formal dresses

A couple if weeks ago, my family and I attended a Filipino-American gathering, that was held at Westminster, Maryland, which is only an hour drive from home. It was a semiformal party, so everybody was in their best attire. I dressed up my kids and chose Steven what to wear in this occassion. He only has a few dress clothes so it was not a problem. He look good anyway on anything he wears, even just a plain tshirt and pants. Anyhow, I have a few dresses as well, I wish to have like one of those Sherri Hill prom dresses that I saw online at TJformal. But that would be too formal right? sure have a lot of beautiful formal dresses that every women want to have. Maybe in the future if we’re going to attend a formal gathering, I will definitely look around in this website.

need to do some organizing

Our house is in chaos right now, clothes everywhere, dirty dishes piling up in the sink, toys here and there, and paper bills are scattered on the table. Everything is such a big mess! Its sure hard to keep up everything specially if you got a toddler in the house who is constantly running around, tearing up the whole house. lol. If we’re gonna have a new place, I want to have a play rom for the kids where they can trash it, and then an office room for all my stuff and gadgets. I want it to be organize so I can keep up with everything. I’m even thinking of getting a receipt printer for hubby’s business so its everything is not so cluterred. It would be a cool idea to have such machine to improve every transactions we do.

house searching

Hubby and I went house hunting the other day, we saw this cute house that is situated in a wooded area and not so far from everything. It is just the place that we’ve been looking for because its secluded, no neighbors close by, and the property size is perfect, just what we wanted. We havent look up the inside of the house yet, cause we need an appointment first to do that, but I’m pretty sure the inside is nice, cause I saw the photos online. The masters bedroom is a little bit small, but the bathroom is bigger than our bathroom here. I wanna have that clawfoot bath tub that I saw online. I’ts really cool, and very nice. If we will gonna get this new place, I will gonna change my tub to something like that.

GPS for tructor trailer drivers

Steve has been traveling a lot lately due to business. Almost every week he goes out of State to sell his junks, so he can put food on our table. I am worried about him every time he goes, cause he might break down in the middle of nowhere and got nobody to ask for help specially that winter is coming. He always te;ll me not to worry to much because he knows what he’s gonna do when that time comes. I think he should change his GPS for trucks so he will be traveling in the big roads, cause sometimes his gps would take him to small towns or mountainous area that is hard for his truck to go up, specially if he is carrying heavy loads. Its hard to find a good GPS for truck drivers tht are affordable, so far I found this garmin zumo 665 motorcycle gps at obviously its for motorcycle, I didnt know there is such a thing. Anyway, I have to search some more for huuby. =)

searching for winter boots

Hubby and I did a little shopping yesterday, we were looking for winter boots for him to wear outside while he is working in the barn. Its getting colder everyday, and his feets gets cold with just a regular boots that he was wearing. He needs something that got 400g of thinsulate material so his feet will not freeze outside, that sounds very toasty huh? But thats what he needs. Anyway, I was doing a little research online for winter boots and I found this website that sells mountain climber, trekker, and backpacker boots. My fave is the Vasque Bitterroot Boot. Its very strong, can with stand any terrain and weather condition, and good quality too. I believe this boots were build to last forever. I wish we can afford it, but right now not yet. Maybe next year, I will get something like this for hubby.

Pink Pepper Spray

With whats happening in the world today, I think we women should be equip with any type of self defense from bad guys that are lurking in every corner waiting for their perfect victim to pawned. I was looking for one for myself when hubby and I took me to Gander mountain to look for thinsulate boots for the coming cold winter. Then I saw their area of hunting equipments, guns, and other weapons and gadgets. I saw this cute pepper spray(photo below) that I say perfect to carry anywhere and its safer than a handgun. I so love the color! If I buy this I will be helping to fight the breast cancer at the same time!wow. But we didnt bought it that time, because we got so much junks at the same time that day. Maybe when we come here next time to get my handgun, then I will include this pink pepper spray in my purchases. =) Yes! thats right! I will going to learn how to use a handgun in the future, and get a license, but we have to do a lot of reading and researching first about the rules and laws here in PA State about carrying one. Aint that cool! 🙂

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Too much screentime

My eldest son is so hook up on online games. The first thing he does when he gets home is open my old laptop and play his favorite games right away. I scold him sometimes for doing so, because it refrains him from doing activities outside and lack of exercise. I dont want to hurt his feelings, but he needs to limit his screen time. His birthday is coming up in a few days from now, this gives me an idea on what I would give him on his birthday, his very own laptop. But this time, not for games, but educational stuff. Maybe I will get educational games, this way he will learn at the same time having fun playing. Ive heard that laptops on sale at the source right now. I better check out their website and see what I can find.

tired of being a plain housewife

I am so tired of being just a plain housewife. I want to do something in my life that I could make used for base on what Ive learned from college, and not just the folding of clothes, cooking dinner, and taking care of the kids. I had been stuck here in the house for 4 years now, without a job, and my brain is getting rusty for not using it. If I get the chance to work again, I definitely need to go back to school to refresh everything, so if I apply for a job, it will not be hard for me. They say that its hard to find a job this days, but I dont believe that. Those people who said that are just lazy. Theres a lot of opportunities and job openings out there, like a Medical Transcriptionist Jobs that I saw at, that is if your inline in medical. You just have to know what your good at, like me, I like computers but I could apply anywhere that I want to. To earn money is not always easy, you have to work hard for it. And I cant wait when that time comes. I dont like being in the house! ugh!

My $5 Foot Long

Cheese Steak Philly of SubwayPhotobucketPhotobucket
A couple of days ago, I had this foot long Cheese Steak Philly sandwich from Subway with extra Mayo, a few greens, and some tomatoes in it. Yum! Of course I was not able to consume it all, cause its too much for me. I shared it with my little ones. I cut the other half to another half, cause I know they cant finish a half. As for my hubby he likes the Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich. He always wants a foot long so he can munch on it all day, specially if he is busy in the barn. If he gets hungry, he will just grab a bite and proceed to what he is doing.
The sandwiches in Subway are pretty good and healthy too cause they dont cook their meat in oil, they bake it! Also, you will get the chance to choose the vegetables to put in your sandwich, and you can add as many as you like with no extra cost.
Their regular footlong is only 5 bucks, its a pretty good deal for me! They are better than any other food chain.

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Good display is what you need

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