Perfect Gift for Mothers Day

PhotobucketIf you are looking for a perfect gift for your Mom for the coming mothers day, well, check out, they have the yummiest chocolate gifts and the prettiest stuff in their website, that are perfect for this special occasion. Like this basket full of  delicious mouth watering mini muffins, brownies and cookies. Pretty sure your mom would be so happy to receive this on Mothers Day. She would be so surprised when she gets them.

Endangered Species Puzzle by Melissa & Doug

My little guy and I were at Ross Dress for Less a couple of days ago to look for a present for the birthday celebrant. My little man went straight to the toys section right away and started looking for a toy to purchased. Since I have some extra money, I let him picked whatever he wanted. I was surprised that he picked this Endangered Species Puzzle instead of a toy car. But before he picked this one, he had a hard time choosing which one to purchased, and when he saw this puzzle, he grabbed it right away and was ready to take it to the counter. 😀


I was glad that he picked this puzzle cause its educational and more fun to play than boring hotwheels cars. And this puzzle doesnt cost very much, I only pay 6 bucks for it. I thought its pretty good deal, since its Melissa & Doug and its made of wood. This piece sure is a beauty. I love how its made, and it helps educate the children. Not just exercising their brain but also to know some of the endangered animals.

Anyhow, the little one can identify some of these animals in the puzzle like the rhino and the panda. As you can see the photo below, he is looking at it intensely and familiarizing every piece.

Yes, he loves to play puzzles. At the age of 3, he knows how to put them together, but of course I help him also if he get stuck.


Blog Photo Challenge #119

the month of June

Time fly so fast, in a few weeks from now its gonna be June already, and you know what that month is, its a month of weddings. Yes! A lot of couples get married in the month of June, its because the weather is so fine, and of course its the beginning of summer, and school is out already. I remember when I got married, it was in the month of August, and it was raining that day! Not a very good day though but it was okay since I only got married in a court house. But if you wanted to do a Garden Wedding, or a Beach wedding, the perfect month is June. Well, thats a few days from now, Im sure couples who are going to get married this coming June are so excited and nervous with all the preparations and all. Everything should be perfect cause this only happens once in your life. All the dresses should match including the dress for the mother of the bride which is very important. Good thing we have internet, make it easy to look for beautiful dresses and accessories in your wedding. has some dresses Photobucketthat you might like. They have the shoes and accessories as well, that will match in your beautiful dress. And if you are attending a wedding, they have dresses that will surely love to wear in a special occasion like this. My pick in their website is this Vera Mont Satin & Lace Dress. Its very beautiful, so simple and so glamorous. You can wear it on any occasions, not just weddings. I sure love its design and that lace that around it. So if you like this dress, better check out

Water Fountain for your Garden

PhotobucketPlanning of decorating your garden? If so, you better check out this outdoor water fountains from They have some really beautiful pieces that are perfect in your garden. My pick is this Birds of a Feather Outdoor Fountain. I love its simplicity and it doesnt cost that much. It would be perfect in my little garden. Isnt it beautiful? You will find a lot more like this in They have a huge list of water fountains, indoor and outdoor.

Crocs Crocband – Navy


I got this pair for my little one for a good price of $17 at Pay for Less Shoes store. You know how expensive this brand of shoes are, and if its on sale, the sizes ran out so quick, that’s how in demand it is. So when I saw this pair at the Pay for Less store with a lesser value, without hesitation I grabbed it right away.

The little one was so happy with his new shoes. It doesnt gives him any blisters, its very comfortable for his tiny feet, and he can slide his footsies in pretty easy. You dont have to worry if it get wet or dirty cause you can see its made of plastic, you can wipe the smudge easily.

Below is my little guy with his new pair of shoes, taking a break from running around the yard.PhotobucketBlue Monday

Pretty Weekend

Its a very pretty weekend here in the East Coast, its super nice to hang out outside and do some yard work. But thats not what I wanted to do right now. All I wanted to do is relax, drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the nice breeze of Spring season with a good book to read.

