The anticipation is finally over. The goodies that I ordered online has  finally arrived!!

I was so excited and cant wait to munch everything that I ordered at PhilAm THanks to Recel Duarte a fellow blogger who refer me this website.  I was so overwhelmed by all the stuff they have online, I cant believe they sell so many products! They even have frozen goodies, like milk fish, marinated pork and chicken, purefoods hotdogs, eggroll wrappers, and a lot more, which differ them from any other Filipino online store. I had been looking for egg roll wrapper and was so happy that they have it here. They charge an additional of $8.99 for the packing of frozen goodies, cause it came with cooler and some ice bags inside to keep it frozen. Although they don’t have fresh vegetables, and fruits, I am very happy with my purchase because this would save me from driving 2hours, just to taste some Filipino goodies. I can just order them online, and wait for it to deliver in my door step. So cool aye!

Well, here is my box full of my favorites. The frozens are in different box.PhotobucketProject 366 Blog Photo Challenge #60

UTZ chocolate flavored covered Pretzels


So so sooo… Love this! I just love this chocolate coated pretzels from UTZ. Its one of my favorite now. They are the yummiest ever!

 I so love its salty taste that goes pretty good with its sweetness. I get them cheaper at Maiers Bakery Factory here in our Area. They have fresh bread, cookies, cakes, and other goodies that you will surely love. And this Utz chocolate flavored covered pretzels are one of them.

Take a closer look at the pretzels..Photobucket

FTFBadge Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge

Working so hard

Hubby has been extremely busy lately, working so hard 16 hours every day. Even though he’s been sick for a couple of days now, that didn’t stop him from working. He is such a workaholic person, I don’t think there’s anything that could stop him from working, unless if its life threatening. I understand his drive, because he wants us to be secured in the future, and so that the kids can have everything they want. And also we are trying to get a new house, so we can get away from this rickety old place. This house that we are staying, needs a lot of repairs, and its not worth fixing. I wish I can help him, and contribute something, but right now with the toddler in the house, its just impossible. The only way that I can think of helping him is, by not spending so much on stuff that we don’t really need, and conserve what we have.

Anyhow, we are also trying to save money for our vacation to Philippines, maybe next year, or this year, when we have enough money. I haven’t been home since my son and I got here, and that was like 4 years ago.  Thinking about Philippines makes me want to get a cash loan,  just to go home right now. I miss my family so much, my friends, relatives, and the food, that I can only taste in Philippines. I was looking at my sisters photos, that she uploaded in her facebook account, it made me want to be there now. Hubby said, that we can all go home after we are all settled in our new house. Cause after that, we can just relax and enjoy life to the fullest.

Audio Stuff on Sale!

For music enthusiast, guitarcenter is having a clearance sale of JBL Pro Audio ,such as JBL Speaker System, JBL Subwoofer, Monitor System, and a lot more, that will surely interest you. I know this things are expensive, right? Well, here is your chance to buy them in a cheaper price. You can save a lot of money from this website, so you better check it out before they ran out of Audio stuff  that you really like.

AE Flats


Loving my new Flats! Got ’em at Payless Shoes Store for a discounted price of $12. Its original price was $19.99.

Its super cute!! super comfy, fits very well, and the bow size is just perfect for my cute feet. hehehe. I so love its color, cause it makes my feet look whiter. I wish it came with red, or pink color. I’d  been searching for a red flats in the mall, but I have’nt seen one, so I just settled in this purple flats. I definitely recommend this to everybody, its so perfect for the coming Spring Season.

By the way.. it came with black, black suede, berry, and navy.


Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge #53

Vacation Rentals in Chicago

Have you even been to Chicago? Ive heard that its a pretty city, lots of nice people and tourist spots to visit. I dont think I could visit this place, but if you are planning to do so and looking for a vacation rental in chicago? You can check out  chicago vacation rentals. They have lots of beautiful listing that are ideal for any kind of person and nice neighborhood too. If I have the chance to visit Chicago one day, I will definitely check out vacation rentals chicago.

New Way to Keep Your Online Life Organize

I have found the best way to organize all the websites that I visited everyday, and that is clipix. I usually just bookmarked them, but since there so many of them in my bookmark folder, I am having a hard time finding the websites that I want to look at.

