Tama The Tortoise by Zoobie – Review and Giveaway

Every child yearns for a pet -to be with, to play with, and to cuddle with. And the little one in the house, wants to have one for his own. We have 2 pets in the house and both are short-haired cats, but they are not much fun for him because all they do is sleep all day. The little one prefers a dog that he can take a walk with around the neighborhood. Sad to say we are not ready yet to get a dog since we are renting this house for the time being. Maybe after 2 years when everything is stable, we will get him a dog to take care with.

Because of his yearning to have a pet, I though I would just get him a stuff buddy like the one that¬† they always advertise on TV. Lucky, Zoobies gave me the opportunity to do a review on one of their products in an exchange of one blanket pet of my choice. I was so ecstatic when they approved me. And it arrived the next day! I was really impressed with their fast shipping. I didnt expect it at all. The little one choose Tama The Tortoise for his new pet, because of its pretty color, and very happy face. And when it arrived on our doorstep, he was so excited to open it. Check the photos below, you can see on his face how happy he was. He would take tama to bed with him, snuggle with him under the blanket, and gave him a kiss goodnight. Isn’t that the sweetest? ūüôā I thank Zoobie for this wonderful product. It made my little one so happy, and forget about his yearning to have a real pet of his own.Photobucket

About Tama the Tortoise. He is the cutest ever.
* He is very soft and so cuddly. You will simply love his adorable smile and sweet dimples.
* Every child will surely love Tama, cause he can be a Comfy Pillow and a Super Soft Blanket.
* His head is squashable, and the Design of the Back shell is just so adorable.
* It has 2 zippers, one to open the blanket, and the other one to keep the blanket attached to its body.
* Blanket size is 44″ x 34″
* He is pretty much washable. For washing care, check out its tag or the website for more info.
* And it got a Velcro loop on the neck for easy carrying while traveling, and also on the bottom to make it into animal shape like this photo on the right

To know more about other blanket pets, events, and special offers, check out Zoobies Facebook Fan Page.

And with this coupon code ‚ÄúParenthood‚ÄĚ, you can get 20% off on any Zoobie Products. Isn’t that a great deal? They have lots of other products in their website that your child will surely adore. But if you want to win one, you can join this Giveaway that I am hosting below. Thanks to Zoobie for sponsoring this Giveaway. This giveaway is open to US Residents only. Thank you!

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Our Family Business Need a New Worker & Background Check is a must : Striker-Pierce,LLC will do the Job

My family source of income is my husband’s small metal core business. He has been in this business for more than 20 years now, so he is very good at what he does. He has been planning to expand his business and hire a new worker. Right now, he has one employee that helps him gather, segregate, clean, and cut the metal stuff to its kind. Its not an easy job, because you need to know the different types of metals, and the precious ones.¬† They segregate it by type and by number to get more value out of it. I tried to learned his business but I couldn’t figure out which is which. I give up and decided to be just his book keeper.

Anyhow, I mentioned that he is planning to hire a new worker. I thought it would be tough to find one that is knowledgeable in this field of work. My husband is also looking for somebody who is smart enough to figure things out by himself without supervising, he should also be a hard worker, and trustworthy with all the junks in the warehouse. My husband also wants a long term relationship and not just a part timer, because hubby will train him about the business, and he doesn’t want to waste his time training somebody who will not stay permanently. I told him it would be tough, but he was very positive to find somebody that got all the traits that he is looking for a worker. There were a few people who applied for the job, but we don’t know anything much about them.

Because of this, I searched online for a website that will do a background check, and found this company Striker-Pierce, LLC. It’s a Private Investigation firm that does Investigations, Employment Background Checks, Nanny Background Checks, Online Dating Background, and Legal and Litigation Support. They sound like a good company based on the reviews at Angie’s List. Check out these Reviews Below from Angie’s List.

