My Hello Kitty Ceramic Mug


Yes! Isnt she a cutie! I got her from Walmart for only $6. Walmart say its on sale, but there’s no original price tag. Maybe its another one of their false advertisement? Whatever, she still a keeper. I dont think I will used it for drinking coffee, cause the opening is as big as my face. lol. So I set it on top of my dresser with my Mickey Stuff and maybe used it to put Abubots.

Saving Through Discount Coupon Codes

I am sure many have been affected with the financial crisis that happened not long time ago. And the effect of it is the growing prices of commodities which most often affected every woman’s dream of fashion accessories. Yet, there’s always a solution for every difficulties we encounter and one way is by checking on discounts and sales. This could help us save a couple of dollars or so in our expenses.

Since Easter is just around the corner sending flowers to loved ones and relatives is no longer an expensive thing. Just make sure not to miss the great savings with a Teleflora Coupon Code so that you won’t strain your monthly budget for your groceries. Although you still have to spend a bit but at least it’s not that expensive anymore if you have discount coupons with you. And that’s how easy it is now to go on shopping.

In fact, shopping is no longer a difficult thing, thanks to the advent of the internet. You don’t have to go physically to the store for any transactions you want to have. You only have to sit and relax in front of your computer and the internet will do the rest. And the hassle of queuing in a long line is already part of the past. Then most of the time there are also offers for free delivery right in front of your doorstep. Much more is the money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. No ifs and buts.

My New Guess Purse

 Women cant just get enough of purses, that is. I have more than a couple already sitting in my closet and here is another one to add in my collection. I’m not that crazy to purses yet, but I have just enough for every occasion.  I bought this purse below at Ross dress for less for only $39. Its original price was $98, I believe its a pretty good deal, since its Guess and its made from good materials. Also its large, so it has lots of space for diapers, wipes, makeup kit, big wallet, cellphone, facial tissues, hand sanitizers, toys, and a children’s book – these are the usual stuff that you will find inside my purse. And since its roomy, I can put more stuff in it. =)

I sure love this purse! and I love Ross.Photobucket

Wednesday Whites

Students save money with Campus Book Rentals

College students are famous for finding ingenious ways to save a dollar.
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So take advantage of this great way to save and rent your textbooks today.

Boys favorite toy

My toddler loves his toy cars so much. He plays with them everyday, and take them anywhere he goes, even in a trip. He has a big box full of it, but he still never get enough, he wants more!  Whenever we go to the flea market here in our area, he always wants to have a new toy car to add up in his collection. I like the toys in the flea market because some of it is antique like from the 50s. I guess all boys love toy cars, even the big guys! lol.

Anyhow, when he is old enough, I want to get him one of these model kits that I saw at My fave is this Lindberg Little Red Wagon. Im sure my little one will love to play this one, but its not fit for his age. Maybe when he is old enough, I will get this as a present, to add in his collection of toy cars. He already has a few model cars, this one would be totally cool.


My Pink Hello Kitty purse

I was looking for something Pink in my closet for the Pink Friday Meme.. then I saw Clayton dragging this. Photobucket

How can I forget about this purse? It was one of my priceless possessions. Hubby gave it to me when I was still working in Taiwan. He was still courting me that time, and he knows that Im such a sucker of Hello Kitty stuff. He got this for me, when he went dining at Cracker Barrel Family Restaurant. At Cracker Barrel, the first thing that you will see when you enter the restaurant, is their little store that is full of cute things that’s some of it is hand crafted. When Hubby saw this Hello Kitty Purse, along with Hello Kitty Hat-which is small cz its for little girls, he grabbed it right away, and sent it to Taiwan. He made me feel like a little girl when I got this. But of course I sooooooo Love it!!! Its my favorite purse, its just too tiny for diapers, wipes, cellphone, huge wallet, makeup kits… and etch. lol. So it end up mostly in the closet.

Epiphone Guitar

Watching musical shows and concerts makes me dream of becoming a musician.  It make me wish that I know how to play any musical instruments. I used to attend some piano lessons when I was little, but never got the chance to pursue it. I was able to learn to play the ukelele also, but loose interest in it when I was growing up. Then, I also tried learning to play the guitar, but I find it hard because I have little fingers, and I cant strum the strings properly, so I gave up and decided to stay out of it. Now, I wish that I didn’t, cause in some boring days like today, it would be nice to have something to do, or play the guitar and sing with my kids, and maybe teach them, so they will learn to love music as well. Its not really that hard to learn to play the guitar as long as you are interested. You can download notes online and you can also learn online.

