PH: Jians Pumpkin Patch

My son came home one day from school with a packet of pumpkin seeds. The seeds were given by the Giant Company, they handed it out to the kids in school, and stating that they will have a contest this coming fall, of who got the biggest pumpkin of all. So right away, like a dash.. my son planted his pumpkin seed in a pot of soil. He watered it everyday, showing a lot of love and sunshine. Then one day he saw a tiny sprout peeking out, this made him so happy and excited, he wants to make a garden right away for his pumpkin plants. My hubby and I cut a square on the ground that is located right in front of our back porch, where he can see it right away, so not to forget to water it. below is his patch.

it vines to 6ft now,and will vine more up to 30ft as what Ive read online.

So happy to see a baby pumpkin. We are hoping that the rabbit or any night critters will not get it first. My son would be so devastated if that happens. He really look forward to this pumpkin. 🙂

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