My iPad 2 Review

photo courtesy of Apple
A couple of weeks ago, my husband bought an Apple Ipad 2 from our local AT&T store, thinking that it would be very useful in his business, specially if he goes out of town. It would be very convenient for him to check his emails, read the news in the web, and check the market in a bigger screen, rather than reading it from his iPhone. But that is not the only purpose on why he bought this doodad. He wants to put all his files, photos, music and videos in this gadget since it got a huge memory available. Sad to say, he had a hard time doing those stuff. Reading the manual, and researching the internet on how to do stuff are such a pain. Here are some things that he doesnt like about it..

– First thing, it doesnt support adobe flash players. Meaning, it doesnt play videos, movies, shows, or even online news, that supports adobe flash player. My husband like to watch the news online, and he was hoping that he can upload some of his fave movies from his laptop, to his iPad. He searched online on how to do it, but eventually got tired, because you need to have an application to do it, and these applications are not free. Darn! nothing is free these days. lol
-2nd. Hubby wants to transfer his photos of his converter catalogue, so he can browse at it easy, and show it to his customers. Sad to say he cant transfer it like he wants to. He was able to transfer it, but he had a hard time deleting them. What he did to make it easier, he downloaded a free application(i cant remember whats the name of the application) that connects your files from PC to the iPad, which he find so cool, cause you dont have to worry about your files being deleted or what.
-3rd I was hoping that it got a USB port or maybe an SD card slot. But none! It dont have any which really surprised me. I guess this ipad is for tethering online then. Its not really that useful for my hubby.

Thats our Review for this piece of doodad. It sure is a great toy, but sad to say, its not very useful to us. Hubby was not so happy about it, that he returned it after a few days of tethering. It sure got a lot of applications to choose from, but of course they are not free. Hubby just decided to get a wifi hotspot instead and will use his Laptop, thats been sitting in his office untouch. lol.

Need to have a Data Recovery Software

A lot of viruses has been popping up lately, attacking social networking sites, personal emails, and even your own computer, sending informations to the world wide web without you knowing it. Its such a shame to those people who made these viruses, seems like they got nothing to do in this world, but destroys others lives. I had been attacked twice, and crashed my computer big time, that I have to reformat it, and cry over the lost of the baby photos of my little ones. I sure need a Rapid data recovery, that will recover all my files that has been deleted. This Rapid data recovery would be a big help if viruses will attack my computer or maybe my blog. I’ve heard on my fellow bloggers that their blog has been attack by malwares, and have to delete some of the files. I sure dont want that to happen to me. I better get a Rapid data recovery, just in case if my computer blew up in the future.

My New Bugaboots

My husband bought me this bugaboots at Gander Mountain when we were out hunting for his new bugaboots. I have no plans of buying one, it never even occurred to me of getting one! I find this shoes too big, uncomfortable cause its hurting my ankle, and it doesnt go with any of my clothes. In short, its unfashionable! lol. But hubby likes it and he insist of getting me one also. He said that this is more fashionable than any of my boots, because of the pink interior, pink stripes on the bottom, and that I look more sexy in wearing them. lol. He sure is funny. But I have to admit its a nice boots and it would surely keep my feet warm in Winter Season. Its just to darn expensive, and the thing would last forever! Imagine that, I will be wearing one pair of boots for the rest of my life! ugh! lol. In spite of my resistance, he bought it anyway for 115 bucks. And it serves its purpose on the following day, cause it snowed so heavily. My footsies stayed warm when me and the kids were playing outside, but it made my ankle feel sore, maybe because its new. I have to get used to it, and find some clothes that will go with it, like a new winter jacket perhaps, or a nice jeggings? 😀

I forgot to mention that this boots is 200grams Thinsulate and Omni Heat that is like a space blanket for your feet, that will reflect your own body heat back into the boot for lightweight warmth without the need for bulky insulation. Cool huh? It sure is made for cold weather that is -25F below 0. But the thing is.. I dont think I would go out in this kind of weather. lol. 😀

Taco Bell ‘Soft Taco Dinner’

In a box! Yep thats right! So we had this for supper a couple of nights ago, it was one of those nights that I feel so lazy to cook and that I just wanted something fast to prepare for my family. I always have something like this, like a TV dinner in our fridge, just in case if I get sick and cant able to cook, so that my family have something to eat. Nobody knows here how to cook except me. So I have to do what a mother needs to do. Be Prepared always! lol

But anyhow..My hubby loves the tacos of Taco Bell, even though it gives him tummy cramps after eating one. lol. In spite that, I still bought it, and make my own taco bell recipe. =)

Below is what Ive prepared.
I just chopped fresh tomatoes, onions, green and red bell peppers. I used Velveeta cheese in my tacos, instead of cheddar cheese. And cooked ground beef thats been sprinkled with salt and peppers while cooking it, to make it tasty. 🙂

Below is our Taco. I didnt used the taco sauce for hubby’s taco, cause it might make him feel sick. But I used it in my taco and it was good! I like it! Too bad for hubby, he cant enjoy it. hehehe.
This taco was so heavy in my tummy, that it filled me up right away.

so so busy

I had been so busy last weekend, that I was not able to update this blog for a couple of days. I was out like almost everyday, doing some errands for my husband, went shopping for groceries, and went to my sons school to observe his class. I did so much stuff that I forgot that this coming Friday is my son’s birthday already. I better order his birthday cake tomorrow before its too late. Its gonna be another busy day tomorrow, but I better include that in my things to do.

His birthday reminds me of the coming Holiday. Geez, time flew so fast, I wonder where the days went by? Seems like everything is in fast pace this days, I am having a hard time keeping up. I need to do my Christmas list too as soon as possible, so that I will not get stress out when the Holiday comes. And I will be ready. I have to think about presents to give to all my love ones. I tell ya its not easy, specially for men. Its hard to find a good present for my hubby that is affordable and fits in my budget. All I can think of to give him are tools gifts, that I know he will surely need for his business. I better check out for cool gudgets that he dont have yet. Well, its better to start looking early, so I will not be stress in the coming New Year. =)

My Halloween Costume

Why would you spend so much money on a costume that you will just gonna wear one time, where as you can find one in your closet? I know right! With the global crisis going on, we mommies should be more money wise, and more practical with everything we do. Its not easy, because we love to dress our kids up, and of course we want to dress up with the occasion as well.
For yesterday Halloween, I got my kids costume from the consignment store total of $5, I say its a pretty good deal. And as for myself, I bought this bat mask for $3. It was on sale, for half price, which I still find expensive. Lol. I was looking for a tiger mask but I find none, so I settled with this. =) And the rest of my attire are from my closet.
What I really want to feature here is my red coat, that I bought a couple of weeks ago at Ross Dress Barn for $30. I so love it! It feel so nice, warm and comfortable. Even though it was quite chilly here in the east coast, this coat kept me warm all throughout trick or treating. I thought its a great deal, since most of the coats cost more than $50 if you are looking for something really warm, and cozy for the winter season. I believe this coat is a good steal. I know I can still find coats that are cheaper than this, but I settled for this because of the bright color of red, the heart shape front hooks, and the cut is just sexy. And oh! I love the fur along the hoodie. 🙂 .

Anyhow, I link this post to
For my Red Coat