Juniors Derek Heart Rope Bead Tube Dress

I had been crazy shopping for summer dresses lately, and one of my fave store to shop is Boscov. I so love their junior summer dresses! I cant help myself to buy some even though summer will be over soon. I got myself this  Derek Heart Rope Bead Tube Dress from the Junior section.  I shop at the junior section, because nothing fits me in the women section, specially on the bust area. 😀


Anyhow, this dress is really cute. It comes with 3 different colors,brown, black and blue. I choose blue, because blue is my fave color, and it look more attractive than the the other colors. Obviously I like tube dresses, if you dig in my wardrobe, you will notice that most of my dress are tube style. I guess Im attracted to this kind of style, I also like to show off my tan shoulders and that little muscle that I’d been trying to work hard on showing a bit on the photo. 😀 I also like its rope bead knit that goes around your waste, I find this so fashionable and so cute. By the way this dress is $28 and got it for $14. And if you check out  Boscov online, they are having 60% off sale right now, and free shipping if you spend $99 and more. You better check it out, you might find something you like.

Thats my Blue Monday for this week.

DHA Tanning

Want to achieve that perfect tan? Well check out dha tanning. DHA means Dihydroxyacetone, some kind of a 3-carbon sugar, that when applied to skin, it will make a chemical reaction between amino acids and the outermost skin layer, which is called the strateum corneum, that will change your skin to brown, based on what I’ve read. They say that its very effective and it will only take in an hour to see some changes when you spray it. Sounds very interesting huh? Well, I dont need tanning because I am already tan, but if you are one of those girls that likes to go to tanning salon, well, you better check this DHA tanning to see if it suits you.

Navy Trim Floral Sundress by eShakti


I so love this vintage look dress from eShakti!

Its my first vintage dress. I never thought that it would look good on me.  To tell you frankly, this is not my first choice. The dress that I really like was out of stock, so I have to choose another dress. I asked hubby to picked a dress for me, because I was having difficulties in picking which one to do a review. All their dresses are gorgeous, I wish I can pick them all! lol. So hubby helped me out and picked this one. He said that this would look good on me, and I should try something different. I guess he was right about that. Well, I was hesitant at first because this dress is different from any of my dresses in my wardrobe. Usually I stick to one style, and since hubby suggested it, I go with his choice.

I was so excited when I received the dress and wore it right away. It was a bit bigger on the bust area, which is my fault because I didn’t customize it more, I just choose the size S-4 and that’s it. Well, I don’t really care much about it, cause I can adjust it in order for it to fit me really well. Anyway, I so love its cuts, the princess seamed bodice and its contoured empire waist banding style emphasizes the shape of my body. Also, check out the straps, it cross over at the back, which I like the most, cause it shows my sexy tan shoulders. :-D. And that floral print allover is just simply beautiful, perfect for Summer season. And guess what? This dress has side-seam pockets which is so convenient, as you can see on my second photo. Ain’t that cool?

But the coolest thing is, if you order a dress at eShakti you will get the chance to customize it online to your perfect fit! From sleeves, neckline, and length can all be changed to your preferences. Isnt that great? And of course they have all sizes from XS to 3X. And this dress that I got is size S-4, and at knee length. By the way I’m 5’2 if you are wondering. 🙂

Well, that’s my honest review for this dress, I highly recommend eShakti to all ladies out there who loves dresses. If you are looking for this dress in eShakti, well, its currently out of stock. You can check out their other styles, I’m sure you will find something you like.  I assure you, you will never go wrong with their dresses, so check their website for more. They have the perfect dresses for every occasions.

Wednesday Whites | BPC

Southridge Capital Management on Kenergy Scientific, Inc.

I had been blogging about Southridge Capital Management for sometime now, on how they help small and mid businesses to be successful in their field of expertise. You might be wondering what is Southridge all about. Well for starters, Southridge is a diversified financial holding company that invest directly to companies to help them grow not just locally but globally as well. Their finance team are experts in constructing a plan to their clients, that will not fail when executed. That’s how big this company is. I bet they’ve invested to a lot of companies already like the companies that I mentioned in my previous post.

Recently, Stephen Hicks, the Chairman and CEO of Southridge were happy to announced that the Southridge Partners II LP (“Southridge”) has ventured to a $17.5 million equity purchase agreement with  Kenergy Scientific, Inc. (KNSC), that develops various products that reduces the dependency on oil, and relating to solar power generating systems; portable solar powered products, like cell phones, personal digital assistance (PDA), radios, flashlights, audio devices, and some other devices that can be recharged using the solar energy. Isnt that great! We will be using our natural resources which is more healthier for everybody. I sure love the idea, and hoping that they will be successful in making such devices, so that the consumer will buy their products.