I was browsing online for a cool guitar to own, and I stumble upon Epiphone guitars by  I was impress with their collections of guitars. My favorite is this Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar, because its Acoustic and Electric in one. Isnt that awesome! Yes it is!


If you are a music lover and loves to play the guitar, you should check out this collection of Epiphone Guitars. They have the coolest guitars online. I’m sure you will find something here that you will like. They have different sizes, different designs, and colors that suits your mood. Not only that, these guitars have good reviews. I’ve read that a lot of people were satisfied with their purchase. They were saying that the quality sound is fantastic, the finish is awesome, and no adjustment necessary because the tone is just perfect. Wow! With all that reviews, these guitars are the best deal ever! Not to mention, its free shipping if your order is more than $25, that is a pretty good deal right there! Oh, how I wish I know how to play the guitar, cause I will definitely get this Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar. It would be awesome to own one.

Comfy Earrings


photo link to Blog Photo Challenge #81

I just got these cute pair of diamond stud earrings from Arent they the cutest! I had been looking for something like these to fill those holes before they close, and I havent found the thing that I like, until a friend of mine refer me to this website.  She was right about their earrings, on how comfortable they are and the size are just perfect for my little left ear. What I like best about it is that, they dont poke me on the neck, like any of the stud earrings, because it has that special lock as shown in the photo below. To lock it, you have to screw it, which is pretty easy, and it locks pretty good, so you dont have to worry about losing it.

I sure love my new pair of earrings. I want to get another one for my other ear. 😀


These earrings are also available with other gems such as the Enchanted Emeralds, Beat the Blues, Pretty in Pink, and Fit for a Queen, which are all lovely. If you dont like any of these earrings, you can return them and they will send your money back. Not only that, its free shipping anywhere in the world, isnt that a great deal? This pair of earrings are just a perfect for a gift to your friends and family, so you better check them now, before they ran out of your color.

Kids wanting to have a Dog

My boys had been wanting to have a dog for a long time now. But sad to say, we cant have a dog yet, because we are planning to move to another house this year. And to have a dog is just too much as of now. Maybe when we are settled in that new house, then we could get a dog for the kids to play outside. Right now, 2 cats in the house is enough to take care of. Good thing we have good kids that understands our situation, but from time to time, they would ask us again about getting a dog. I myself want to have a dog too. I wanted to have a gold retriever for the kids, because they are kind, friendly, and very playful. But hubby wants to have a guard dog, like those German Sheperd or maybe a Wolf that will watch the house whenever we’re away. To have a dog, you need to have a  dog kennel like the dog runs to keep your dog from running away. It is important to have this specially if you are planning to get a dog from an animal shelter. They require you to have a dog kennel, or else they will not let you adopt a dog.

If you are looking for a Dog Kennel, I recommend the They have the best, durable, strong, nice looking Kennels online. Im sure your dog will love it. They have different sizes of Kennels that will make your dog feel comfortable and relax. I would surely get a Kennel from them, when we decided to get a dog.

Happy to be Out and some Skin Care tips

I am so happy that finally I can go outside without a jacket on. It feel so nice to breath some fresh air, and feel the sun on my skin. After a few hours outside, I could feel myself invigorating and my skin is glowing from the sun. But you know the sun is not enough to make our skin look good and healthier. We need the help of beauty products to get that soft and supple skin that we want. And as a Stay At Home Mom, we should take care of our skin, so we feel good like young again, and not old and haggard looking. Right?!

Anyhow, there are a lot of ways how to beautify ourselves. There’s a lot of beauty skin care products that can really do wonders to our skin, such as the products of this website, that will make you feel young, healthy, and beautiful. Their Anti-Aging product and Teeth Whitening sounds so promising. These are the things that I really need most, because the wrinkles on my face are getting visible, and my teeth are starting to discolor due to drinking too much coffee. These products will surely give wonders to my aging beauty and beautify my smile. 😀

Well, if you are interested, you can check out their website to see more beauty products. For now, I would like to share the History of Skin Care. Acne Light Treatment
Via: Tanda Skincare