Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops – our New Throat Lozenges

Since the temperature drop down drastically to mid 40F a couple of months ago, my husband and kids had never ran out of snots, dry coughs, and throat irritations, because of that they had a hard time sleeping at night. Good thing I didnt caught what they were having that time, cause it would be dreadful if I got it also. I mean, who would take care of them? So as the mommy of the family, it is very important to stay healthy. Life is very tough this days, we cant afford to get sick right? Good thing Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops send me some samples of their products to try. It arrived just in time when my kids and hubby were not feeling well. I gave them some right away, and it help soothes their irritated throat. It stops their coughing in the middle of the night, and they were able to fall sleep all night long without coughing. I sure am so happy when Pine Bros acknowledge my request, since then, Pine Bros softish throat drops is now our new throat lozenges. If you haven’t tried it, better try it now. It is really effective and it taste great too.

Photobucket Pine Bros Softish Throat drops comes with different flavor, the Natural Honey and the Wild Cherry Flavored.

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Wrestling has been one of my family in Philippines favorite show to watch. I remember since I was little, my dad would go crazy about it and watch all the shows in our little VHS player, even though its not a main event, he would still get excited about it. My dad’s favorite wrestler was the Hulk Hogan.  I think he is retired now because its been decades since I watch him wrestled.

Now, wrestling is still a popular game to watch by Americans. It seems very hard to be a wrestler. You need to have all that strength, and agility to defeat your opponent. Of course, it is important to have a proper attire and some wrestling shoes that are comfortable enough for a wrestler to move around in the ring. And referees always check to make sure that there will be no cheating going on.

OOriginal Thong by OOfos : Feel the OO

Check out my new footwear below…


OOriginal Thong by

I was super excited when I received this pair of OOriginal Thong from OOfos. Its the most comfortable shoes that I ever tried on, and I sure can’t wait to wear it in the Spring and Summer Season.

OOfos was very generous to offer me a sample of OOriginal Thong with my choice of color. The available colors are fuschia, tangerine, mocha, and black. I choose black because black goes on any of my attire, and hubby prefers black than any other color. I would love to get a pair for hubby as well, but he is not into this kind of shoes that is open toes, so I just ordered them for myself. 🙂

What I love about this Shoes?

1. Its very comfortable, and super lightweight that I barely feel them on my feet.
2. Its very smooth. The OOfoam material used is a cutting edge that provides extra soft cushion to people who wears it.
3. It makes me feel so bouncy when I step with it. It is due to the OOfoam which is shock absorbent. I can walk miles and miles with this shoes without hurting my feet.
4. It feels very nice and it fits well. I usually buy 6.5inches, but I choose size 6, and it fits perfect.
5. And its durable and washable. You have to look at the tag for its washing care. 🙂

Anyhow, if you are looking for a perfect present for your love ones for this coming Holiday, a pair of OOfos Shoes would be a perfect gift. If you look at the OOfos website, they have 3 different designs of shoes- the OOriginal Thong, the OOahh Slide, and the OOcloog Clog. The OOcloogs are currently available for women only, sizes 6-12, black and plum color. As for the OOahhs and OOriginals are available for Men and Women, sizes 4-11 women and 7-14 for men, but OOahhs are only available in black and brown color, unlike the OOriginal its available in four colors that I mentioned above.

If you want to Feel the OO, and know more about their products, or any special events, check out their Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Pinterest.

Best Epiphone Dot

Searching for the best epiphone dot electric guitar online is pretty much easy this days compare 20 years ago. Now you can Google it online and find a lot of choices that depends on your needs. There are different kinds of epiphone dot electric guitars and its well described by the sellers so you will know if that is the one that you are looking for.

City Map Children Area Rug 39″x58″

Photobucket I got this play rug at I bought it for my little one here in the house who loves cars. He used to play his cars on the Life  Board Game, now that he have this rug, he plays on it everyday. The size of this rug is just perfect in our living room. Its a perfect size for my 3year old boy. The large colorful pictures that is well detailed  is so ideal for toddlers. Cars can be maneuvered easily with those little fingers due to its large design. About the texture of the rug, I tell ya, its very durable, thick, comfortable to lay on, and has a slip resistant. I haven’t tested the slip resistant since our floor is carpeted, but I’ve read on the reviews that it really works. So far it has 5 star ratings from people who have purchased this Play Rug. And as for me, I give it a 5 star rating as well.

