changing the mood of our bedroom

I am thinking of going to the mall today and get some new bed sheets, comforters, with matching pillow cases for our bed, and maybe new curtains that matches the color of the sheets. I want something vibrant that will will give color and life to our bedroom. Its always been brown, gray and boring, and you know who chooses these colors. Steven! lol. I want bed sheets like the sferra sheets that I saw in their website. My personal choice is the Exquise by Yves Delorme – photo below courtesy of
Photobucket You know why I picked this color, because I love purple! hehehe. Doesnt it look pretty? I Love it, and Im hoping hubby will like it too. I will show this to him later and see what he thinks.

Steven’s dilemma

Steven has been really busy for this past few months. He work so hard until 12 midnight, and has only a few hours of sleep. He has been on the road almost everyday, to buy junks and he is always on a business trip to deal with other buyers like him. He is starting to feel tired about his routine, he wants to minimize it and plan something, so he can just relax in the future. His plan includes, finding a nice warehouse to keep all his junks, buying equipments that he needs to make his job faster and machines that will help maintain his truck like a tire changer, so he won’t need to go to a shop to have it change or rotate. I hope he’ll employ his plans as soon as possible, cause Im sure worried about him for coming so late, and don’t get enough sleep.

New Shoes

Photobucket I got these pair of shoes yesterday from Charlotte Russe. They were having a store sale, but these one I got is not on sale. I bought it in its original price which is only $30. Its not that bad. And its super cute!! You’ll gonna love the color. i Love it. The design is very simple, and makes your legs look taller and sexier. When hubby saw it.. his first reaction was.. “Holly cow..its hideous! Your asking for some blisters and a broken ankle woman!” LoL. I sure hate it when he calls me woman, cause it sounded more like a sarcasm.
Anyhow.. so what, he doesnt like the shoes? I didnt bought it for him. And I am not asking for any compliments, I bought it to make me feel good and powerful. lol. Cause I could kick his ass with these heels. hahaha. lol. just kidding. By the way, these shoes are like the newest trend these days. Its not really hard to walk with this thing, you’ve just got to know your balance, then you’ll be okay.

Crazy about ATV

Our neighbor who lives a couple of houses away from our house has a race track on their yard. Its like 2 acres big, so basically its for ATV’s and for motorcycles. When its about Fall Season, we can here from our house the noise of the vehicles. It’s pretty loud for such a small automobile. I know a lot of people find it very exciting and fun to ride around the ATV, but as for me, I find it boring to ride, cause its very slow. I believed, that it can never go any faster than 2 shifts or 1. hehe. I dont know whats up with those vehicles, but people would go crazy about them. They even buy complete ATV Accessories and fix it really nice. Honestly, I havent ride one yet, so maybe when I get the chance, I might like it. And since its fall season, I can hear from here the buzzing of it.


I was browsing the net and stumble upon this website that sells cupless bras. I was surprised that there are bras ike this that are for sale. I bet there are a lot of women out there that buy this kind of lingerie. It is great on party dresses or long gowns that bares the back, and that you dont want people to see any straps of your bras. As for me, I dont think I would be comfortable wearing it in a public, I mean with clothes of course. Maybe in a close door perhaps. hehe.. Anyhow, its kind of cool, but its not just my kind of thing.

P&G Samples

I was surprised when I checked my mail box today. There was a little box that was addressed to me. I was not expecting anything, just regular house mails. I was a bit excited, wondering whats in it. And when I opened it.. its all free sample from P&G. A little bit disappointed because I thought its something special, oh well.. better than nothing right? I cant remember applying for samples, Im still thankful that they send me some, cause these are free goodies. Good thing its not something that we cant used, all of these stuff are our daily necessities. I thank P&G for sending me these samples. I really appreciate it. I hope you guys will send me more, and maybe a book of coupons?! hehe =P.
Anyhow, if you are interested of getting product samples from P&G, just go to their website, and register. Heres the Link 🙂

tricycle for the little guy and a rack!

I was driving around town a couple of days ago, looking for yard sale, hoping that I could find a used radio flyer tricycle for my little guy. He is very interested in riding a bicycle, because he sees his big brother riding a bicycle, and he wants to ride along with him. So far, all I can find are the antique ones that are quite expensive and rusty as well. But last night, Hubby said we will just get him a new one from one of the local stores here in our area, that way we’ll know that its safe for him to ride. And also we will get a rack for the bicycles to put on the van, like the yakima bike racks of, so that we can take the bicycles of the kids with us, if we go for a vacation trip. That sounds like a good plan. The kids will definitely like the idea. I better check online then, on how much that tricycle and rack cost.

perfect time to grill

It is now officially Fall season, it means, its time to bring out those extra sleeve clothes, cause any time soon the temperature will drop down. Its already chilly in the morning, but in the afternoon, its super nice. I hope it will not rain so hard anymore like last week, cause I want to do some stuff outside before winter comes, like use the grill before it gets too cold. My hubby just love grilled foods, so from time to time, we have grilled chicken, or grilled pork for dinner. The grill that I have here is not electric, so I have to start a fire to burn the charcoals and it takes time to start it. I’m hoping for electric grill this Christmas, so I wont have to start a fire, just a simple turn on the knob, then I can have my grilled foods. This time of the year would be perfect to get one. I bet its a bit cheaper now compare last summer.


I was very busy cutting all these coupons that I got from the Sunday News Paper. I was planning to go shopping tomorrow for groceries and hoping that I could save a few dollars with these coupons that I found. As you know, life is getting tougher everyday, I dont thing it would go any easier soon, I bet it will get worst in the future, so we try save every penny we got for our kids future.
I usually dont do couponing, because I have no time to fool with it. I have so much things to do everyday, but when the prices went up, I went out and make time with it, just to save a few dollars, and so that we can still buy the goodies that we want.
There’s one thing that I’ve learned from couponing and that is…its very addictive! Beware! lol. I can see why people would go extreme about it. You can really save money, if you only know how. I am still learning the tricks of it, hubby told me that, in order for me to save a lot of money, I should go shopping when its on sale, then you will almost get the stuff for free. I don’t think I have the patience to do that, I don’t have time to check all the great deals in every store. I will just cut coupons, go to any store that accept the coupons and use it. 🙂 Of course, I will only cut the ones that we need, theres no sense in clipping other coupons that we dont need, like dog foods (who would eat it? we dont have dogs. lol), and other stuff that cost more than the brand that we usually get. Most of this coupons are like $1 off, so some of it is not worth it if the cost of the product is double from the other brand that we usually get.
Couponing is kind of fun, I am really enjoying cutting all these, and thinking about the few dollars that I could save. 🙂

hubby’s condition

Hubby has been complaining that he is not feeling well lately, that he might caught the Strep throat from my youngest. He said that his throat is hurting, and he feel very weak. If it will not go away next week, he will go see the doctor and get an antibiotic. I hope its nothing serious, cause it would be very hard for him to stay in the house to recuperate. I am glad though that the hospitals here has high end medical equipment to determine the conditions of our body. We dont have to wait for a long time to see the result of the test. It only take a few minutes to identify if your positive of strep throat or not.