I’ve heard that Kenergy Scientific, Inc, opened a store called GreenSmart Store at the Flemington Marketplace in Flemington, New Jersey last Nov. 2011.  Wow that is like, 2hours drive from where I live, I should check it out some time if I have free time. They are selling  portable solar powered products, solar rechargeable lantern/flashlight devices, solar backpack rechargers, and clothing made from recycled products. Pretty cool aye?

Investing to this company was truly a brilliant move for Southridge.

My New Cookie Cutter Set

I bought this Wilton Cookie Cutter Set at JCPennys for only $9.99. It was on sale, when I saw it, so I grabbed it right away. This would add up to my collection of cutters. I so love its designs. It has 18 different lovely holiday cutters, that Im so excited to used this year. Im sure my kids would love to make their own cookies using these cutters. They even want to make cookies right now. Well.. why not right? Anyway, everyday is Christmas in our household. 🙂 Maybe I will try them later.PhotobucketBy the way… these are sharp, so always assist the kids when they are using it. 🙂

Ruby Tuesday

Sounthridge on PureSafe Water System Inc.

Upon reading the news about Southridge  successful agreement with Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc yesterday, it got me hook up reading its website. I was like wow! Southridge helped a lot of businesses to succeed may it be big or small, knowing that it will benefit everybody specially the consumers who are in need.

This morning, I was reading about the $3 million equity purchase agreement between Southridge Partners II LP (“Southridge”) and PureSafe Water System, Inc. I was impress with this move because we all know that water is the most essential thing for our body. People cant live without water, and drinking clean water is very important. Companies like PureSafe Water System, Inc. contributes so much to our daily needs, specially with their First Response Water System (PureSafe FRWS), nobody will be thirsty anymore, because this purifies any type of water source including seawater. Isn’t that amazing? And they produce 30,000 gallons of  purified water everyday. This system is designed to immediate delivery to save lives who are in disasters and emergency’s that needs water right away. Its really interesting to know about this. Good thing I found out about Southridge Capital, reading their news and events is very informative. I encourage everyone to check out their website and learn about it.

Exclusive Invitation Card from Coach


I got this exclusive invitation card from Coach 3 weeks ago and was planning to used it. But due to my busy schedule lately, I lost track of time, and forgot about it.  Now its too late to used it coz its already expired! I could have save %25 off from the Coach factory store that is located in Hersheys Outlet store. I was planning to go there, last week, but I got so excited with the meeting of a fellow blogger and remember when we were on the way home already. Oh well, I’m sure they will send me another invitation card again, this is actually the 2nd invitation that they send me. If you want to get an invitation like this just sign up at https://www.coachfactory.com/store/default/storelocator.


Good News from Southridge

Reading the news in the internet is getting depressing everyday. It seems like there’s nothing good to read about anymore.  But in spite all the bad news, there are still some great news, like the one that I just read from SouthRidge website. It says that the Chairman and CEO of Southridge Capital- Mr Stephen M. Hicks announced a couple of months ago, its $20 million equity purchase agreement between Southridge Partners II LP (“Southridge”), and the  Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc., which is a biotechnology company  that focused on the development of regenerative medicine therapies and tools.

For me, this is something to read about. This is a big help to the medical industries, and to people who has problems with their lungs, heart, circulatory system, and other internal organs. Investing into this treatment will surely increase the ones quality of life who are suffering such ailments. I think Southridge did a very good decision in trusting this company, since its for the good.

It sure is good to know that there are companies who are willing to help smaller companies to improve and to be successful in their field. With Southridge expertise in customizing a financial plan, I’m pretty sure your business will be successful.

Car Angel

Ever wonder what to do with your old car? Well, you can take them to carangel car donations, and make a difference. Theres a lot of unfortunate people in this world and they surely need our help. CarAngel are one of the groups that reach out to them through your help. Just a small donation from you will go a long way. If you look at their website, you can also donate other stuff too like your unused boat. If you are interested, just check out CarAngel.org.

Be cautious at all time : Wear a Helmet

Since its summer, the streets are more crowded, and more traffic. There are lots of people traveling from North to South, East to West, and vise versa. Because of this we should be cautious at all times, specially the people who traveling by motorcycle. They need to wear their motorcycle helmet at all time! If you are one of those people that dont have a helmet yet, better get one at helmetshop. They have all kinds of helmets that would match your personality. And they also have other stuff like motorcycle apparel, motorcycle luggage, helmet accessories and a lot more in their website. So better get one now, or you will be sorry.