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I just got these cute pair of diamond stud earrings from Arent they the cutest! I had been looking for something like these to fill those holes before they close, and I havent found the thing that I like, until a friend of mine refer me to this website.  She was right about their earrings, on how comfortable they are and the size are just perfect for my little left ear. What I like best about it is that, they dont poke me on the neck, like any of the stud earrings, because it has that special lock as shown in the photo below. To lock it, you have to screw it, which is pretty easy, and it locks pretty good, so you dont have to worry about losing it.

I sure love my new pair of earrings. I want to get another one for my other ear. 😀


These earrings are also available with other gems such as the Enchanted Emeralds, Beat the Blues, Pretty in Pink, and Fit for a Queen, which are all lovely. If you dont like any of these earrings, you can return them and they will send your money back. Not only that, its free shipping anywhere in the world, isnt that a great deal? This pair of earrings are just a perfect for a gift to your friends and family, so you better check them now, before they ran out of your color.

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    13 thoughts on “Comfy Earrings

    1. Gorgeous kaayo tan-awon sa imong ears, Emz. Ga-gilak gilak man jud oi! Bagay kaayo! I do appreciate earrings nga cute, mas ganahan ko motan-aw kesa sa atong dagku nga murag pulseras ka-dagkuon. LOL. Just me ha, kay di man ko naga-earrings gud. 😀

      Re: na-meant to be ang show namo emz kay kasinabot ra man mi sa tanan butang. i am very matured man pud and very open-minded. ang na-ganahan ni Jonathan sa akoa bisan sa wa pa sya kaila sa akoa kay active man ko sa church gud. Di ko mobalibad ug tagaan ko ug part ba kay anad man ko mo-stand in front. It so happened nga mao iyang ginapangita sa iyang magustohan. Daghan ladies sa church sauna nga isungog-sungog sa iya ug mao na jud magpa-cute sa iyaha nga mga ka-edad ra niya, pero di man magamit sa church, di man modawat ug tagaan ug part unya sige ka-late, so wa jud sya maibog. Gi-pray daw niya nga naay moabot nga pareho sa akoa ug batasan, kay ayha pa daw sya maminyo, and I did, so wa ko niya napabalibad. Hahaha. Unique jud among kaagi intawon. Daghan nangasuko pagka-uyab na namo, pero the old folks sa among church, mo-pabor pud sa akoa kay they saw me as buotan man pud daw. Haaay gugma lagi oi! Maayo nalang wa ko nibalibad sauna. It’s worth it after all! Lol.

      BPC hop. Pasensya sa taas nga balak. Hahaha.

    2. I don’t have my ears pierced so I don’t know how it feels like to be wearing earrings. hehehe…. It looks good on you though. 🙂 Visiting back via BPC.

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