“I needed to find out as much as possible about a man that was contacting¬†someone in my family.¬† I needed to know¬†if he was who he said he was and if he was someone legit or up to no good and¬†could possibly be a risk to my family.
Member Comments:
Striker-Pierce, LLC was incredibly professional, discrete,¬†and easy to work with.¬† They were EXTREMELY competent and did exactly what they said they would do.¬† They found out more detailed information than¬†I thought possible, kept me up to date with any concerning information as they¬†found it, and then presented the final report very professionally.¬† I would highly recommend this company for any¬†type of investigative work you might need, they are VERY good at what they¬†do. ¬†“
“Background check for nanny applicants.
Member Comments: 
I can’t rave enough about this company. ¬†Their responsiveness and professionalism has exceeded all expectations, and as a result I have felt as though I’m no longer struggling through my nanny search alone. ¬†They have been supporting me every step of the way. ¬†The amount of information they provide is exceptional. ¬†They do a nationwide (including Canada) check that includes driving & accident history, criminal & court records, previous addresses and phone numbers, and the s** abuse database. ¬†It’s easy to see that Brian O’Shea is passionate about his work, as it comes through in his willingness to spend time discussing nuances of the applicants’ behavior and suggesting the types of questions that will elicit the most information for me as an employer. ¬†My son is the most important thing in the world to me, and I feel much more comfortable about leaving him in a stranger’s care knowing that I have Striker-Pierce in my corner.”
“Description Of Work:
Litigation support and private investigation.  Striker-Pierce delivered discrete, timely and efficient support services for our client.  We were very pleased and highly recommend this service.
Member Comments: 
Striker-Pierce worked hand in hand with our team to put in place a¬†well thought out plan for obtaining the information we needed.¬† Deliverables exceeded expectations.”
So what do you think? Positive reviews like this from Angie’s List are very reliable and can be trusted, because these reviews came from real people. I would consider using Striker-Pierce services in checking somebody’s background to make sure that we got the right person for the job. They also have a Nanny check services which is just perfect cause we have 2 little kids in the house. I might consider looking for a Nanny for my kids one day, to watch them when I decided to find a job. Right now, I am enjoying being A Stay At Home Mom and taking care of them. If you’re a parent like me and want to do a background check on your Nanny, I recommend Striker-Pierce, LLC.

Super Food Snacks Review

Check out this Super Food Snacks that I got a couple of weeks ago. Super Food Snacks was generous enough to send me 4 flavors of their yummy tasty healthy snacks to try. Photobucket

The flavors I got are..

Chocolate Goji Treats
Green Chocolate Dreams
Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy
Chocolate Cherry Qi

All flavors were very tasty to me. My favorite was the Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy(photo below). Actually its the first one that I’ve tried because I was curious of the name, if it really makes me feel ecstasy. lol. It was good. It was very filling as well. And I really like it. I can really taste all the ingredients in it, such as the Raw Cacao, Brazil Nuts, Mango, Bananas, Chia Seeds, Maca Root & Cinnamon.

I tell ya this is a very healthy snacks, very good for the kids who loves sweets. And this is also good for people who are trying to lose some weight too. Its ingredients are made out of organic products and it is gluten free. If you check their website you will see all the ingredients in each packs of this Super Food Snacks. As you can see below my little one like it as well. I was surprised that he likes it, because its not as sweet as the other goodies that he usually eats. He was able to eat a couple of nuggets and insist on trying the other flavors. But I think he likes this Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy the best base on his facial expression. =D

$150 GC & Mixed Bag Giveaway

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Cyber Monday Deals

The Holidays are fast approaching! I bet some of you are getting your Holiday List ready. Well, I ‘m getting mine ready too. And I am very excited to start my shopping as soon as possible before December. It’s better to shop early to beat other Holiday Shoppers, because I don’t want my items to be unavailable, and getting stressed out on the Holidays for not getting the right present for my love ones. It is very stressful indeed especially if you are shopping in the last minute, and forgetting something. I have personally experienced it last year, so I made an oath that I will never shop in last minute again.

