The beautiful Beach of Virginia

Its the first beach that Ive been to since I arrive here in US 4years ago. I was so happy and excited that hubby agreed to spend our Anniversary in Virginia Beach. Its 6 to 7 hours drive from home, pretty far but it was worth going. Its a very pretty beach, very clean, not so crowded, people are so friendly, safe, secured, and the best part is you can view the beach from your hotel. Its really pretty amazing at night and in the morning. You can see the moon so bright shining and reflecting on the water, and the Sunrise is so spectacular that you cant stop your camera from capturing every moment as it rises up from the water. pretty amazing. I sure thank God for this beauty. =)

Virginia Beach at Night

Sunrise of Virginia Beach. view from the Ocean front

ANyhow.. here are some photos of the kids, by the beach, building their sand castle and enjoying the sound of the waves crushing in.

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    8 thoughts on “The beautiful Beach of Virginia

    1. It’s a gorgeous beach. It must have been wonderful to see if for the first time. The water is so much calmer on your coast than it is out here in NorCal. Thanks for stopping by at my WW.

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