If you are looking for a good present for your little toddler, this play rug would be perfect. 🙂

Bass Guitars

The bass at guitar center are one of the top bass that you can find online. It has a five star ratings base on the reviews from people who have used it. So if you are looking for bass guitars, this is the perfect place to look for. If you check their website, they are having a great sale right now. Some of their bass guitars are like up to 50% off, which is a pretty good deal. Not only that, they have lots of other accessories too that a musician will surely need.

Uglee : personal review

Hello to all my readers here in a SAHM Reviews, I would like to share to you my new Pen, UGLEE from that I received a couple of weeks ago for review. I was so happy when I got this free pens, because it is something that I used everyday. Being a co-owner of a small business, it is important to have a pen at all time beyond my reach in order to record all the important calls, and not to forget about it. You know, I am getting older, so my memory ain’t that good anymore.

Anyhow, below is my uglee pens. At first thought, it would write black, because of the color of its tube, but what I got here writes blue. I don’t see any labels on the pen that its blue, maybe they indicate it on its original package. However, this pen is really cool. I love its gel0 texture grip, it feels very soft and smooth to write. Because of this, you will not feel any pressure at all in between your fingers. They made this pen so comfortable that you will surely love it! Photobucket Check out the video below. You can really see how smooth it is to write. This is now my favorite pen. Thanks Uglee Pen for giving me the chance to try it!

Getting Sick is a Big No No

Getting sick is a big No No this days. Life is already hard enough, we can’t afford to feel ill, especially if there are people who are depending on us. But of course there are things that we can’t avoid like car accidents which is rampant at this time of the year here in the East Coast because of the cold icy road. Good thing we have good surgeons in the country that are devoted to help people. I know houston spine surgery are quite a few who you can trust in stuff like this. I dont know about here in our State, but I’m pretty sure whenever I get sick, I will be taken cared off.

Medicine and Vitamin Brands

Do you have a preferred brand in buying medicines in over the counter, or vitamins for your children? Well, I do too. I usually buy medicines from popular brands that most consumers usually used, or recommend by moms like me, especially medicines that are for little children and infant. It is important to know what you are getting and which one can be trusted. There are so many brands out there to choose from like the boiron , that manufactures homeopathic medicines. But you dont have to worry about buying medicines for your love ones now a days, because you can check them out online if its good for them or not. And you can always ask your doctor for advice.

Sweetheart Neck Black Skater Dress from

Today’s product review is this Sweetheart Neck Black Skater Dress that I got from PhotobucketThis dress is really super cute! I should have put a make-up on to make it look more stunning, don’t you think? I was so excited when it arrived on our door step, that I tried it on right away. When I took it out from the package, it look a bit big for size Small, but when I tried it on, it fits me perfectly. It didn’t came with a belt as what stated in their the website, but I didn’t mind because I got tons of belt to pair it with. Blacks goes with any color, so all my belts go with it beautifully. I chose the gold metal skinny stretch belt to pair it with, to emphasize my waist. Then my 5.4inches black pumps is just perfect for this Vintage looking dress. I should have put more accessories, like a dangling earrings or some bangles, but the dress itself is enough to make you look fabulous and elegant.

This dress is very comfortable, and I can breath in it easily. I don’t have to tuck my after-baby-tummy in, because its Swirly Skater Skirt make it unnoticeable. Anybody who will wear this dress would make her look so sexy, because of its sexy cut on the neckline down to the waist. And that short sleeves cap is just so cute, perfect for those who are conscious with their armpits. Lastly, this dress is made out of polyester but feels like cotton, it drops down beautifully and it is thick, so you don’t have to worry about wearing an extra layer underneath. Also, you don’t need to iron it after you wash it, just hang it in your dresser then its ready. 🙂

If you like this dress, just click the link above. has a lot of cute dresses that you will surely love, that is perfect for any occasions. If you are looking for a Holiday Dress, this is the perfect website to look at. They are having a Holiday Sale now, so you better check it out before it ends.

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