This year is gonna be special, I want everything perfect. But I don’t want to spend so much on shopping either, so I am searching for Cyber Monday deals that will help me save a lot of money from my shopping spree. Cyber Monday is gonna happen soon. It’s after Black Friday. If you missed the Black Friday event, you can shop online on Monday and get great deals! One of the website that I had been eying on is the Amazon Cyber Monday 2012. I always love to shop at Amazon, because they have the cheapest stuff that I could find online. So I got this one bookmarked, to make sure that I will not gonna missed it.

I sure am grateful that there is a Cyber Monday event here in US. This is such a great event for people who would rather shop online than going to the stores. I would rather stay here in the house, surf the net for hot deals, and have it deliver directly in my doorstep. It is safer, more comfortable, and easy.

My Little Legs Giveaway

Here comes the cold days once again! Now is the perfect time to search for winter apparels for your little one to keep those legs and footsies warm and cozy. My Little Legs.com has some really good stuff. But you don’t have to purchase one because you can win it in this Giveaway below.

My Little Legs Giveaway
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1 lucky winner will receive $30 eCard gift from My Little Legs. Giveaway will run from October 30 at 12:01am(EST) and ends on November 15 at 12:01am (EST). This giveaway is open to US residents only. Joining is fun and easy. Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below! Goodluck!

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Lucky winner have to respond within 48 hours, or I will have Rafflecopter pick another winner.

Nita’s Corner is not responsible for the delivery of the giveaway item. My Little Legs is sponsoring this giveaway and is therefore the person liable for delivery.

FunBites : My New Kitchen Partner

Meet my new Kitchen Partner, Funbites!Photobucket

Thanks to Funbites, for making our snacks and breakfast fun and exciting with all these wonderful shapes. My youngest just love to prepare his favorite snack PB&J Sandwich with it. Seeing all those shapes, makes him so giddy to eat. Because with Funbites, it makes the sandwich tastier and fun to eat. I was surprised that the little one can now finished the whole sandwich. Before he can only eat half of it, but now, he can finished his sandwich in no time.

Check my little one below, making his peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Funbites. Looking at his happy face while making it, is such a wonderful sight! I help him push it down, to make sure that all the pieces are cut properly and so that he will not cut his little pinky, its a little bit sharp at the bottom you know. I showed him how to do it, and he got it right away. That’s how easy it is to do it, that even a 3 year old can do it. Photobucket

Below is his p&j sandwich with different shapes. Isn’t that awesome?


Here are some steps to get those perfect shapes.
1. Place Funbites cutter on top of the food. Remove popper top and set it aside.
2. Place your hands on the handles that is at the side of the cutter. Press it down hard, and rock it back and forth 5-6 times all the way.
3. After rocking back and forth, insert the popper top in the cutter, then lift the cutter up while pushing down the popper top.

That’s it! And now you can enjoy eating those fun shapes that are bite size.

If you look at Funbites website, you will see that they have another cutter that they call Cube it, that creates 12 fun bite-sized squares! The kids will surely love this. The color of this cutter is very cute too. But I chose the purple one instead of this Cube it, because of the heart shapes, triangle shapes, and half moon shapes that my little one love to identify. Before eating the shapes, he would say ‘Look Mama, a Triangle Shape!’. He is not only enjoying his food, but also learning at the same time! So if you want to get these pretty cutters, better check Funbites.com. You can also check their Facebook Page, Follow them on Twitter, and check out their videos in YouTube, for more Fun Stuff.

Haven’t been to church for quite a while..

I haven’t been to church for some time now. Its because of my little one who doesn’t behave inside the church. He is too loud, and doesn’t sit still. Even though the church has a special room for noisy kids, still it is so impossible to focus and listen to the priest if the kids are all so noisy. I sure like their room because its soundproof from outside, and the church stacking chairs feel so comfortable to sit on. I hope my little one will settle down soon enough cause I really miss going to church and listen to the priest sermons. Maybe when he turns 4, the little one might not be so rowdy anymore.

