OtterBox Defender for iPhone 4s

This is my second Defender case from Otterbox that hubby happily purchased for me as his 2nd Christmas present. Its quite pricey, but its worth it. Your Iphone will be super protected from any scratch, fall, shutter, and its indestructible! The only thing that I dont like about this is the Holster. Whenever you buy a defender case, a Holster is included, which I dont need, cause I never used it. And it just add up to the cost, thats why its $50 for this case. But, I sure love the color!! Love it Love it Luveeet!!! lol.

photo snagged from

Below is my phone with the Defender Case from Otterbox. It look a bit bigger with this case on. My first case was purple silicone and blue plastic. I used the blue plastic rather than the black plastic in this new case. so below is what it looks like. Cute huh? 🙂
By the way, you can buy this cheap at for $33.95.

hubby’s Christmas present

Christmas is over all right, but the Holidays sales ain’t yet! There are still a lot of great deals, happy hours, midnight sales going on, and sad to say I’m broke already. I still wanted to buy my hubby some power tools such as the Chop Saw machine, that he really needs in his workshop. Right now, he is using one, but its nice to have an extra just in case if the one he is using right now breaks. He really needs it for his business. He uses it almost everyday for many hours. Without it, he can’t do anything.

I wanted to get him a new chop saw, that is made from good quality materials, and that is reliable and last for a very long time. The chop saw that he is using right now, is not made that great. I cant remember how many times he broke it, and exchange it to another one. It doesnt last very long.

Anyhow, I found this website that sells this kind of tools. Its They have a wide range of chop saws from different manufacturers such as Hitachi, Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, and other popular brand names. I was so happy that I found this website. I just wish that I will get lucky this week, so I can buy this tool for hubby as a Christmas present.

Hello Kitty Fluffy socks!

Got ’em at Ross dress for Less for $2.99, I think. Ain’t they so cute!!! I love it! and I’m so excited to wear it this winter season. I was thinking of getting one of those fuzzy toe socks, but when I saw this pair, I told myself that I got to have this. I so love the color and the ribbon with Hello Kitty’s head hanging on it. Obviously, I am so into Hello Kitty stuff. I love its collections, because its very cute, super duper cute, I sure cant resist it. I Love Hello Kitty! 🙂


Windshield Replacements

Accidents do happen. The more you are careless, the more it happens. It does not guarantee that it will not if you are careful as other accidents happen because of other people. Sadly. Blame it on being at the place at the wrong time if that consoles. Be thankful if everyone involved remains alive.

Accidents do happen often involving vehicles. Whether of your own doing or of others, it is very important to wear your seatbelt even if you are seating at the back. Without it, it is easy to smack yourself through the windshield especially if it is your vehicle smashing forward to something else like a post, another vehicle or a concrete wall. The gravity depends on the impact. This usually happens when you lose your break, and gets worse if you panic.

With your seatbelts worn, windshield broken, you can actually have Windshield Replacement and even get $50 if you claim under insurance. Cars, trucks, vans, RVs and motorhomes are serviced. There is even a fleet discount. Almost any vehicle can have Auto Glass Repair. That is, if you are from Arizona. The company do Auto Glass service in all parts of Arizona only.

By the way, there is a lifetime warranty. Go check it out!

getting back to College

One of my dream right now is to get back to College in order to get the job that I wanted. But due to my situation right now, it is impossible. I have two little kids who are depending on me, and going to college is no option right now. Maybe in the future, like 5years from now, I will pursue my dream.

I know its a long time! But what can I do? Im stuck! ugh! I sure hate the feeling. =(.

Maybe you are asking what kind of job I wanted, well, I always like a job that got something to do with computers, or maybe a CPA, and become a raleigh cpa, that would be cool huh? Or maybe a Book keeper so I can help hubby with his business. And study also on how to prepare Tax, so I will do our taxes, then we dont have to ask somebody to do it for us.

Spending Holidays in the South

I’m sure a lot of people are heading South by now to spend their Holidays in a warm weather. I would like to visit Florida one day, and spend my holidays there with my relatives who has been living there for a long time. Hubby said if we only have a mobile home like an RV, then we could visit the southern states in this time of the year, to avoid the bad weather here in the East Coast. We’ve been planning to get one maybe 10 years from now, when everything is stable and when he don’t have to spend so much time in his business, then we could just relax and cruise all the States here in US. If you have an RV, you need to have Good Sam for rv repair, so that whenever you go, you feel secured and safe.

My Loots

I sure love to shop at Ross dress for less store. They have the cheapest signature stuff and clothes in town, and their style is always different every week. One of my finds there 2 weeks ago is this pretty cute sweater. Too bad they dont have the Small size anymore, still, I bought it cause I really really like it, specially the design. What I got here is a Medium size, which is still okay. It is very comfortable and its not even itchy! I sooo love it! I was so happy with this purchased for only $9.99. Pretty good deal huh?

And as for my second loot…
The sweater above goes perfectly well with this pair of booties that I got from Sears for a very good price! The original price was $69.99, but I bought it for only $29.99. They were having a 60% off sale started December and it still on going. So if you havent visited Sears, better check out their shoes section right now, cause this sale will end next month. This pair of shoes is very comfortable and made of good quality materials.

Anyhow, I sure love this get up, very simple but classy.

Excited for the new place!

We are so happy, that we got our Christmas present early. Hubby receive a call earlier that we got it! The old guy who was selling his property told us that its ours and we can move in anytime we want. It is such a great news! I was so worried at first that we might not get it due to financial difficulties, good thing he finally agreed to what we offered him.

I cant wait to move in to our new place and start decorating it. There’s nothing much to fix inside, only the porch area that needs a little bit of remodeling, because some of the bricks are falling apart, and it needs a modern outdoor seating, so I can relax outdoor, and feel the sun on my face, while I watch my kids play in the yard. Now that’s what I call LIFE! I sure cant wait! I am so excited about it. Hopefully nothing will get wrong, as of now, things are doing on our way.

that scent of a Fresh Baked Cookies

I so love the smell of a Fresh Baked Cookies in our house. It makes me hungry all the time! lol.This scented candle that I got from walmart is just heaven. The scent is not so strong for my sinus, and its not giving me a headache. It is very mild, and it makes your house smells like Baked cookies all the time. Hmmm.. I bet you can smell it from here. lol

Photobucket im linking this post to Wednesday Whites. Have a good one everyone!! 🙂

Checking on the Commodities

My husband and I always look at the commodity of precious metals, to see if it goes up or down. Our business is base on its prices, if its down, its good for us, because we can buy for a cheap price, and then just wait when it goes up to sell it. But if the prices are up, we will have a hard time buying, because its too expensive, we don’t have much resources to buy a big pile. Right now, the commodities are down, so hubby is busy driving around town, buying materials and precious metals as much as he could with his money. Hoping the market will go up after Christmas, cause we are starting to have big piles that are ready to ship. Anyhow, this time of the year would be a great time to buy gold bars at Golden Eagle, since its very cheap, and great way to invest your money. Life is tough, so we have to find a way to double our earnings for the future.