PhotobucketOh how I wish we have an outdoor swing by the porch, like this one, to enjoy this kind of weather. I will definitely get one just like this when we move to our new place. And probably spend most of my time outside reading a book or blogging. A weather as nice like this shouldn’t be wasted indoor.

If you like this pretty outdoor swing, you can get them at for a very good price. They are having 20-40% off sale today only.

Fresh Produce : Rio Malibu Maxi Dress


I so love the weather yesterday, it was nice to stay outdoor, and appreciate the beauty of nature. Seeing the flowers blooming, the birds singing, and the grass growing makes me feel so relaxed and carefree. Thank God, our weather here in the East Coast has been so great, I got the chance to walk around in our property with my casual dresses.

I so like this dress that I am wearing that I got from Fresh Produce. This dress is just perfect to wear this season, because its very comfortable, the fabric is so soft, very nice cut, and the length of this dress is just perfect for a 5ft tall person like me. I usually wear maxi dresses in the summer, but this year I was able to wear them in Spring Season.

I’m sure the weather in some other States specially in the West Coast like in California are nice too. They are probably wearing maxi beach dresses already because of the warm weather, that is probably the  fashion in california right now.

Well, Im really glad that I’m able to enjoy the Spring this year. I hope it will stay like this in the summer. If you like this dress that I am wearing, you can get them at…Photobucket

It came with different colors, mine is Oyster.

Blog Photo Challenge #112

Our Group of Friends

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

I have a great group of friends. We are always there for each other, and I am so lucky to have them. We have all been friends since we were kids, and we each have our roles in the group. Caroline is a great listener, and she is the one everyone goes to when they need a shoulder to cry on. Something about her personality and the way she views the world is very comforting. Sarah is the one you go to for tough love since she does not mince words. She is the one who will tell you if you made a bad decision, and she won’t let you get off easy. Becky is very responsible and will always know about all of the good sales and deals. She sent us all to last week to get better satellite TV packages. We like to call her the mom of the group. I think I am the fun one who is always ready to go have a drink and dance out the stress when you need it. I am not the greatest listener, but I will always be there to keep you company and distract you when you are down.

Karima by Guess


I purchased this very cute purse at a couple of weeks ago. I was in need of a new purse even though I just purchased one not so long ago before getting this one. lol! I’m a woman, so I’m always in need of a new purse! hahaha. Just kidding. I just feel like to reward myself from cleaning the cat litter for 2 months now. You know that its the nastiest job ever, even hubby give up in cleaning it. So I offer to clean it with payment of course. hehehe.

I chose this Karima Satchel from Guess because its super cute, and it got that cute heart and metal tag dangling in chain. It has nice interior and lots of room for a diaper, wipes, makeup kit, a bottle of water and it has 3 pockets for cellphones, eye wears, and pens. 🙂 I Super Love it, Love that quilted look! I can used it for formal events or running around town for errands. Of course, Im saving this for formal or semi formal gatherings.

When hubby saw this purse.. he just rolled his eyes. hahaha! As usual, his comment is hideous. lol! I dont care, this is my style, and I love it, as what Charice P says on her new look. 😀

Anyhow, I got this Karima on sale at Zappos. Its original price was $118 and got it for $70 plus free shipping. Cute Deal!

Here is its video from Zappos.

Blog Photo Challenge #108


PhotobucketDo you have dark spots problem on your skin? You should check out Luminaze. I have read that it will remove the dark spots on your face and tones the color after using it for a week. It will make your skin fairer and younger looking again.

This product sound so promising base on the reviews I have read online from those who have tried it already. Some say it works great on them. They said that you can really see and feel the improvement as they apply this product on their skin. Well, Ive got to try this product, because I have so many black spots, and uneven tone on my face. I have tried so many different products before and none so far made the dark spots go away. Maybe Luminaze is the product that will solve my dilemma.

I’ve read that the ingredients used is from a Mushroom that grows on trees that are found in the Swiss alps. Researchers discovered that it can lighten the dark spots on your skin. This sure was a breakthrough. This special enzymes that found in the mushrooms targets the melanin in the skin that cause its improvement of the skin. They also said that its safe and gentle so you have nothing to worry about. I sure cant wait to try this product. Hope that its available online.