ChopSaver : My New Lip Care

Living here in the East Coast are one of the things that I am grateful about. I believed we have the perfect all year round weather compare to the other part of the States here in US. Having 4 season is¬† such a great experience for me and my family. Even though Winter is indeed cold to some, but our temperature doesn’t reach to the point that we can no longer enjoy it. Our Summer is not as hot like in the West Coast. Fall colors are very dramatic as the leaves starting to change and animals are in a hurry to get ready for the first frost. Spring are so vibrant that you will be awed how all plants and living creatures comes back to life. These are the things that I am so grateful about, and makes me look forward each season.

The only thing that I don’t like is, the dryness due to low humidity and winter air. It gets really dry inside the house that makes my skin so dry and lack of moisture. But this is not really a problem because this can be solve easily. Some people used humidifiers to keep the moisture of the house, but since we don’t have a humidifier, I used beauty care products to keep my skin from drying.

Right now, I am using this products(photo below) from¬† ChopSaver. They send me this a couple of weeks ago for review, which is just perfect because I had been looking for a good lip balm for the coming winter. I had been using this lip care for weeks now and I so love it! It keeps my lips from drying, it feels very smooth, it last very long, and Ingredients are 100% Natural. I received 2 of their products and have used the Original one, and so far it works great! I can’t wait to used the other one that is perfect for the Summer season, because of its SPF 15 that protects my lips from the Sun.Photobucket I thank Mr Dan Gosling for inventing ChopSaver, and for giving me the opportunity to try it. Mr Dan Gosling is a professional trumpet player who developed CHopSaver for fellow musicians who have lip care drying issues. He combined all kinds of herbs with the finest oils and butters. And now, not only musicians used his products but lots of people around the world, including me. Check out my lips below with ChopSaver Original. You can see the moisture right? It used to be so chapped, now the ChopSaver keep my lips from chapping.Photobucket

But of course, ChopSaver is not for all people. If you have allergies, better consult your doctor first before using it. If rashes occur, stop using it. And this is for external used only and keep out of reach of children under 3years old. And should be store in a cool place, away from excessive heat.

If you wanna know more about ChopSaver check out their Facebook Page, Twitter Page, and YouTube.

Cant Go Driving Without My Glasses

One thing that I can’t go without are my pair of eye glasses. I can’t drive without it. I always bring it with me whenever I go shopping. Without it, I would be like a blind person driving. Everything would be so blurry; the road signs, the traffic lights, and the cars in front of me would be so impossible to see.

One time, I was coming home late, and I forgot to bring my eye glasses. I had a hard time finding the entrance of our street because I cant read the street signs. It was so dark and blurry, that I missed my turn 3 times. Because of that, I started to leave my eye glasses inside the car, to make sure that I always have it with me whenever I go somewhere.

But recently, I noticed that my vision have changed. I am having some double vision from time to time, and its not as clear like before. I know for sure I need a new prescription. I also need to see the eye doctor if my vision have changed. I got the feeling that it has changed already. This is probable due to not wearing my glasses all the time. I only wear it whenever I am driving. Hubby said that I should wear it all the time, even inside the house to keep my vision from changing. I don’t wear it inside the house because its very uncomfortable and its always on the way on whatever I’m doing. I guess its because of my glasses. Its not that snugged on my face. I need to look for a new one online, that fits me perfectly. I’ve heard that Zenni Optical glasses have some really cool, nice, comfortable eye glasses. I checked on their website and¬† found this pair that is really cute. I love the color of its frame and the design on the temples that makes it look fashionable on who ever wears it. I bet this would look good on me and make me feel confident enough. But before I order this one, I need to see the eye doctor first, to check the grading of my vision.