Through clipix, I can organize them by category, like the photo below, it shows all my blogs under the category of Blogs. Because of clipix, I can browse all my blogs easy without typing the URL on the address bar. Aint that cool ?Photobucket

I can also add other categories such as, my favorite recipes, favorite articles, shopping websites, places to visit in the future, my free online videos and movies, educational websites for my kids, blogs that I like to read, news, current events, immigration informations, and other important informations that I want to keep in one board.

What I like about it is, you can share what you just bookmark  to everyone in the clipix community or just to your friends. You can also share it on Facebook, and tweet about it in twitter. If you dont want anybody to see your stuff, you can  always make it private, with just a simple click on the lock button.

If you are like me, who does a lot of stuff in the computer, better check out clipix. And please feel free to leave any comments, if you want to know how to use it exactly.

To know more about it, here is a short video to watch.

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Leap Frog Leapster2 Learning System

PhotobucketBlue Monday

I bought this game console on Black Friday last year at Toys R Us. It was on sale for $20 something.. I forgot the exact amount, but it was like 60% off from its original price of $60. I also bought a Toy Story cartridge which is also half price that time.  I find this toy so expensive, if it were’nt for its educational games, I woud’nt have bought it. The cartridge is also expensive, original price is like 20 bucks. Not to mention it uses AA batteries that only last a couple of weeks, if used frequently. It has a special rechargeable station that includes an AC adapter, but you have to purchase it separately, which is another money in the toilet. 🙁

It was supposed to be my Christmas present for the little guy, but he found the box, and wants me to open it. There goes the surprised-Hubby said that we’ll just get him something else for Christmas.

Anyhow, here he is enjoying the game.Photobucket#51 of Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge

Through this game, he was able to learned a lot of things such as, sorting things out, identifying the colors and shapes, guessing the picture, and the Alphabets. Its a pretty cool game console. My little guy knows how to used it. This kept him busy, and not messing the house. But every time he cant get a problem, he gets mad, and throw the poor gadget on the floor. 🙁  Last month it run out of batteries. I didnt changed it right away. And when I changed it a couple of days ago, the screen quit working. I mean it cant be touch by the pen anymore. But it still turns on, and the buttons still work, but without the screen touch its no used. I feel sad for my little guy cz he really this console. I was hoping it will work the next day, but it didnt. 🙁 Oh well, there goes money in the toilet.  I wish I didnt bought the thing, I just wasted my money on this crap. Well, I cant blame the toy if it decided to quit working, the little guy here is quite rough playing with it.  Maybe it in a couple of days, it might start working again.

Gretch Electromatic Guitars

PhotobucketThis gretsch electromatic guitar is a must have guitar, with its pretty features, any musicians would love to own this one. I was thinking of getting this one for my younger sister who will be celebrating her birthday soon. She loves to play the guitar. She started playing when she was 14 years old. I was wondering where she learned to play it? She didnt went to school to study. I guess you can learn how to play the guitar by yourself, if you are really are into it. I remember my dad bought her an electric guitar as a present on her High School graduation. She was very happy and ecstatic when she got it. This gretsh guitar would be very nice to add up in her collection.

My Pink Wii Console


I got this console last Christmas as a present for myself. I havent used it until this morning when my guys asked me to play Wii with them. They were kinda bored, specially my kuya who is home for the winter break. At first, I was not sure on how to make it work. I have to read the instructions on how to connect it with my Wii box. After a few minutes of figuring it out, I finally got it working, and had a great time playing the Wii game Cars with my Kuya. It was fun playing together. Then we also play the Just Dance-my kind of game. =D. And they had fun dancing with me. 🙂

I love my pink Wii console, not just because of the color, but it feels nice on my palm.  Ive read that it has:

-internal speaker
-the buttons glows
-it rumbles to show error or message and
-7 built in glow colors to choose from.

Its pretty cool and so cute. Perfect for mommies like me who workout using the Wii. I should get back on my Wii Workout that I have neglected since last year. Oh well.. i dont feel good these days. Maybe some other time. 😀 (cge nalang some other time. he he)

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