Columbia Girls Youth Vintage Vista Pants

Yep! that is what this pink pants are. I got ’em at Gander Mountain, where I bought my bugaboots . I told hubby that I want a new winter pants since I have none, specially that its getting colder everyday, and so that, I feel warm every time I drop my son at the Bus stop.
Gander Mountain was having a Year End sale that time, so I went there to buy my Winter Pants. I got this pair for $29 including Tax. Its original price was $60, and they saled it to $39.99 plus 20% off, then it became $27 something plus the tax, I paid $29 total. Pretty cool aye? 🙂
I found them in the Children’s Section, cause nothing fits me in the Women’s section. I dont feel like going to another store, so I decided to check the children’s section. I was so glad that I did! I was so happy, that this pants fits me so perfect! The front and back look really good, even though its bulky, I still find it dang sexy. 😀

hot pink mama 😀

I sure love this pants. Its very comfortable, and feel so nice inside.
Whats good about it…
– it has Omni Heat and Freeze, meaning you stay warm in the cold and you will stay cool in the heat.
– its waterproof, so you will stay dry in wet conditions
– its very light and comfortable
– it got a Grow Cuff, just in case if I still go bigger(nangarap pa!), I can extend it. 😀
– and it has adjustable waist, if I go big again.

I link this post to Blog Photo Challenge #26/366

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    26 thoughts on “Columbia Girls Youth Vintage Vista Pants

    1. Pink lady in the house! aw, outside the house diay! Comfy jud tan-awon. Di na ka magsapaw ana ug undergarment emz? ako basta below 10F diri, magsapaw ko either thermal nga legging or just the rgular legging, saka dayon ang pants. samok ning winter oi, gikapoy na ko sige jacket ug boots! lol

      laag ko for today’s bpc!

    2. Very nice, Em! I think I want the pants already 🙂 I needed something like that for the winter. I hate layering especially the bottom. Too much work when changing. Thanks for your review. I will check their site.

    3. i saw on google that many stores were having huge sale. sana dito din sa pinas. pero im pretty sure walang kakasya sakin sa childrens’ section:)

      have a fab weekend, emz.

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