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Laptops, netbooks, ipads, and tablets are the most popular techy stuff now a days, that even kids own one. A lot of people here in the US own all of these, even though they dont need it. But some used it for easy access the internet while traveling, and while on the go. It would be cool to own all of these cool gadgets, but for a mom like me a netbook is enough.

Girls Dress from Sears

Sears were having a huge sale last week, all of their items was like 25% off, so I went there to look around for good deals. I went to the kids section to look for a present for my pretty niece who is turning 5 this June. I found this pretty cute dress that was on sale for $9.99. Its original price was like $26, I thought its a pretty good deal. So I grabbed it right away, and paid it for $7.22 only with tax, because I applied for a card and got $2 off extra. Pretty cool huh? Isnt this a cute dress? Pretty color too! Every little girls love pink and pastel colors, Im sure the birthday girl will love this dress.Photobucket

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online business

Since a lot of people are shopping online this days, its very good idea to start a business online. I personally like to have an online store one day cause its a lot easier and cheaper than having a physical store. You dont have to rent a place, all you need to have is a computer and a good software that will do the rest. And of course you need to be insured so that if something happens, you are safe. There’s a lot of commercial insurance companies that you can find online that offers everything you need. You can get a free quote too, from their website.

Planning to start a business?

If you are planning to start a new business such as a store in the mall, you need to have a bar code reader, a receipt printer, and POS system which is the most important thing to have. You can get all this stuff at the POS Hardware , they have everything you need from scanner to paper. They also sell card reader, mobile printer, and some software that will really help a lot in organizing your business in the computer. So you see, its not that hard this days to start your own business. You can find everything you need online.

Adorable Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are a very special event and, if you are like me, you have a lot of friends who are having children. That means you need to think about what kinds of gifts you want to give your girlfriends. You might be tempted to give a sensible and useful gift, but you can do a little better than that.

PhotobucketIf you are a baking whiz, you can offer to make the cake for the big day. You can make some adorable cupcakes so you can make sure that everyone gets a taste and reduce the cleanup at the end of the day. There is also a cute trend that has become very popular where the gender of the baby is revealed through the color of the baby shower cake under the frosting. Adapt this to cupcakes by adding a dollop of pink or blue frosting to the top of each cupcake and letting it dry before frosting over it with pure white buttercream. This is cute and exciting while taking some work off the hands of the expectant mother, which is a gift that’s always appreciated.

It may seem like an impersonal and impractical gift, but a few sets of cute scrubs will come in very handy with the new baby. Having clothes that you can get messy and not worry about is astoundingly useful for new parents. You can also get patterns and prints that will help the new mother feel cute while dodging strained peas. Who wouldn’t want a set of Hello Kitty Scrubs?

If you want to go big, a crib is a gift that can be both classy and cute. It is also a gift that you know will definitely be needed. Ask if your friend has a gift registry so you can make sure that nobody else is getting them a crib. A second crib is great if they are having kids, but it’s a hassle otherwise.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with #CoronaRita

This post brought to you by Chili’s Grill & Bar. All opinions are 100% mine.

Weekend was extra special, because of the event Cinco de Mayo Festival. Even though we just celebrated it at home, it was still a memorable one because I am with my family. I bet a lot of people went out last night specially the young ones. I remember when I was still young. I always celebrate Cinco de Mayo every year with my girlfriends. We would drive around town, go bar hopping, dance in the street, and enjoy some few drinks. Our favorite to drink is Jose Cuervo Tequila and some mixed drinks. We would be partying all night long, dancing all night long, and just have some fun. I sure missed those days. Now that I have a family of my own with 2 little handsome boys, I celebrate Cinco de Mayo with them, by making delicious foods and watching a good movie. And when the kids were already in bed, hubby and I had a few drinks, then snuggled in the couch watching our favorite show in TV.

Hubby and I sure cant wait when the kids are already grown, and can tend their own. Then we can have more time for each other to go out and enjoy any festivities such as this. That would be awesome right? I have heard about this CoronaRita at Chili’s , people were talking about it,  saying that it taste really good. I want to try it too. I bet its really good. Just by looking at the photo below, makes me crave for it right now. Hubby and I used to go to Chillis and have a quite dinner there. We always like to get the baby back ribs, and the crispy honey-chipotle chicken, which are really good. I bet a drink of CoronaRita would be perfect after these scrumptious meal. I so cant wait to have a dinner there again with hubby one day, just the two of us to celebrate our togetherness, and have a drink of this new drink from Chili, that would be awesome right? 🙂

CoronaRita sm.jpg

A helpful reminder…

“You must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly.”

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VS Softbag Angel + Aero Shirt = Bday Gift

My only little  sissy’s birthday is coming up so I decided to get her something on her birthday. Its been years that I gave her something on her birthday, I cant even remember when I gave her something. So, I went shopping a couple of days ago and decided to check out Victoria Secret. I was planning to buy her some underwear from VS, but when I saw this white Angel Bag with Angel perfume, Angel wash, and Angel lotion – I thought this would be a perfect gift for my maarte sister. :-P.

I bet she will really love this set, specially the perfume, cause it smells so nice. I was thinking that maybe I should just send her the Pink Bag? hehe lol. What ya thing? Nah.. I will buy just like this for myself next time when I go to the mall. 🙂

This white bag with goodies cost me $35. I thought its a pretty good deal, since the bag is very nice, and their products are really good, perfect present to any Kikay.


I also bought her an Aero tshirt. It was on sale for $11. Its original price was $26 something… I cant remember the exact amount, but it was like 60% off.


Pink Friday

Tom and Jerry online games

When I was a kid, I used to love to watch Warner Bros cartoons on TV. My favorite was Tom and Jerry. I thought it was very funny. It never failed to amused me when I was little. And now that I have 2 little boys in the house, this show is still the favorite. I so cant believe that they are still airing this show. It was like 28 years ago when I started watching it. Until now its still on in Warner Bros Channel. I so love the classic shows, I want my kids to watch them also, so they have an idea what I was watching when I was little. But as the years passed by, this show somehow evolve with the advancement today, the graphics have changed, its more colorful and the story have changed as well. In spite all that, I still love the show and my kids are giggling while watching it, seeing them so happy makes me happy. 🙂

Anyhow, as I was saying how this classic show has evolve, now it has online games that you can play for free. I just found out about it and all the games are so fun to play with. If you are interested to know about it, you can check out this website It has lots of different games to choose from with different categories like Action, Puzzle and Strategy games. Trust me its pretty cool. I loved it! I tried playing it and its so much fun. Im sure your kids will love to play the games here. My favorite is the Jerry Steal Cheese, its not only fun to play but its so funny as well, just like the one in the TV show.  What I like about this website is its free! You can play all these games for free! Dont you just love that? Yes! I like it a lot. So if you are a fan of Tom and Jerry, you better check out this website.

Hershey Coffee Mug


I bought this Hershey Coffee Mug at Hershey’s Chocolate World Souvenirs Store a couple of weeks ago when I took the kids out to have a little bit of fun. I so love this cup because of its cool shape, design, and its color. Every time I make a coffee in this cup, it always taste good, so I’d been using this everyday and careful not to break it. =)

I also bought this fridge magnet from the Gift Shop in Hersheys Gardens to add in my collection. I only buy fridge magnets from places that we’ve been too so it will be more memorable and not just a collection.


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