are looking for personalized school stuff like  personalized kids’ notebooks , binders, or lunch boxes, you can find them here at I tell you, you will not regret in buying their products, because its so cute and the quality is really good. And personalizing it is very easy, all you have to do is type the name or any word after you choose the product. By the way, they have tons of products to choose from in each category. And all of them are very cute!

If you like to own any of their products for free, better join my Giveaway below. It will run for 2 weeks. And who will ever win will be informed through Email, and Facebook. If the winner didnt respond in 3days, I will choose another winner. So goodluck to all who join! Oh by the way, this Giveaway is open to US only.

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Protect your Computer

The start of the new year 2013 was good for me in spite a few odds who were trying to bring me down. One of this odds is that somebody hack my email account on January 1. In fact, it was able to get in to my account and used my email in sending untrusted links to people who are in my contact list. It really made me mad, because two of my emails were hacked! I was wondering what motivate this people to do such a thing? Good thing I am using a very good anti Virus to fight all this malicious malware that are trying to get into my computer. Really, we need to protect our computer especially if you stored so many personal information in it. Hackers now a days are getting aggressive. We need to tighten the security of our personal computer in order to protect our life.

There are a lot of good Antivirus that you can find online, and one of this is the Nod32 Antivirus. I’ve read that its constantly rated as Top-Rated Anti-Virus in the market. You can find a lot of Reseller for ESET NOD32 Antivirus online if you Google it. If your computer is not protected, better protect it now, before everything will be lost.